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Chapter 179        Sneak into Polarlys

“I’m gonna kill him, I’m gonna kill him!” Guzman was neurotic and shouting in an armored Pika. Richard, who was sitting next to him, was very annoyed by him.

Both of them vomited and had diarrhea after eating the canned Spam sold by Zhou Qingfeng. However, they could not do anything to him.

Beside the Pika were three light trucks. The sound of eating and binging was coming off the trucks and it was obvious that the people were really enjoying the food. In fact, Guzman’s men have been starving for quite a long period of time. They were all binge-eating the canned Spam at the moment.

F*cking Spam. Richard swore that he will not eat Spam anymore for the rest of his life. He was in the car only because of Zhou Qingfeng, as he was still waiting to capture Zhou Qingfeng. After they were aware that the supplier of the Spam was Zhou Qingfeng, the so-called senior detective organized a plan for his capture.

The capturing team was formed by the intelligence operation team of Skull and Bones and the people under Guzman. They prepared a few speed boats to ambush the black market. They will make the move as soon as Zhou Qingfeng’s ship shows up.

However…., Zhou Qingfeng did not show up. Richard and Guzman wasted the whole day waiting for him.

After Zhou Qingfeng saved Allen Derrick, he left the canned food business and followed Allen to investigate the Polarlys.

As a massive thirty thousand-tonned ship, it was impossible to hide the Polarlys. It will definitely be the main battleship if it was used during the First or Second World War. However, Fernando kept the Polarlys in a deep bay located southeast to the airport to prevent an invasion. Apart from that, he arranged many of his men to watch over the ship.

“What’s this place called? Head Bay?” Zhou Qingfeng used the GPS and confirmed the location on the map, “That’s such a weird name.”

Both of them tried to get into Head Bay but they were stopped by Fernando Rethnor’s men. They had no choice but to choose another way to get in. In order to hide their movements, Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher drove the speed boat, brought the diving equipment, and was going to dive into Head Bay.

As soon as Zhou Qingfeng arrived at around a hundred meters away from Polarlys, he immediately felt dwarfed. He raised his head and tried to see the entire ship but even so, he could not see anything.

“It’s a hundred and seventy meters long and forty meters wide. It’s freaking huge! I’m gonna get this ship,” Zhou Qingfeng said out loud.

“Shut up, Victor. Get down. The patrol boat is here,” Butcher was taking a photo of the ship from afar to judge the number of people on the ship.

Zhou Qingfeng immediately dived into the water. After a while, a patrol boat with search lights and night vision approached. The ship must be really important to Fernando Rethnor as it was so closely guarded.

“My preliminary estimate is that there have to be at least a hundred and fifty people watching over the ship. But they weren’t really paying attention. There are a lot of people partying on the helicopter deck. Ohhh…, it’s a naked party. There are a lot of ladies stripping, it feels so great!”

Butcher almost slobbered, “I miss those days when I was the executive chief. I used to join all sorts of high-class parties. Victor, it’s such a shame that you’ve never experienced that kind of luxury.”

“It’s a shame that you can see the party right in front of you but you can’t join,” Zhou Qingfeng came up from the water. His aim was to get closer to the ship and investigate. It would be best if he could get on the ship.

Zhou Qingfeng swam across the last hundred meters and the moment he arrived at the bottom of Polarlys, he took out a grapple hook crossbow from the water-resistant bag. “Butcher, is anyone up there?”

“There’s someone patrolling, you need to hold on for a little longer,” Butcher was observing from afar. After a few minutes, he said, “Now. You only have a minute.”

Zhou Qingfeng immediately launched the grapple hook onto the ship. The high-power macro-motor of the crossbow started to work. Zhou Qingfeng was hanging and rose from the sea with water dripping from him.

It was all thanks to the black market opened by Fernando Rethnor and the U.S. government that Zhou Qing could get so many old canned Spams to exchange for a large amount of useful equipment. The diving equipment and the special crossbow were all exchanged for his canned Spam.

Zhou Qingfeng reached for the side of the ship and got onto the deck of the ship in just ten seconds. He quickly took off his diving clothes and put them into a storage bag. After that, he started to act as one of the guards on the ship.

“Butcher, I’m up here. Tell me the communication channel for the ship,” Zhou Qingfeng tidied up his clothes, messed up his hair, and walked slowly on the deck of the ship with a normal M4A1 rifle.

Butcher was playing with a wireless scanner. It was a standard device of The United States Navy’s sea, air, and land team and it was used specifically to detect the short-waved communication channel. Such a powerful device was exchanged with a few hundred cans of Spam.

“84.5Hz. Frequency hopping, signal three. No password,” Butcher replied.

Zhou Qingfeng adjusted his wireless radio and heard the loud and boisterous noise from his headphones. Zhou Qingfeng could barely hear that the people could not wait to take a break to join the naked party at the helideck of Polarlys.

As a polar expedition ship, Polarlys was designed to be able to survive harsh environments for a long period of time. It has a tough body, a big and tall ship bridge, a wide and spacious deck that was fully-decorated, and tons of lifeboats. The nuclear reactor supplied endless power as even when the cities were dark, it was still bright.

One of the most important tasks that Zhou Qingfeng came closer to achieve was to get a captive and interrogate him. The captive must not be a very important person as it would alert the guards. Conversely, the captive cannot be someone who was completely useless, otherwise, Zhou Qingfeng will not be able to get anything from him. The chef of the restaurant who cooked for everyone on the ship would be a good choice.

Indeed, the guards on the ship were not really paying attention to their surroundings. However, their numbers were far more than what Butcher had estimated. There were far more than a hundred and fifty people on the ship and it will be a huge problem to get the ship in the future.

“Butcher, I’m getting into the cabin,” Zhou Qingfeng spoke to Butcher in case the wireless radio will not work on the cabin. He was on his way to his destination according to the inboard structure drawn by Allen Derrick.

Unfortunately, Zhou Qingfeng lost his way in the complicated cabin. He realized he was in a laundry room. There were rows of washing machines and laundry baskets in front of him. There was a washerwoman washing clothes.

The washer saw Zhou Qingfeng and started to complain, “Why did you come so early? I’m still washing.”

“Ugh, you need to be quicker and don’t try to loaf on the job. Otherwise, I’ll chase you out,” Zhou Qingfeng walked into the laundry room with a fierce voice and a fierce look. The washer did not even dare to look at him.

Zhou Qingfeng glanced at her and was going to leave. Suddenly, he saw a few underwears in a laundry basket, especially a big-sized bra. Immediately, he thought that the bra looked familiar, “David Lawrence, your wife has an F-cup-sized Victoria Secret’s Temptation lace bra, am I right?”

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