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Chapter 8

There were three rooms.
"Its a big house!" Li Yongxuan exclaimed her, her eyes shining.
It was comfortable cottage arranged in the Nanyang style, the bamboo curtains over the white screens were slightly fluttering in the breeze.
Each room had a large ceiling fan.
The beds were huge. Each had white cotton pillows, quilts with golden borders and four side pillows around the bed. It was bed for lying down and dreaming.
The crystal bowl on the central table of the living room was filled with brightly coloured fruits.
Pale gold cushions were also placed on the wooden lounging chair. One could comfortably lie on the chair, gazing at the sea and eating fruit.

Behind the screen, there was a wide open terrace which led to a private beach. There was a huge umbrella in the corner, with two chairs under it. One could lounge around here forever.
As soon as this person entered the door, he dropped the bag and lay down in the lounging chair. He grabbed some fruit and seemed to be napping. But like a lions gaze, his eyes follow the actions of the other person in the house.

Yongxuan had never been to a resort. She excitedly explored the house, examining each room carefully , her eyes shining with excitement.
Then she same back to the living room , and sighed sadly, " It is such a pity Grandpa could not come. He would have liked it here."
" I have taken him on vacations earlier. He cant stand it beyond a day", Mai Wei Zhe scoffed."He is not an idle person, and does not like people serving him. After watching the sea for fifteen minutes, he was bored. Someone else's cooking was hard for him to eat. So we finally cut or vacation short and returned back three days earlier than planned. At that time, he announced that he would never go to a seaside vacation again"

" Grandpa may like hiking up mountains. Next time, we will go to such a place". She took it for granted that there would be a next time, and Mai Wei Zhe could not help smiling
" Is he your grandfather or mine?" Mai Wei Zhe deliberately teased her.
Li Yongxuan blushed, and then smiled with embarrassment.
He crooked his finger at her and asked her to come to him.
When she approached him, he reached out and pulled her into his arms.
They quietly clung to each other, looking out at the endless sea and sky, the blue and white clouds.
" Thank you", she said sincerely.

Mai Wei Zhe did not answer, he bowed down and kissed her.
He should be the one to thank her.
Ever since she had come in the house, she was the one responsible for taking care of everything at home. She took care of his grandfather, his clothing, his career, and….
And he no longer felt alone.
The serious and neat Office Lady he had first met was only a superficial appearance, underneath that was a fragile, warm little girl.
She had a lot of love and caring in her heart to share, but had never found the right outlet.
In return for just a small favour, she would go all out, giving out much more love and caring in return. She was so stupid.
He kissed her delicate ears, " Stupid!"
Li Yongxuan smiled, fully aware that this was his way of expressing his feelings. He always talked rudely, but she knew that he was fully aware that she cared about him.
Turning slightly, she hugged his neck, taking the initiative to offer a sweet kiss.
His mouth tasted of the fruits he has just eaten, and somehow that taste felt intoxicating to her.
This kiss was deep, and he hugged her tightly, his hard body feeling hot against hers.
She was his beauty, his sweetheart…
He was really, really tempted to pull up her shirt. He wanted to feel her more intimately. As they kissed, he could feel his control slipping, but he restrained himself.

"No!" he said, his hands trembling as he withdrew from her.
After kissing her tender lips one more time, he gasped and said, " Lets go out right now, or else I will lose control."
She laughed. This smile was the unique smile of a woman who knew she was deeply loved, and understood well, that at this point what kind of torture her man was going through.

" Come on", She kissed him, " Lets go out. I want to treat you to dinner.
It was a good idea to eat now.
When a certain kind of desire could not be met, one could fortunately compensate that with food.
" Of course not", the demon who had just gout of bed was laughing wildly, " If you treat me, I will definitely (financially) ruin you tonight!"
Li Yongxuan smiled and got up and pulled him up.
" I'm probably better off than you think."

The two went hand in hand, wandering around the island town. The town was full of bars and restaurants, the streets were bustling with tourists. At sunset, the restaurants placed tables and chairs on the street. One could dine and drink alfresco. The guests were bronzed from the exposure. Their carefree laughter could be heard everywhere.
Mai Wei Zhe wore sunglasses to hide his easily recognised face.
He was dressed in a black vest, distressed jeans and slippers. But the well honed muscular body of an athlete was no joke. As he walked, several elegant girls dressed in brightly coloured dresses displaying honeyed slender legs, smiled at him in a friendly manner.

Mai Wei Zhe simply turned a blind eye to the young bevy of beauties.
He chose a restaurant near the sea. That is, he went into the restaurant, picked up the menu and ordered a dozen dishes straight till the dessert!
" Uh..", the waiter writing down the orders scratched his head, "are there other people joining you ?"

Mai Wei Zhe laughed loudly as he took off his sunglasses, showing his handsome face. " No, all this is what I want to eat. Give the lady a bowl of soup."
Li Yongxuan laughed out as well. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere affected her, she could not help guffawing, " should see your face.."
He stared at her, a mysterious smile lingering in his face.
This smile had stayed on his face from the time they had boarded the flight.

Then he leaned over, and in front of a restaurant full of people, he kissed her lips.
At the end of the sweet kiss, he looked at her blushing face.
She bit her slightly reddened lips.
" In front of everyone..", she stared at him , her eyes smiling, " What are you doing?"
" I am just thanking you", he said indifferently

They finished their sumptuous meal together. They were so full they couldn't move. They decided to take a stroll to help their digestion.
Under the stars, they held hands as they walked along the beach, the waves sloshing at their feet.
The two were chatting about everything under the sky - their child hood with no parents, the bad guys in their lives, she spoke about what she studied, he spoke about ow he got into speed skating, about her autnt, his grandfather..
"Do you know what Grandfather said when he met you for the first time ?" he kicked at the sand and asked her suddenly
" What ?"
" He said you are too thin, need to put on some weight."
Thinking of the old man, Mai Wei Zhe could not help smiling, " He said you had no one to take care of you, so you must not be eating well."
In her life, a lot of people must have pitied her - an orphan with no contacts, battling society alone, yet tumbling into an abyss..
She really thought that he was neutral to to all this, that he didn't care.
However in a casual chat, when these words of grandfather was revealed, suddenly.. tears spilled from her eyes.
On tear followed another, they just would not stop.
For people who were lonely, when they find love, the tears never stop coming.
Mai Wei Zhe did not say anything, he knew this feeling. The tears flashed in her eyes like stars. So he just stretched his hand and hugged her tightly in his arms.
She buried her face in his warm chest, crying softly.
Her eyes swelled up, and she didn't even open them as they walked back to the house.

The next day when they woke up, Mai Wei Zhe realised that this girl was really simple. Once she had a good night's sleep, she returned to normal.

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