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Chapter 128        Backhoe Loader

Zhou Qingfeng scratched his head the moment he heard that Zetas had actually formed several teams of barrier troops.

David Lawrence illustrated to him via the wireless radio, “At first, there were only a dozen of them who rushed towards the streets. However, over a hundred of them soon flooded the streets. They kept attacking our barricades due to the pressure exerted by the barrier troops. The few intersections we’ve been guarding previously could not hold for even five minutes.”

“We could only now retreat back into a building to try to stop them, but I must say that it was a vain attempt. They’re basically a suicide squad. They even managed to get themselves some trucks, welded some steel plates on them, and attacked us using them. Those tanks travel using caterpillar bands. We can’t really deal with them even though we’re shooting them with our rifles.”

“They’ve now surrounded the entire Kenney neighborhood and began to demolish the houses using some excavators. Butcher and the others are currently trapped in those houses and they’re having a hard time defending themselves against the Mexicans. By the way, I think you should be informed that after facing the attack of the suicide squad, at least two hundred of our men have chosen to escape.”

Katrina rushed out from the toilet with only a towel covering her important parts when she heard David Lawrence issuing an alert signal and asking for help. Zhou Qingfeng did not bother looking at her flesh. He left instantly after leaving behind a sentence, “I’ll go back them up first. Join us with the search team once you guys are ready.”

“How are you supposed to back them up by yourself?” asked Katrina.

“We don’t have much time to waste. I’ll think of an idea when I’m on my way…...” Zhou Qingfeng’s voice was getting weaker and weaker. He left Katrina’s house in the blink of an eye. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. They must drag the battle till midnight if they wanted to stop Zetas’ attack. Otherwise, all of them will be screwed up.

“I’ll need a weapon: a weapon that can stop the attack of at least hundreds or even thousands of people,” Zhou Qingfeng brainstormed. He knew that since even David Lawrence could not stop the attack from Zetas with the assistance of a hundred people, there was no way he would able to stop Zetas with just twenty people on his side. He must come up with another plan.

Zhou Qingfeng straightened his face as he walked past two streets. All of a sudden, he saw a huge backhoe loader cleaning up the streets. Several abandoned cars were moved to side of the street from the huge horsepower of the backhoe loader. The streets were able to be unobstructed with this simplified method.

The driver of the backhoe loader was a person of color, and he seemed to be a gang member. Zhou Qingfeng took a few steps forwards, leaped into the passenger seat, and pointed his gun at the driver, “Head to Manhattan now.”

“What?” the driver was shocked when a man suddenly appeared next to him!

“I said, head to Manhattan now,” Zhou Qingfeng exerted a stronger force on his waist.

This time around, he finally understood what he said. He steered the driving wheel in the direction of Manhattan. A few thugs were shouting once they saw the backhoe loader leave. Zhou Qingfeng had one of his arms out the window and used the other hand to hold his M249. He then fired a shot on the ground in front of the thugs to scare them off. As expected, the thugs stopped chasing them.

The tires of this huge loader were as tall as a man and it weighed over dozens of tonnes. That made it look extremely powerful. Uproar could be heard when the vehicle traveled on the road and coupled with the massive loader-style shovel, the vehicle was truly the best weapon Zhou Qingfeng could ever ask for.

Zhou Qingfeng stared at the driver the whole time. Once he familiarized himself with the operation of the vehicle, he decided to kick the driver out of the driver’s seat and took control of the vehicle himself.

“Victor, where the f*ck are you?” Butcher’s anxious voice can be heard through the wireless radio. The sound of gunshots and screaming could also be heard. “These suicide squads are launching their attacks like they don’t have a care about their lives. You’ll be looking at my corpse and Mox’s corpse if you’re still not here in ten minutes.”

“Shut up, I’m on my way. You better hold on for another ten minutes. I’m too lazy to even look at your corpse.”

Zhou Qingfeng instantly stepped on the accelerator with full force, causing the huge backhoe loader to bounce around like it was a rhinoceros having a seizure. He used the loader-style shovel to remove the obstacles en-route and headed directly to Brooklyn Bridge.

“You better come up with an idea too, or else, you’ll only be sending yourself to death,” Butcher reminded him.

Zhou Qingfeng replied him angrily, “Just wait and see. I’ll crush those bastards to death.”

Meanwhile, Nieto was calmly smoking his marijuana in the corner even though he was involved in such a crucial moment. He shivered while he smoked, but he felt like even marijuana was not able to comfort him from the trauma.

Guzman’s fifty-men suicide squad was the first team to launch their attack on David Lawrence's barricade. However, only ten men managed to survive. A minority of them were killed by the people behind the barricades. The others got killed by their own barrier troops as the barrier troops were unsatisfied with their performance of running around like headless chickens to dodge the bullets.

Nieto was lucky enough to survive amongst the piles of corpses. When he climbed up from the ground, he realized that the streets which were flooded just moments ago were now filled with over hundreds of corpses within a mere few minutes. The ground was wet, slippery, oily, and soaked in blood.

However, the suicide mission did not end there. Follow-up groups continued to flood into the battlefield under the supervision of the barrier troops. There was a combat group that tried to escape during the chaos, but they ended up being shot to death by the barrier troops.

After observing the situation for quite a while, the barrier troops felt that the anesthetic effect of marijuana was not enough. They took out something that was even more exciting - cocaine. They forced the people in the combat group to smoke the cocaine as these drugs were able to make them extremely impulsive, impulsive enough to even ignore their own deaths.

Nieto was allowed to leave the battlefield to act as a role model for the other Mexicans after he completed his first attack. He was given two ladies, plenty of food and alcohol. All he needed to do was give a motivational speech to the others and tell them that the battle was actually a piece of cake.

In fact, Nieto felt disgusted. But, he could not do anything other than sit in the corner and smoke his marijuana. He seemed to have given up his dignity. Meanwhile, the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be seen not far away from him. Jos was standing on a stage and yelling at a bunch of Mexicans with his megaphone.

“Over a hundred years ago, the United States had conquered the territories of Mexico. This is a humiliation for every one of us.”

“However, today is a big day. After a hundred years of oppression, we have finally got ourselves an opportunity for revenge. All of you shall respond to Lord Zetas’ call of duty and join the war to fight against the Americans.”

“Our motherland is watching over you. You must be brave, courageous, and fearless to sacrifice your life to defend us from the Republic of New York. There is no greater glory than to die for your nation!”

“Any act of resistance is simply intolerable. If there’s anyone who dares to refuse to join this great war, then he will be the public enemy of all Mexicans and he will be punished!”

The voice of the megaphone echoed throughout the entire plaza of the town hall. Jos seemed to spare no effort in giving his speech.

However, the situation in the plaza was not so optimistic. The Mexicans who were yet to smoke any cocaine were either terrified or did not even know what was happening. On the other hand, the Mexicans who had smoked cocaine had completely lost rationale. Therefore, they were easily instigated by the words from the megaphone.

The perverted-looking Jos had a sense of accomplishment when he saw the Mexicans gradually joining the battlefield one by one thanks to his speech. He picked up a revolver and kept shooting it into the air. He thought to himself, I believe the Soviet commissioners were doing this too during the Second World War several decades ago. It indeed feels so great!

All of a sudden, the ground of the plaza suddenly shook and an uproar approached them at an incredible rate! Mr. Jos, who was standing on the stage, soon saw a huge backhoe loader breaking into the town hall in an extremely wild fashion.

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