Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 304: They’Re Devils

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Chapter 304: They’re Devils

A roar came from the corridor, followed by fierce gunshots immediately afterward, “DON’T LET THEM RUN! KILL THEM!”

Dozens of pirates rushed in, but after the door was kicked open, nobody was found inside and all the windows were opened.

Two minutes later.

Tang Xiu and the others gathered in the lush woods behind the castle. Apart from one man who had a bullet wound in his arm, the rest were uninjured.

Patting the injured man, Tang Xiu whispered, “How’s your injury? Is it serious?”

“It’s fine!” the man shook his head.

Turning his head to Wolf Head, Tang Xiu asked in a deep voice, “Who is that pirate who dared to kill Duffsky? Is he not afraid of the other pirates killing him?”

“That’s the second leader of the Bloodfish Pirates. This accident is due to my poor plans since I forgot that these pirates are a ruthless and heartless bunch. The other pirates won’t blame him for killing Duffsky. They are not idiots, they surely know that they will likely be killed by us after surrendering,” said Wolf Head.

“Tonight’s action has failed, so we’ll withdraw immediately. I can’t afford to lose our people to some pirates. If they have the courage, they will continue staying inside the castle. But in any case, we’ll continue the attack in the early morning,” assented Tang Xiu with a nod.

“Boss, your next plan is….” Said Wolf Head curiously.

“My plan is very simple,” said Tang Xiu and grimly smiled. “We’ll find every opportunity to sneak raid those pirates constantly. Kill them one by one and as many as we can. All in all, I will kill them and make them so terrified that they’ll run away. As long as they come out from the castle, they’re dead.”

The rest looked at each other and assented with nods. They similarly loathed these evil pirates and had no hesitation to slay them.

Late at night.

Two kilometers away from the castle. Tang Xiu and the rest hid amidst the boulders and trees, quietly watching the castle. They heard sounds of gunfire coming from that side and the roar of the pirates.

The sounds were getting closer and closer.

“Ten men with submachine guns about 650 meters away are searching for us,” standing behind the boulder, Wolf Head poked his head out to probe and whispered.

Tang Xiu motioned the Mo brothers as the two quietly slipped into nearby trees immediately. He then said, “Wolf Head, immediately attack them once they reach the vicinity. Do keep in mind to assign the task well and strive to decimate them completely.”

"Yes!" Wolf Head replied in a low voice.

Seven or eight minutes later.

Ten armed pirates had caught up to them, but they didn’t use flashlights because the enemies were hiding and they didn’t want to be attacked in the dark.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several silhouettes silently appeared near the ten pirates. As daggers stabbed into their bodies, more ferocious attacks were launched as they screamed.

Within just five or six seconds, the ten pirates didn’t even have time to shoot and were all killed, giving ten submachine guns to Wolf Head and the others.

Tang Xiu kicked the corpse of one of the pirates to the side and coldly looked toward the castle. According to Wolf Head’s number count, the number of pirates in the castle should have fallen to less than 100. With ten more of them killed now, the number of pirates lessened yet again.

Soon, the two brothers—Mo Awen and Mo Awu returned with ten guns. They dropped the guns around Tang Xiu and then wiped the blood off their faces, saying, “We also found ten pirates in another direction, so we cleaned them up and also robbed their guns. Anyways, Boss. Should we rush ahead again?”

A smile appeared on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he shook his head and said, “No need to hurry. We’re now in the dark while the enemies are in the light. We just need to monitor the entire castle. Once some people came out, kill them. I must make those remaining bastards scared shitless, letting them know what fear is.”

“How about me and Awu secretly sneak into the castle to kill some more tonight?” asked Mo Awen.

Tang Xiu laughed, “No problem. Of course, I will also sneak in to kill some of them. Wolf Head, you’ll be responsible for monitoring the entire castle. Can you do it?”

Forcing out a wry smile, Wolf Head said, “This castle is rather large and there are a lot of spots we can use to sneak in. We’ll try our best though.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t dare to come out so easily either. Even if they do, they will probably come out together,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“It shouldn’t be a problem then. The twelve of us will hold one spot each and seal off all the easy paths down the roads descending from the hill,” said Wolf Head.

Inside the castle.

Ingelund was holding a submachine gun as he quietly sat in the palatial hall. On the floor in front of him were 78 dead bodies into a pool of blood. Those were the male civilians caught by them. He was in a dire urge to kill, for only blood could stimulate him so that he wouldn’t fall into fear.

The number of pirates in the castle which numbered 242 men had been reduced to only 96 after several losses, while the other party were but only a dozen.

They were experts. And powerful ones at that!

He was also once an expert—an ace of the United States’ marine corps. As a result of having a conflict with someone in the army and due to him killing the other party, he deserted and escaped the army. Years after escaping he eventually took shelter under Duffsky.

However, he had never once seen such intrepid team. Even the top-notch soldiers in the Marine Corps he was enlisted in that year perhaps couldn’t be compared to the other party.

“Second Chief, the Third Chief—Hutu sent two searching teams, a total of 20 men, and they haven’t come back until now. Could they gotten in an accident?” A burly, ugly and ferocious looking man strode in from the outside carrying a submachine gun and dozens of magazines on his waist.

Ingelund stared blankly before he suddenly jumped up from the sofa with eyes almost able to kill. He grabbed the big man’s clothes and angrily shouted, “What did you say? Hu Tu sent 20 brothers to seek the enemies?”

“Yes!” the burly man was somewhat frenetic and quickly replied.

“How long has it been?” Ingelund roared.

“About an hour,” said the burly guy.

Releasing the burly man, Ingelund paled and slightly shivered inside. He had once undergone regular army training and went to many countries to carry out secret missions. Many times had he survived through the forest of guns and hail of bullets, so he knew perfectly well… what the true strength of an elite was.

These enemies were fearsome!

Sending out 20 brothers; Hutu had just sent them to die.

Fuming with anger, Ingelund said, “Where the fuck is Hutu?”

The burly man said, “The third leader is deploying a defensive perimeter and assigning some brothers to stay hidden and some to stay visible as sentries outside. Thus, we’ll be able to discover the enemies once they approach this area.”

Clenching his fist, Ingelund strode out of the hall and quickly found Hutu. Without any words, he dashed toward Hutu and grabbed his ionized-scalding long hair, forcefully pulling it down and knee kicking Hutu’s abdomen, directly sending him into a shrimp-like shape as his body curled up and twitched on the ground.

Following that, he ferociously kicked Hutu’s body several times and angrily cursed, “You—fucking goddamn idiot, didn’t you see the strength of the enemy clearly? We have more than 200 people, yet with only a dozens of men they killed more than 100 of us. Now tell me, have you seen this kind of enemy before, huh?

“Yet, you unexpectedly sent 20 brothers without my permission. You—fucking bastard just sent those brothers to die. I dare say those 20 brothers have already been killed near the castle by now.

“What a fucking stupid pig! You know nothing about tactics because you—asshole decided to send out the remaining brothers, causing us to receive great casualties yet again. You’re no longer the Bloodfish Pirate’s third leader henceforth.

“All of you, listen to me. Nobody is ever to listen to him again unless you want to be killed by him.

“Did you all hear me?”

The dozens of pirates nearby watched as Hutu curled up and screamed on the ground. After which, they glanced at the furious Ingelund and finally replied loudly, “Yes. We heard it!”

Ingelund took a deep breath, grabbed Hutu up and said, “If you weren’t the only sniper in our Bloodfish pirates and because your loyalty to me, I would really have fucking killed you already. Do remember to stay with me from now on.”


Hutu knew how fearsome Ingelund’s strength was, as well as his ruthlessness. Though he was somewhat resentful inside, he was still respectful toward the man.

As Ingelund dropped Hutu, he then spoke in a heavy tone, “Call all of our brothers back to the castle and pack up everything. Collect all the weapons in the castle. We can’t stay here any longer or else we’ll be killed by the enemies.”

“S-second Chief, do you mean… we’re running away?” An ordinary pirate leader asked aloud.

Ingelund said in a heavy tone, “Though speaking about ‘running away’ is rather humiliating to us, that’s the truth. The enemies are way too powerful. I had once served in the United States’ Marines Corps and fought numerous top fighters from various countries in the world, so I know very well the strength of our enemies. Small in numbers, they are only a dozen people. Yet, be it their individual capabilities or teamwork, they are of the best and the most formidable bunch I’ve ever seen in my life. We’ll die here if we don’t run. And they will continue to sneak-raid and kill us. Now tell me, do you… want to die here?”


All the remaining pirates shouted loudly.

“Then run from this place since you don’t wanna die! We’re pirates. Encountering a powerful bunch, we immediately run; meeting weak prey, we squeeze them out of all they have! So get your asses ready to leave this island!!!”


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