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Same Place Not Same Bed -

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At six o clock in the morning, someone was trying to get into the hotel where the players were put up.
The competition was in full swing, so the access to players' rooms was severely restricted
The guards stopped a beauty in a business suit. She was wearing a well fitted shirt, a narrow skirt, a suit jacket and three inch high heels. This formal costume made the guards think that she must, in all likelihood , be a journalist. The guards immediately blocked her.

" Where are you going ? Today the news conference is at nine am. The reporters can start coming in only at 830 am. Haven’t you received the notice ?"
The beauty smiled, and was about to speak when ..
"Ah, doesn't matter. She is the team's agent". Just then the manager on duty came to her rescue.
" Miss Li, you've come this early to see the players?"
" Thank you Yeijing Li", Li Yongxuan smiled and thanked him, " I need to deal with something, I'll go up now."
Her slim figure walking on high heels was watched by the guards and the manager as she made her way to the elevator.
" The agent is so beautiful?" the young guard could not help but joke," then if the team's players are not chasing her, I will.."
" She is happily married to Mai Wei Zhe", Yeijinag Li, who was familiar with the team, smiled and explained.
Another old guard was unable to help laughing out, ' What Mai Wei Zhe earns in a year, you will probably be not able to earn in ten years."
"Concentrate on your work. Don't daydream."

The beautiful and capable agent miss naturally did not hear all these observations about her. She was anxious to go upstairs and straight to her destination - someone's room!
The door opened, and with glowing eyes she immediately announced," We got the new advertising contract! They accepted all our conditions. I have signed the contract for three years!"
" Ok", someone said unenthusiastically, stifling a yawn.
His eyes were sleepy, his chest bare, and on his chest was a chain with a dark silver wedding ring suspended from the chain.
This is what he had said - a chain to tie up his wife with him forever.

His wife, that is the brilliant agent, cannot of course be tied up. So they decided on the chain for the wedding ring. It was similar to the one on her finger, except the engravings were a little more rugged and simple.
The ring represented the promise they made to each other - that they would never be lonely again in the rest of their lives.
" Did you have a look at the contract I gave you yesterday?"she helped him clean up by picking up the trousers and t-shirt lying on the floor,
She was excited about the big contract she had managed to grab, so instead of nagging him, she continued, " You have to separately sin on it. But for the rest of the team , the contract is done and dusted. This means that for the next three years, we don't have to be worried about funds."
He noted her excited tone.
Mai Wei Zhe squinted his eyes at her, " How are you so chirpy so early in the morning?"
" Ofcourse I will be! They are big advertisers and have sponsored superstars!" Her face revealed a fascinated expression , along with a yearning look, " Soon you will become a superstar as well. As long as you are their brand ambassador, you can eat and drink all you want for free…"
" My dear agent, please do not forget that the company makes carbonated drinks."
The players were absolutely not allowed to drink carbonated drinks.
"They also have sports drinks", Li Yongxuan retorted, as he put cold water on all her aspirations. She angrily hammered his chest, " Why are you not excited ! I came here all the way to tell you the good news."

" You just came here to tell me about the contract?" Mai Wei Zhe caught her hand and pulled her into his arms. He whispered in her ears with a laugh , " Are you sure I am not excited?"
Her body was pressed against his, yes, some other parts of his body had also woken up early…
Li Yongxuan's face turned red. She stared at him, ' What nonsense! I have an appointment, you have a match, we can't…"
" I don't have a match today". He took the contract from her hand and put it aside, then started to unbutton her suit.
" Moreover, you are the one who dropped in uninvited."

Li Yongxuan tried to break away from his embrace, then gave up. Laughing, she mock scolded him, " Mai Wei Zhe! I am trying to discuss something serious here. You should always listen to what your agent says!"
" I don't listen to you ? You tell me faster, a bit slower, softer, harder… no matter what you want, don't I always obey?" he drawled lazily.
She blushed. He had deliberately made those innuendos, so Li Yongxuan was alert. The situation was fast going out of control!
She was determined to go straight to the door.

But Li Yongxuan had grossly underestimated her husband. After all , she had married the world record holder of speed skating. Three seconds later, she was caught at the door.
Mai Wei Zhe pressed her against the big mirror near the entrance. His broad chest pressed against his as he quickly divested her of the jacket.
She was overwhelmed by him. Gently panting, she pushed hard against his chest but was unable to move him even an inch, " We can’t.. not here…"
" You said that during the matches, you will not sleep with me in the same bed. So lets do it here". He kissed her all the way to her neck.
" really know where to find a loophole. I won’t sleep in the same bed doesn't mean we can do this outside the bed! Dont… my shirt will get wrinkled…"
He had already unbuttoned several buttons of said shirt, unveiling the attractive cleavage inside. He bowed down without any hesitation. His morning beard brushed against her tender skin and made her feel itchy.
" Ah.." she could not help moan and lean back against the mirror as her knees went weak.
She had failed! He knew exactly how to seduce her with his young body! Who could blame her ? A lot of women across the country drooled over the magazine centre folds that displayed Mai Wei Zhe's body.

With her shirt messy, her narrow skirt was lifted to her waist, revealing her slender legs. His eyes turned the color of rich chocolate as he stared at her body
From the very first time he had me her, he had been fascinated by her figure. There was no need for a bed, they could be affectionate and intimate without one. In front of the huge mirror, he made love to her fiercely and with no restraint.
" Ah.. there is someone outside…" in the heady emotions of love making, she vaguely heard some sounds outside in the corridor.
But he was already deeply buried in her body, the ecstasy was getting more and more intense, how could he pay attention?
Arrogantly, he bit her lips, blocking her protest. He unhesitatingly brought her to her peak. Her whole body trembled with the release.

Then of course, it was cute and awkward as they straightened themselves up.
Mai Wei Zhe smiled wolfishly, a pure male smile of unadulterated contentment as he helped her put on one of his shirts.

Someone knocked at the door, and Li Yongxuan immediately clutched her husband’s sweatshirt to her chest.
" Yes?" she looked surprised
A young man came in, dressed in the uniform of the organisers.
He saw a young beauty at the door, her hair messy, her face red. He didn't dare look at her directly.
But since she was wearing the sweatshirt of the playing team, she must be the one…
" Uh, I have come here for a routine drug test", the young man flushed, and then asked with embarrassment, " Please give me your left hand."
Li Yongxuan was puzzled and extended her hand. He tied the arm with a rubber band and a syringe appeared…
She exclaimed, "What do you want?"
" Please. I just want a blood test", the young boys face had turned completely red, even his ears were bright red.
Hearing the screams, Mai Wei Zhe immediately rushed out. With no further thought, he grabbed the young boy’s shoulder and fiercely pushed him away. The boy took several steps backwards and hit the wall of the corridor opposite them.
Whether he was a young boy or a big director, no one was allowed to touch his Xuan Xuan - he would use his fists if necessary to drive that point home.

"Don't be impulsive, leave him alone", Li Yongxuan quickly hugged his waist to stop him from beating up the poor guy.
Earlier, when he beat up Liang Wen He, even with the best of efforts, they had been unable to stop the news from leaking out. There was no way to reverse the image of an aggressive Mai Wei Zhe in the short term.
She could well imagine that if this matter was allowed to escalate, the major news of the competition would be that Mai Wei Zhe had failed the drug test and had beaten up the staff in retaliation.
Didnt she have enough on her plate already as his agent ?
" I was just doing my job.." the young man was almost crying.
Then she figured it out.
In such a large scale competition, the drug tests were usually done early in the morning or late at night when the players were least expecting it. They just didn't think that today…
" All right. Its nothing. He just misunderstood", Li Yongxuan tried to appease the young boy, then pointed to Mai Wei Zhe, " You want to test this player. From now on, he will be very co-operative."
"Are you family ? Families cannot stay with the players?" the staff frowned and asked.
'Of course not", Li Yongxuan smiled sweetly," I am his agent."

Mai Wei Zhe stared gloomily at the young boy. His stare was so scary that his hand trembled badly and he had to repeat several times before he succeeded in drawing a blood sample.
As the boy had finished his work, Li Yongxuan dressed up , retouched her makeup and came out. Now she was back to being the brilliant career woman.
With a briefcase in one hand and her folded jacket hanging over her other arm, she confidently smiled at them and left.
She looked both sexy and extremely capable in the suit.
The young boy's eyes involuntarily followed her and he forgot to hand over the jar for urine test to Mai Wei Zhe.Such a beautiful agent!
The young boy couldn't help but fantasize…if he was a player, then maybe..
" Dont even think about it!" an overbearing voice laden with an explicit threat growled out a warning.
Yes, he, Mai Wei Zhe, as far as Li Yongxuan was concerned would continue being overbearing and unreasonable.
Only because…
She was his… forever.

Authors note :

People who have emails are probably familiar with spam.
And today, most people know how to deal with it, that is , it directly gets sent to the spam folder, and nobody opens it.
Because of this, the spam senders are now using attractive titles, hoping to attract people to open the mail.
For example, the titles are 'long time no see', " My friends', " photos from the last meeting', or sale spiels like " expert sales"," be sure to find what you want", "the most complete history", " The universe's most…", or the language of intimidation, " You will regret later", " the opportunity of a lifetime" and so on.
I admit , sometimes when I am bored , when cleaning up the spam folder, I will see the titles from beginning to end ( who asked the readers not to write to me quickly). One day, a title attracted my attention. The professional image of a secretary.
How about it ? Is it tempting ?
May be because my first novel was a secretary vs boss, so I find this position of secretary particularly beautiful
And in the romance novel industry, the suited, high heeled, elegant and bright secretary usually attracts the attention of the president ;regardless of how successful the president is, he will always look back and realise that he didn’t have an effective assistant …

After heavy twists and turns , they live happily ever after.
What about the other secretaries ? Not every secretary deserves or want the president. This is what this story is about.
I’ve also talked about loneliness. It’s not a disease, but a part of life. When someone is very lonely, they may even grasp at straws. Our heroine is like that. A silly obsession for a long time, but is that love ?
She just had a crush on an unreal image in her mind. Someone who was very far ways from here very safe and very stupid. It’s all because she was lonely.
But I hoped that she can get love and that she will no longer be lonely. The kind of love that fills her whole heart. Maybe her heart will not be filled up only by love, it may also have jealousy, anger, helplessness, suffering…but everything is born from love, and will be nurtured by love.
If you love a person, and they return it, that is the happiest thing in life.
I actually love this couple.
If you read it and think , " What is so special? It’s just an ordinary boy and girl?" Then that must be my fault, I didn’t write well.
But I still hope that you can like them, can understand my love for them…
Maybe you will find that the story had a different style, and this is a deliberate arrangement , for as the saying goes, without feeling the cold in your bones, how will you enjoy the fragrance of the plum blossoms (er , that is how the saying goes)
If you haven’t faced the loneliest of times, how can you enjoy the sweet happiness after that ?
I also found out while writing that this book is suppose to be released during Tanabata ( Miumiu : Chinese Valentine’s Day)
Tanabata, well, isn’t it the lovers holiday ?
So immediately I opened some sugar cans and poured all the sugar in. I hope you can see here, the heart is sweet, there is a smile on the lips. if you find the person you have always dreamed of, immediately stick to them like glue , don’t hesitate.


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