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Chapter 132 - Full Strength

This was the first time Zhong Yue had even seen such a strange and peculiar scene. King Teng had unexpectedly proliferated countless ‘Little King Teng’ on his body, grouped in eight while clenching the Ba Ji Weapons in their hands!

In his adventures thus far, Zhong  Yue had fought with many monster Qi Practitioners, some were even experts and other had superlative talent. For example, Bei Shisong’s body was formed by the wolf monsters and hyena monsters, forming into the saber array – strong and dangerous. What was unique about him was that Bei Shisong used his Yuan Shen to control and manipulate the other monsters. 

However, this was the first time he had faced against such a strange being like King Teng!

All these ‘Little King Teng’s were individuals of their own, but also a part of King Teng. Each and every one of them was capable of autonomous action and engaging in combat for themselves. They could also congregate together and fight as one. It was purely unimaginable!

And most of all, he seems to lack any weak points. His heart and brain was nowhere to be found, sequestered away under layers of protection. Even if Zhong Yue were to successfully kill all of the ‘Little King Teng’, his life would still not be threatened!

Each and every ‘King Teng’ was his true body, and yet at the same time, they were also just merely a part of him!

It truly wasn’t without reason that he regarded himself and his abilities so highly!

Eight ‘Little King Teng’ encircled Zhong Yue in the middle and brandished their weapons at him, casting eight instances of Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays and flooding him with the afterimages of the weapons!

“Ba Ji Shield Kill!” 

“Ba Ji Saber Cut!” 

“Ba Ji Sword Slash” 

“Ba Ji Lock!” 

“Ba Ji Hammer Strike!”

All eight slaughtering arrays beleaguered Zhong Yue at the center. The totem patterns of the【Monster God Ming King Art】changed rapidly, breaking away Zhong Yue’s Ba Ji Slaughtering Array and creating countless wounds on his body!

Zhong Yue’s physique was strong, there were the totem patterns of the【Monster God Ming King Art】on his skin’s surface that strengthening his body, along with the Xuan Wu totem patterns protecting his body and the totem patterns of the Xiang Dragon binding to his bones, granting him the mighty strength of the Xiang Dragon. However, the power from the Ba Ji Slaughtering Array was too overwhelming, despite all of the augmentations on his body, he was still suppressed and continued on receiving injuries.

Thankfully, his protective ability was incredibly exceptional, there had yet to be any life-threatening wounds. Even the wounds he was inflicted were all sealed up, preventing blood from flowing out. 

It was as if he himself also had an undying body. However, his own body was nowhere near the caliber of the monstrous creature like King Teng. After all, if he was beheaded or his heart was perforated, he would still die.

And if his wounds were to become too numerous, his body would undoubtedly buckle under the abuse and his life would surely end.

“【Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation】!”

Behind his head, a bright moon and blazing sun emerged, mending and ameliorating the blood essence in his body so that his prowess would not be impaired from excessive wounds. His eight arms waved in the air, forming into a sword array to fight off against the eight Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays, while at the same time, seven sword Qi pierced into the body of King Teng beneath him. 

“【Sword Seven Styles】!”

The seven Sword Qi were the Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Xiang Dragon and Coral Qi. Together, they cast the Sword Coon sword array’s【Seventh Sword Styles】and commenced a relentless flurry of attacks, severing countless vines and undermining King Teng from the inside!

“Brother Long Yue, you want to destroy my body? Hehe, it’s impossible! You’d never know how strong my life force is!”

Teng King guffawed out, his sonorous laughter trembled the air. Zhong Yue could tell that even though his【Seventh Sword Styles】had  inflicted a great deal of damage on King Teng’s body, no matter how much he received, there would be an unending stream of vines growing out to prevent his body from crumbling!

Not only that, the vines in the body were interweaving together to form into marvelous-looking totem patterns, which appeared to be the original cultivation technique King Teng has practiced. He formed an array formation in his body, and even the vines themselves were engraved with totem carvings, entrapping the seven Sword Qi in his body, robbing Zhong Yue of the ability to retrieve them back.

Almost instantaneously, his eight arms crushed all the three-legged golden crows, and a giant hand reached over, slamming down on Zhong Yue at his shoulder. 

The eight little Teng King encircled him and kept him preoccupied, opening the opportunity for the big hand to slam down without any hindrance. Zhong Yue growled fiercely, his hair fluttered in the air, and his Yuan Shen emerged behind him.

All these days, he was cultivating the【Monster God Ming King Art】’s Yuan Shen chapter, acquiring the Combat Yuan Shen from the arts. His Yuan Shen was meticulously nourished and it was now already twelve feet tall. it was also in the form of the eight-armed Ming King, holding the Ba Ji Weapons to parry the attacks of the eight ‘Little King Teng’, while he himself dispersed the Ba Ji Weapons in his hands and punch back against the giant palm of a half a mu in radius!


Zhong Yue pushed his eight arms forward and warded off King Teng’s palm, however, another punch was launched down right after by King Teng. Meanwhile, there were vines that extruded out from his shoulder and curled around Zhong Yue’s body, snaking and winding around him from the bottom to the top with great speed.


Zhong Yue’s body muscles, bones and tendons quivered vigorously, the sheer frequency of the vibrations sounded like the rumbling of thunder. Krong krong—— the rapid quivering of his muscles at such an otherworldly speed, beyond the speed of sound, caused the vines to be pulverized as they were curling around his body!


Zhong Yue’s eight arms once again blocked King Teng’s punch, and King Teng launched another punch down again while he smiled and said, “Brother Long Yue, how is it, eighty percent of my prowess?”

Zhong Yue released a fierce roar, the three-legged golden crows flew out from the scorching sun behind him like patches of fire clouds, crushing away the eight King Teng’s Ba Ji Slaughtering Array, while Zhong Yue followed behind the heels of the golden crows, flaring a pair of Golden Crow wings flying into mid-air and evading the approaching palm!

The palm landed down, slamming the three-legged golden crows into ash. 

Zhong Yue extended the wings behind him, the Golden Crow wings were quick, allowing him to circumnavigate the giant treant to search for the flaw in King Teng’s form. The giant treant was too large, two hundred feet would be equivalent to over twenty floors high; naturally, his movements were not agile and nimble. He spread all eight arms out, slashing and punching the air incessantly but never once being able to land a strike on Zhong Yue. Meanwhile, Zhong Yue, in the other hand, was continuously thrusting sword and saber rays into the giant treant.

On the giant treant, the countless ‘Little King Teng’s quivered their arms and formed countless Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays that assaulted Zhong Yue. King Teng guffawed and said, “Brother Long Yue, do you want to see my full strength?”

Hu hu hu——

All the little treants on his body were suddenly launched into the air, their legs were connected with the vines to the giant treant. The vines waved and lashed in mid-air, lifting the ‘Little King Teng’s in the air and battering onto Zhong Yue. 

Zheng zheng zheng zheng!

The sounds of metal clanking ringed out, the vines danced in the air, and the ‘Little King Teng’s crisscrossed each other, casting the Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays towards Zhong Yue. They would leave after the first encounter with him, but the sheer number of Little Kind Tengs resulted in Zhong Yue relentlessly getting slashed at an incredibly high rate.

The King Tengs on the vines were numerous, the scene would tingle the scalp to whoever was watching. They were waiting in line to assault Zhong Yue, they attacked from all directions and pushed Zhong Yue to the end of his wit.

King Teng’s attacks were getting more and more strange and erratic. After all the improvements he had, Zhong Yue was confident that he would not be powerless against the Wu Xing Wheel experts, and yet, he found himself in a serious predicament in this fight against King Teng!

On the pontoon, Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei were still crippled from the heavy wounds. The two Qi Practitioners could hear the sounds of explosion blasting violently in the monster god Ming King palace. Their heart thumped in shock and they gazed at each other quietly. 

“Brother Long Yue is battling with King Teng, I wonder how the is the situation now….”

All of a sudden, their sights fell onto the palace from far away, one after another, water bucket thick green vines shuttled out from the palace door, along with dreadful and ferocious-looking slithering Jiao Dragons Chi chi chi— the vines shot out from the palace door and rooted themselves into the mountain rocks outside of the palace, even the grounds were cracked opened by their immense strength. 

“King Teng, what a strong guy, just exactly how long and how big is this guy’s body….”

Hu Qimei mumbled, “Extending his roots outside of the palace, is he placing down an array formation?”

More and more vines shuttled out of the palace and rooted themselves into the mountain rocks, forming a circle that surrounded the palace like a cage locking the palace in. 

While on the thick vines, strange and peculiar totem carvings started to emerge out, glittering from time to time, 

“He is going to seal the monster god Ming King palace and trap Brother Long Yue in it, leaving him nowhere to run.”

Yu Xuanji’s face turned solemn, “Will Brother Long Yue be of his match? Qimei, how much of your strength are you able to use now? Can you still play the lute?”

Hu Qimei shook her head, her face was as pale as the winter snow, “About ten to twenty percent, even if I play the lute and attack with the invisible Sword Qi, I still wouldn’t be able to break off the wines. The exertion would only end up costing me my life.”

Yu Xuanji forcibly mustered his strength and suddenly, his face turned crimson red and a clump of blood shot out of his mouth. He then laid back in despair, “I’m also unable to do anything. Darn it, if only I’d attained the Ming King’s divine eye, I wouldn’t be so heavily injured by the totem carvings on the pontoon….”

“For now, we can only rely on Brother Long Yue….” Hu Qimei babbled lowly.

Yu Xuanji’s eyebrows fluctuated and he mumbled along, “We can only rely on him … Damn, where is this King Teng’s weak point?”

All of a sudden, the monster god Ming King’s palace crumbled and turned into a landscape of ruin. A beam of fire blasted through the clouds, it was Zhong Yue streaking out of the palace with his wings spread out majestically. Behind him were the countless vines, piercing through the palace, trying to strangle him and bring him down to earth. At the end of the vines were the ‘Little King Teng’s, maintaining the Ba Ji Weapons that formed into the Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays. The array formations hurtled towards  Zhong Yue in mid-air!

Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei stared blankly at the scenery —Peng peng peng— more and more King Tengs flew out from the palace at Zhong Yue. In the blink of an eye, there were already over a hundred King Tengs hovering in the air, forming into over a hundred Ba Ji Slaughtering Arrays!

“How do you even fight with this?” Hu Qimei mumbled in despair and hopelessness.

Before the sound of her voice faded away, the roof of the palace was crushed open as even thicker and larger vines shuttled out to suddenly converge into a two hundred feet giant treant. Standing on top of the palace, was King Teng swinging his arms furiously over at Zhong Yue.

Even Yu Xuanji could not help but show signs of desperation, Zhong Yue was known for his exceptional agility – his flying speed was virtually unmatched among those of his class but as of now, the perimeter of the palace was sealed by King Teng’s array formation, essentially sealing away the only advantage that Zhong Yue had over King Teng. In addition to the numerous little King Tengs and the giant King Teng, he could not even see the slightest glimpse of hope for Zhong Yue’s victory!

His space was confined and he was restricted, there were countless obstacles one must overcome when battling against a monstrous creature like King Teng. 

Clearly, Zhong Yue realized the limited space he had to maneuver. All of a sudden, he plummeted down back into the palace and the vines and giant treant followed him in tow back to the palace. 

“This is good, it feels so good! Long Yue, you are the first Qi Practitioner to be able to persevere for so long and still survive under my attacks!” King Teng laughed maniacally. 

Hu Qimei and Yu Xuanji’s face blanched with a ghostly white, they looked at each other and saw the despair in each other’s eyes. 

King Teng was too strong, so strong to the point that Zhong Yue’s situation seemed inexorably hopeless.

“The Boundless Great Sun!”

In the monster god Ming King palace, the blazing sun behind Zhong Yue suddenly turned into a flaming conflagration. The flame blasted out like magma, setting the whole palace alight in a sea of fire. The palace vigorously burned and the temperature inched upwards rapidly until it felt as if the air itself would be set alight. Any vestige of moisture that lingered in the air before was completely wiped away in an instant! 

One after another, the King Tengs dashed through the flames directly at him, they said in an eerie unison, “It’s useless, there was once a Wu Xing Wheel Qi Practitioner that tried to burn me with the Fire Wheel of the Wu Xing Wheel, his efforts bore no fruit and I was unscathed. Not to mention that your attainments in the art of fire were not even as strong as his!”

“It’s different, my fire that is....”

All of a sudden, the relaxed Zhong Yue said gently, “My fire is the fire of the sun, and I didn’t cast the fire, I only instigated it. In actuality, its source is the inside of your own body itself. Now, you may die.”

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