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Chapter 3: To punish the evil girl

Xiao Tao starred blankly and aware Ouyang Nuan different in the past. Miss! I …” Shut up! Ouyang Nuan shout and ignore Xiao Tao, expose a gentle smile like in the past.You!I told you to kneel down! cannot hear me!?Ouyang  Nuan has a good kind heart to people and never talk this hateful words.

Xiao Tao stumped at her foot and kneel down, her eyes filled of tears and look up: Miss! Servant is just anxious! worried about the injury and afraid after you drank,feel uncomfortable never intention to disturb your rest!

The room consist of Fang mama, Hong Yu, Xiao Tao including the two 1st rank servant , four second class rank servant, eight third class and four mama’s. All head bowed, stood outside the room all the time was terrified with the scene, pay with attention to Ouyang Nuan, do not know what she wants to do.Ouyang Nuan coldly speak: Without my permission! you dare to barged inside! Xiao Tao! Where you? Learned this from the rules!? Come! Please tell Miss!

Ouyang Nuan waterfall-like hair loose on her face ,nevertheless still calm and gentle  but eyes deep with killing intent.Without my permission enter inside! but also dare to make depend herself! Come!dragged out and beat fifty planks!
Hongyu also shock, and quickly beg for Xiao Tao. “Miss! Xiao Tao simply temporary rude and impetuous, temporarily able to offend you but if planked beat with fifty , Xiao Tao would be dead!!

Ah!Dead? Ouyang Nuan unhold a meaningful smile, which Xiao Tao unfamiliar with:Since Hong Yu begged for you , and so, hit thirty plank first, the remaining twenty remember to rest and  finished after three days ,only water allowed to give. Miss!Xiao Tao completely at lost! And a forceful mama suddenly pull her out. Distant anguished wailing hear from her:Miss! Miss, I was wrong! I was wrong!spare me! spare me!  
Hong Yu listening to beating could not bear, yet also unable to speak, Ouyang Nuan softly said: “I am tired.” 

Fang Mama thought of Ouyang Nuan way of punishment was suprised but very satisfied. This girl is indeed too have not well behave if formerly, who heard Miss, would reprimanded. She hurried to help Ouyang Nuan to lie down, Hongyu look at Ouyang Nuan frigid appearance, just swallowed the plea for leniency, then turn around to clean up the tattered vase.
Ouyang Nuan glance at Hong Yu, understood that Xiao Tao had always rely on her, behind her back, secretly bully people. Hong Yu unexpectedly help her to speak ,indeed, she is kind hearted to deal with those people, her heart is too soft. Less than half an hour, a servant come in, said: Afterwards Madam Lin will come”.

Madam Lin!Ouyang unveil a smile, news travel so fast, she just beat a dog, the dog’s owner finally come, it seems this courtyard is to clean up.

Hong Yu personally curled up the curtains, came in a flowery dress, hair neatly in highbun, wearing a red silk with multicolored gold sleeves, below the waist all kinds of longtail pheasant, engraved in gold skirt then pair of eyes a stream like wave but her lips imply a warm smile. Ouyang Nuan narrow her eyes look dazzled, her mother passed away early, probably Lin Family and five others have a resemblance because of this,quite fond  of her . Ouyang Nuan smile, was about to sit up and give greetings, Madam Lin quickly stop her with eyes revealing a sense of concern. She take her hand very close, not seem to pretend fake. Silly child! do not get up! Let the mother take a look of your forehead.

Heard this word Mother, Ouyang Nuan really want to throw up. This woman is too hypocritical, and pretended so many years a warm caring  mother. She really had to admired her. Madam Lin carefully look at the wound, her face expose an ample smile. She did not notice the coldness of Ouyang Nuan eyes, but perceive a warm and  gentle smile. Fortunately, the injury was not heavy! Nuan ‘er how can you suffer! I just came back from your grandparents and received the news. Even tea did not have time to drink and hurriedly here. Your younger sister that girl is too naughty! later, I have to punished her more! Mother, do not blame sister! She is still little! Is very young but also very wrong! Ouyang Nuan smiled.

It hurt you! Nuan ‘er although your forehead is not heavy injured it may leave a scar! Madam Lin’s eyes, brimming with tender affection for Ouyang Nuan forehead and finally said:Oh!thats right, mother, has a small box to improve blood circulation and it is a highest quality ointment!later ,find someone to send you over!

Fang mama faced full of worry, afraid their Miss cheated again of honeyed words from Madam Lin, but because of her status and only to shut up. Ouyang Nuan heart sneer, her forehead originally had just a small wound but it is this Madam Lin got the so-called good medicine. After applied the wound surface look to healed soon but instead, a awfully lifelong scars. She can only cover her distressed of thick bangs, even her eyes entirely covered. She will never forget, others pity and mockery. Once in awhile she parttake in banquets, when those noble’s daugther eyes revealed a hint of sympathy. For purpose of her own daughter Ouyang Ke, Madam Lin..Ah! give a lot of thought, may something go wrong?
Ouyang Nuan realized, she is the eldest miss precisely Marquis Hou closely related by blood, his granddaugther. Ouyang Household eldest daugther, and she ,forever place above Ouyang Ke , can never changed it.
Ouyang Ke born with beauty, well versed in literature,as long as Ouyang Nuan is well, she is just the second miss of Ouyang Household and more importantly, her mother is merely Marquis Hou concubine. Ouyang Ke  family background is one of her weakness , secondly the rich and power families will not come to seek marriage to her . In previous life, Ouyang Ke can only stared attentively to the number one wealthy merchant ,Su Family.

“Xiao Tao, the medicine to delivered later remember to apply three times a day. Ahh Xiao Tao, where are you? Unexpectedly Ouyang Nuan delibrately expose angry expression.

Mother! Do not mention her!I was resting and she entered without permission. I just to think recently, she went away to younger sister house. These days she refused to go back, must aware younger sister to keep off, she really indeed a slow witted child. The reason why I made her beaten 50 planks is for her to remember in the next encounter this kind of situation to knew who is the Master and slave! 

This discussion must be half true and half false, just avoid the important and dwell om trial. Even if Madam Lin has a little bit of suspicions, immediately she just patted Ouyang Nuan hand: “Foolish servant, in the end, your younger sister situation is profound. You and Ke’ er relationship indeed in good terms, mother see you both like this has a great peace of mind.

Ah!Sure enough, she no longer mentioned Xiao Tao matter, but wholeheartedly urged Hong Yu to remind her again and again apply the medicine on time.

Her deepest desire is to ruined Ouyang Nuan face carrrying an hateful appearance yet exist a grin of dissatisfaction. Lin shi! You know just this twelve year old girl had already changed a heart, both body and soul hate you, you may want to know what will be the future awaiting for you. She spent a whole hour chattered and send off the loving mother Madam Lin, Ouyang Nuan lean against the pillow and thinking quietly and feeling worrried, a very extremely important matter, revenge as for now this is not the most important.What she seems to have forgotten a very important thing. What is it?in the end what is!???

Is Nian Jue! Her younger brother! She was reborn a twelve year old girl had a forehead injury. This year Jue will fall and die. Ouyang Nuan suddenly jump out of bed, grabbed the Hong Yu arms: Little Jue!where he is!?

End chapter 3

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