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Chapter 11: Improved Relations with People, A Slap by Linda (Part 1)

When Lu Anran entered the school gates in the next morning, many of her classmates took the initiative to greet her. On the way to class, some of the male students asked for hints to games, and cheats for passing hurdles. Lu Anran was at ease chatting with them as she has played many of these games in her previous lifetime, including Desert City. On the other hand, Chu Yao, who was left out, clenched her jaw tight and swallowed the flames of her fury.

Like before, Lu Anran listened earnestly in all of her class, moving the teachers from various subjects. The Maths and English teachers also took the initiative to ask Lu Anran if she has any difficulties in the subject areas. Lu Anran raised a few key questions and was even praised by the teacher then and there, making Lu Anran a little overwhelmed by the unexpected favour.

Everyone felt the change in Lu Anran, and she was also happy that everyone's attitude towards her have changed. As Lu Anran's foundation is not very good, she often asks her table mate, Linda, questions that she was not clear on. Linda is an academic committee member, and is always happy to answer any questions asked by her classmates, so whenever Lu Anran asks a question, Linda always very patiently explain it over and over again.

After explaining the infinitive form of an English verb, Lu Anran asked Linda, "Linda, have you ever thought of being a teacher?"

"Me? A teacher?" Linda has never thought about such possibility.

"I think you are very suited to be a teacher!" Lu Anran felt that every time Linda explains something, she is always very serious and patient, as if she was like a teacher in a manhua (comics).

"I think so too!" the girl seated in front of Linda turned her head back and said, "Linda would definitely be able to become a good teacher!"

"Yes! Sometimes when I don't understand, just a few words from Linda is able to enlighten me!" the guy seated in front of Lu Anran also agreed.

"Yes, yes!" the classmate seated nearby also echoed, "I also think that Linda is very suited to be a teacher!"

"If Linda looked as pretty as Lu Anran, she can become Country Z's top beautiful teacher!" the voice of a male classmate sounded from a certain corner of the classroom.

"Hahaha!" everyone roared with laughter.

"Better still if you know how to play video games like Lu Anran, then all the male students will surely love you to death!" There is really one that dares to crack this kind of joke, not at all fearful of the consequence (I shall refer this person as Guy A, if not it is too confusing).

"You mean to say that all the guys in our class all love Lu Anran to death right!" the table mate of Guy A poked fun.

"I didn't say that!" Guy A hurriedly corrected himself, "Puppy love is strictly forbidden! Puppy love is strictly forbidden!"

"Just based on your looks, don't even talk about puppy love, you will probably marry late!" Guy A's table mate poked fun again.

After these words were said, all the other students roared with laughter. Linda also laughed, and Lu Anran even laughed to the point that she was smacking the table.

"Class is starting! The prep bell has already rung! Everyone be quiet!" Chu Yao suddenly shouted. As a class monitor, she has the right and obligation to maintain discipline and order in the class. She is just unhappy that Lu Anran was praised by others. My studies are way better than Lu Anran's, my appearance is not worse than Lu Anran's, isn't it just our family's social standing that is different? What's so great about Lu Anran! (t/n: Character! *rolls eye)

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