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Chapter 11

As she slowly woke up, for a moment, Li Yongxuan had forgotten where she was.
It was quiet all around.
Every day was the exactly the same for her as she woke up alone - there was never any surprise.
All she had to worry about was a bunch of numbers and reports.
Well, that was ok, she was used to it by now, she knew how to take care of herself…
Wrong !
She suddenly jolted wide awake. That was long in the past. Now she had to worry about people and a lot of other things. How can she have the time to just lounge around in bed!

She got up from bed and looked around. Now she was even more confused, how did she end up in the big bed!
She remembered clearly that last night she had been waiting for him for a long time. Finally she found out that he had already gone off to sleep. After fighting with her conscience for sometime, she had secretly slipped in his room.
She just did not want to sleep alone anymore.
Once upon a time, as long as she was under the same roof, she just wanted to sleep in his warm embrace. But what she didn't know is that Mai Wei Zhe had carried her back to her bed in his arms just this morning. After placing her on the bed, he had sat on the bed for a moment, watching her sleep . He stroked her hair very gently so as not to wake her up.

As she quickly got ready, she realised she could not hear the sound of the treadmill - no wonder she felt it was so quiet.
Mai Wei Zhe had gone out. She felt a pang of discomfort in her heart.
Because of his strange mood, the two people had not met for several days, they hadn't even spoken to each other.
Was he avoiding her? But things would always resolve finally..
When she was halfway through her breakfast, Grandpa came in.
" Grandpa, Mai Wei Zhe?" she recalled that he wasn't supposed to be out this morning.
" I just dropped him at the training centre, he said he had to attend a meeting", Grandpa said. Looking at her puzzled expression, he added, "The meeting in the afternoon got moved up to this morning because of an emergency."

Although his tone was neutral, Li Yongxuan detected a hint of anxiety in his voice. " Is the meeting supposed to decide the training requirements for the next race?" Mai Wei Zhe did not talk to her about these, as if he was afraid she would become too involved.
" Why didn't you tell me ? I can also update them about the plans I made.."
Grandpa did not speak and listened to her silently.
"Grandpa, I think…" she took a deep breath and decided to say the words that were in her heart.
"I want to discuss with you. In the future, if you allow, I want to be a sports agent.."
Grandpa suddenly raised his hand and interrupted her.
Li Yongxuan felt a pang of disappointment in her heart. Even Grandpa was not willing to listen to her plans?
" This kind of thing, you don't need to discuss with me", Grandpa looked directly at Li Yongxuan, then categorically stated," If you want to do it, do it. Dont be afraid. If there is trouble at home, Grandpa will handle it."
His comment brought tears to her eyes.
Every time this sombre and reticent Grandpa managed to surprise her..
"Uh..dont be like this". Seeing her cry, Grandpa's usual calm demeanour cracked. A bit panicked, he did not know what to do to console her.
"I did not, okay, okay…just…"
She was still crying. For her, God was cruel. He had taken away all the people who had loved her. But God was also very kind; He had gifted her a dear, loving family…
"No more crying. Finish your breakfast! I have a serious matter to talk to you about", Grandpa reverted to his normal scolding tone as he recovered from his initial panic.
"Ok..", she wiped her tears and answered, " Whats the matter?'
Grandpa looked serious as he handed her a folder.
" This is .. ",she only glanced at the folder for a moment, then raised her head to look at Garndpa with surprise.
Grandpa nodded.

On the other side of the town, something very serious was happening.In fact the emergency meeting had been called for Mai Wei Zhe
At that moment, he was in the conference room, facing the senior management. Several middle aged senior people clad in neat suits with sombre faces sat on one side of the conference table. On the other side was Mai Wei Zhe and several other young men wearing sports gear. It was a study in contrasts.
"Mr Mai", one of the senior men started, " As a captain, you need to behave in a way that is exemplary for the team. If this problem is not appropriately resolved, the Group will be forced to re-evaluate signing up with your team.."
Mai Wei Zhe scoffed, " So this emergency meeting is just about my misconduct? What the hell did I do?"
"Not only did you egg on your team mates to threaten the Group's director Liang Wen He, last night, you also…you physically attacked him. Liang Wen He has been admitted to the hospital. After the test results come out, we can’t rule out the possibility of legal proceedings against you". It seemed that the lawyer had come to threaten him.
"Oh, did you get the tests done?" Mai Wei Zhe was not going to deny a single thing, "though I am not afraid to tell.."
"Mai Wei Zhe!" the coach whispered, " You really beat him up? Why use your hands? I explained to you so many times.."
Mai Wei Zhe shrugged his shoulders.
"Mr Ma, I think you don't understand the seriousness of this matter". The lawyer adjusted his glasses, his eyes behind the lens glittering with arrogance,"Mr Liang understands that you have trained hard for many years to reach this level. He is not in a rush to ruin your career. He is generous and only asks for a few conditions to be met."
"Lawyer Lin, on this matter…" the head coach tried to intervene.
The lawyer ignored him and continued to speak, "First, Mr Mai needs to apologize publicly. Second, Mr Mai must pay compensation. Third, the sponsorship will proceed but will be reduced to one-third of the original amount promised."
Everyone looked at each other.
This punishment was too heavy…
But a little money was better than no money, the agent immediately chipped in , " We can consider the conditions.."
Mai Wei Zhe stood up slowly and waved to interrupt the agent.
With his hand on the table, his body slightly bent forward, he spoke to the lawyer opposite with arrogance, " I cannot apologize. As far as the compensation is concerned, Mr Liang can name his sum. On the sponsorship, you need not punish my team for what I have done."
Then he turned and walked towards the door.
"Mr Mai, I advise you not be impulsive." The lawyer called out from behind, his voice revealing his anger, "This Group has a good relationship with the sports association. If Mr Liang really wants to, he can ban you from playing, let alone being a coach!"
" Wait! Wait!"
" Brother Mai, don't leave like this."
The coach and all his team mates were anxious to stop him.
As he went to the door, the door suddenly opened and a slim figure in a powder blue collared suit and three inch high heels stepped in.
All the eyes in the conference room turned towards the beautiful lady.
She nodded to the crowd.

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