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Chapter VII

Not long after the training ended, the day of the race arrived.
At the stadium, Mai Wei Zhe was sitting in the player's lounge. He was fully dressed with his protective gear and skates on, ready to go.
His expression was very calm, maybe even a bit thoughtful. He didn’t seem to be impacted either by the announcements or by the surrounding conversations.
At this level, athletes were trained to face big games with a certain numbness. Otherwise , if they became nervous before each game, the probability of failure would increase.
To a certain extent, this ability to control stress was inborn, but it was also something that was honed with rigorous training.

But this time, although he appeared calm on the surface, Mai Wei Zhe's heart was chaotic. No one was aware of this.
His long hated opponent was waiting for a duel with him again. This year, in every big event, his opponent was omnipresent. They competed intensely in all the championships. Sports magazines called them two duelling gentlemen. Gentlemen- bullshit !
The opponent acted unfairly. For the sake of victory, he would not give up. They fought for a favourable position, to block the other. This went beyond what was legally allowed in the game – such as putting a foot intentionally in the way of his opponent… everything was tried. Mai Wei Zhe had been a victim of his ploys several times already.
He was ruthless.
If he had the courage to repeat this today, Mai Wei Zhe would not take this lying down. He would fight back, and severely beat him. Real life was exactly the same. If someone showed the courage to hurt his family, he would not hesitate to retaliate aggressively.
Who cares if that person belonged to a powerful Group, or if he was a senior director !
His face was probably very gloomy. Anrun had been paying close attention to him from the back of the lounge. At this moment, he sat down beside him.
" Brother Mai, don’t get angry. Xuan Xuan sister has come to watch the game", Anrun quickly flashed the trump card, hoping that this news would relax Mai Wei Zhe a little. After all, in the next game, they were all expecting him to win a medal.
Mai Wei Zhe gazed at him sideways, " Who said I was angry?" Although the remark was emotionless, his eyes made a quick sweep over the security area behind. Not seeing her, he stared back at Anrun, silently asking, where is she ?
" Over there", Anrun quickly pointed her out in the audience.
Sure enough, when he looked at the direction he pointed, Li Yongxuan's pretty figure appeared in the stands. She had accompanied grandfather to watch the game.
In the final phase of training, he had not been allowed to go home. He had left early to arrive at the destination where the game was to be held. Their only contact was through the phone. For a long time, they had not met.

He had experienced an unprecedented tug. Not the physical tug , the kinds experienced in a deep tissue massage, but one in which his heart as at war with itself. His instinct was to seize her, completely surround her so that no other threats could get close to her. But in reality, he couldn’t do so. Li Yongxuan was an independent person, she should have the freedom to make her own decisions and judgements.
But if that rotten bastard dared to appear again, and even attempted to interfere in her life , he would ruthlessly…
" Brother Mai, Xuan Xuan sister is here. Why are you still in a terrible mood ?" Anrun asked plaintively. Clearly he was the one nominated to come and persuade him." No wonder she did not dare to come in the lounge to talk to you . She was afraid that she would affect your mood while preparing for the game…"
Oh, is that why she had not come in the lounge ?
Hearing this, Mai Wei Zhe’s face softened a bit.
He had thought she was starting to avoid him. He had not directly questioned her, but obviously he wanted to know if she continued to remain in touch with Liang Wen He, or, if they had cut off all ties. This incessant worry about losing her was super annoying. Mai Wei Zhe got up and adjusted his helmet.
It was their warm up time now, he was ready to go on the ice.

Before going in the rink , he slipped sideways and looked up to where Li Yongxuan was sitting. Old Mai nodded coldly to him. Li Yongxuan looked down. Her face was concerned.
" Coach said a few days ago you had a thigh injury.. are you okay ?"
He smiled.
With his grandpa at the scene, he knew there would be no problem.
He could focus on the championship.
He caught her hand and whispered in her ear, " I have a surprise for you. But I’ll give it after the game. Now you have to kiss me to wish me luck."
Li Yongxuan blushed," Here? Now ? It’s not appropriate." They were surrounded by reporters and the audience. They had no idea how many cameras were facing them.
Mai Wei Zhe gave her a roguish look, " Ok you owe me. But one day, you will hand to pay me back with interest. You heard me, right ?"
" You are too much ! What are you talking about ?" she protested." Hurry and go warm up. The coach is staring at you."
" He is staring at you. Why are you interfering with me when I am trying to concentrate on the game ?"
" Really ?" She took everything seriously. She thought about it then said, " Ok. Then I will leave now…"
Silly fool! Mai Wei Zhe smiled at her, them with a graceful gesture , he moved forward and slid onto the rink. He did a few laps, and his body was ready to race.
Opponent, you will have a lot of trouble today !

When the game ended, Mai Wei Zhe had lived up to everyone’s expectations.
He had personally won two golds and one silver, and a silver in the team event. He was today’s star, the reporters were all around him, even extending the interview session.
When asked how he planned to relax after the game, he smiled brightly. With barely concealed excitement he said, "I am planning to take my family to an island during the holidays."
" Your family , meaning your grandfather ? Or are there others ? " one reporter asked. He persisted, " While on the family topic, why don’t you talk about your parents ? Your father must be happy to see you performance today, but aren’t you curious if your mother is following the game as well ?"
The expression on the handsome face changed slightly.
Was this reporter a new one ? Everyone knew that Mai Wei Zhe did not answer personal questions about his family.
His parents had never married. His mother others had become pregnant accidentally. After giving birth to him , she had left her son with his father and gone away. She had never looked back, never tried to get in touch with him.
His father had died when he was four.
So he had almost no memories of his parents,
But he was a good example of children growing up without parents, just like Li Yongxuan.
He didn’t have any resentments. But to expect him to have any thoughts or feelings about his parents, to say things like " I hope my parents will always be proud of me", complete with tearful expressions, was really expecting too much !
He looked coldly at the journalists,
" Do you want to say a few words to the camera?"
" No", he categorically refused ," there is no need."
His cold response was another topic tonight.
He had no agents to manage his PR. The coaches could not control him or the press. They watched silently as the media wrote crazy stuff, painting him as an immature, arrogant, cold blooded champion.
Mai Wei Zhe did not care. Such small things did not affect him.
He wasn’t as careful of his image. As long as he won the medals, he was confident he would be the hero to his fans.

After three consecutive days of incessant media activities, they finished everything and finally went home to rest. The media circus ended at night, so her took the plane at night. The locals had organised a celebration party which he did not attend. He just wanted to go home !

By the time he reached, it wa already midnight.he was carrying a large travel bag. As he stood on the steps in front of the house, he looked up at the dark brick house. But inside there was a halo of light, telling him that someone was waiting for him to return home.
He opened the door, and aa he had expected, the kitchen lights were still on. Li Yongxuan , dressed in a t shirt and shirts was sitting at the table and seriously typing something . This lady worked seriously. These days, there was a surge of news about Mai. She really had to stay up late to finish her task.
" You’re back !" She heard the sound of the door and looked up, her face instantly lighting up. Leaving the archives, she stood up, then hesitated slightly , overcome with embarrassment. There was a sweet smile in her eyes.
Mai Wei Zhe could not be so subtle. Dropping the travel bag, he strode over, caught her in his arms and bowed down to kiss her fiercely.
Welcome home!
He hugged her tightly and kissed her deeply. It was like a fire was burning between the two. She took the initiative to wrap her arms around his neck, her small palm tangling with his thick hair. His palm moved from the hem of her t shirt upwards, stroking her naked waist.
She twisted and dodged, her body rubbing against his, and he couldn’t help but moan.
" Cough!" An angry cough interrupted the heated kissing of the two.
Li Yongxuan's face burned red in embarrassment. She couldn’t even raise her head. Mai Wei Zhe looked behind with annoyance.
He saw his grandfather standing on the stairs, and Anrun behind him. Four pairs of eyes stared straight at the live show in front of them.

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