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Chapter 101        Morale Supply

Yuan Mei had a sleepless night. She paid attention to movements outside because she was afraid the police would come. Every single sound would shock her into wakefulness. She struggled until two or three o’clock in the morning. She got out of her bed, wanting to take a shower as she felt extremely uncomfortable.

She turned her body to get up. As soon as she turned, however, she was shocked. Her husband Guo Jiaming lay beside her on the bed. He placed a few thousand yuan on the bed and stared at her with his red eyes.

“What are you doing?” The young woman was surprised.

Guo Jiaming slowly raised his head. With his eyes looking around, he said, “Nothing good can happen to a poor couple. We’ve been fighting a lot recently, and it really affected our relationship. I’m not happy to see this too. Even though you were so busy every day, you didn’t even earn that much. Maybe we could consider….”

Guo Jiaming did not finish his sentence, but Yuan Mei immediately knew what he meant. She was a soft and kind person; she always kept things inside. However, she became mad at this. She shouted, “Shut up! What did I do to you that you want to trample all over me? Am I that kind of shameless woman?”

“Shhh, don’t speak so loud. He could hear it from next door.” Guo Jiaming thought that it was ridiculous too. It would be extremely embarrassing if other people knew about it.

The young woman was really mad and said, “Guo Jiaming, if you’re a man, then get a job! Stop letting me be tired every day and stop people from bullying us. Stop thinking about that nonsense; we could get our sh*t together and our lives won’t be any worse than others’. Be a real man and I’ll always be here for you.”

Guo Jiaming was embarrassed as he kept nodding his head and begged her, “Honey, speak softer, please. Don’t let the neighbors hear it and think something big had happened. I’ll find a job tomorrow morning. Yes, tomorrow morning. How about that?”

Yuan Mei got out of bed, took a set of clothes, and went to the bathroom. She turned on the hot water and stood under the sprinkling shower. All sorts of thoughts surged through her mind, yet she was not clear what they were exactly about. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her distraught and haggard face. Her mind blanked out for a while before she covered her face with her hands and started crying.

As the young woman cried, Zhou Qingfeng had bundled up the five corpses in his room. Even though they looked terrifying, they were nothing compared to the rotten and smelly corpses in the subway.

The corpses and the oranges weighed about four hundred kilograms in total. It nearly exceeded the Zhou Qingfeng’s limit. He carried the corpses on his back and carried around twenty bags of oranges with his hands. He thought, I want to return to Wasteland earlier.

Request accepted. You have been granted permission. Transmigration in progress….

The scene in front of Zhou Qingfeng changed again; he returned to 2030 of Manhattan. As soon as he arrived, a terrible odor invaded his nose. It’s the freakin’ corpses!

“F*ck! D*mn it.” Zhou Qingfeng was pissed off. He returned to the washroom in his temporary house. Immediately, he felt as if he was attacked by a biochemical weapon. “New York is like a huge cemetery. How am I going to survive?”

Zhou Qingfeng put the oranges down and slowly opened the door of the washroom with the five corpses still on his back. Before he left, he remembered that Katrina Riven stayed nearby.

“The ferocious lady should be downstairs. I have to discard the corpses first.” Zhou Qingfeng was staying in a relatively small bungalow. It was near Chinatown in Downtown Manhattan, and it was referred Chinese Street. Chinese Street was usually considered as a slum when compared to the skyscrapers district of Downtown Manhattan.

Zhou Qingfeng carried the corpses, walked out of the washroom, and climbed to the rooftop. As he looked around and saw that there was nobody around, he threw the corpses down the street from the rooftop.

“Okay, no evidence exists in 2016 and nobody will care in 2030. Problem solved.” Zhou Qingfeng felt instantly relieved as soon as he discarded the corpses. However, as he looked at the buildings around him, he became worried again. He sighed. “I’m gonna stay in this hell for another ten days!”

The sky was covered with clouds, looking gloomy. It seemed like there was going to be a heavy rain. The entirety of Manhattan was piled full of corpses, and it already stank disgustingly. Based on the death rate, a massive plague seemed avoidable.

The hundreds of people rescued by Zhou Qingfeng lived in the buildings around. Generally, they were weak and needed to be nursed back to health. However, the people who had suffered through a life and death situation were much better than the people gathered by Zhou Qingfeng previously. The survivors were more cohesive and they approved of Zhou Qingfeng’s ability.

“Need to think of a way and group them up. It's better to let them deal with those tiring and disgusting kinds of stuff, while I’m gonna sit back and relax!” Zhou Qingfeng had this beautiful thought in his mind. He then went back down to find the oranges he left in the washroom.

There were more than two hundred kilograms of oranges and they were treasures. Zhou Qingfeng had eaten bread and sausages for ten days in Wasteland and had already gotten sick of them. Those fresh oranges gave him a great comfort. “These oranges are going to increase my moral value by fifty, ha ha ha…!”

Where should I hide them? Zhou Qingfeng carried the oranges in his hands and looked for a hidden room. He sneaked around, thinking of where would be a good hiding place. All of a sudden, someone yelled at him from behind, “Victor, what are you doing?!”

Katrina came upstairs and walked toward Zhou Qingfeng. The moment she saw the bags of oranges, her eyes shone bright like diamonds. “Victor Hugo, I wondered why were you so sneaky. How dare you try to hide so many oranges! Shouldn’t you share half of them with me?”

“Go away!” Zhou Qingfeng instantly rejected.

“Butcher...! “Katrina raised her voice.

“Hold on, take it easy. I’ll give you two bags.” Zhou Qingfeng became scared.

Unfortunately, Butcher came up very quickly. “What happened? Hmmm… it smells like oranges. Oh… my god! I must be blind! I’ve searched through a few of the buildings nearby and I couldn't find any fruit. Victor, did you find them? Awesome! Mox, come here!”


Zhou Qingfeng was full of sadness and regret!

Butcher even called Mox. Two bear-like Russians would not be polite with him. Each of them quickly snatched two bags of oranges from Zhou Qingfeng. Katrina was even worse; she took six bags. Before she left, she took a glance at Zhou Qingfeng provocatively, meaning ‘You deserved it’.

“Katrina, they only took two bags, why are you taking six?” Zhou Qingfeng was pissed off. It was not easy for him to get the oranges, his morale supply, so he tried to protect them in any way he could.

“These are for Angie. She’s sick and can’t eat anything else. I’m sure she’ll like these oranges.”

“You don’t need six bags for that!”

“You mean… you want me to take two extra for the jerk, Tony Parker?”

“Nevermind, forget it.”

Zhou Qingfeng was upset with his teammates. Bunch of thieves! He then hid the rest of the oranges in his mobile command vehicle. It was already cleaned by Jenny Braun and it officially became his place of residence.

Jenny was sorting out the food cabinet in the vehicle. Zhou Qingfeng rushed in and said, “Jenny, come quick. Hide these oranges and don’t let those b*stards see them.”

Jenny lived in the harsh conditions of the subway with Zhou Qingfeng for four days; she looked skinnier and weaker than before. The disgusting smell that permeated the environment was terrible. She had been looking at the rotten corpses and she already had signs of anorexia. As she smelled the oranges, she felt refreshed and relaxed.

Morale boosted!

“Victor, did you get them for me?”

“Er… of course, we can share them.”

“You’re so cute, my honey. Maybe we should take a great shower and relax. Do you remember? We have unfinished business. How about we continue with that?”

Hehehe... I made a pretty lady flirt with me with just a few oranges. Zhou Qingfeng felt good immediately. For once, he felt that life in Wasteland was actually not that bad.

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