Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite Chapter 77-78

Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite -

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I-It’s wonderful

Translator: Kirisaki Shin
Editor: Frozen Ink

Aura POV

「Etto, where is this…?」

I didn’t know where I am right now, so, for the time being, I’ll check my surrounding first.

Then, I found out that I was put to sleep in a room somewhere.

This is just an ordinary room without anything special in it.


When I suddenly thought I heard a voice beside me, it turned out that it was Tre.

That reminds me, at the time when I was swallowed up by something at the party hall, Tre was near me, it can’t be helped that we ended up together like this.

Even so, Why did it brought us here…?

Well, I can’t say there’s no reason for them to bring me here.

In the first place, I was in the situation like that. That’s why there’s a faint possibility for such a thing to happen. (Tn: the situation she said maybe it’s about the party for aristocrat with an enemy envoy in it)

Well, maybe there was another reason.

『Knock knock』

while I thought of various things, suddenly there was a knocking sound from the door.

I instantly put myself on guard and looked at the door.

『Excuse me no ja』(Tn: because she talked in an old way, I leave ja / no ja here. she talked like Shiroyasha from mondaiji-tachi)

I heard a voice coming from behind the door, a beautiful and transparent voice with an old style of talking.

And then that person entered, as expected, it was a beautiful woman.

「Well, are you awake….?」

It seems that women thought that I had woken up, I was surprised when I thought about it myself.

……So, after knocking at the door, she came in before I could give a response.

「Etto, where is this……?」

I didn’t feel hostility from her, though there was uneasiness that she might be an enemy, I asked where I was.

「…… This place is, the castle of demon king in the demon country ja」


Just now, if I didn’t hear it wrong, I heard she say “demon king castle”……

「Etto, what do you mean……?」

I thought about it and asked when our eyes looked at each other.

「Th-That is…….」

Then, she immediately begins to panic.

Moreover, she tried to look away from my eyes.


I didn’t understand the meaning of that action and called out.

「I-I-I'm so sorry no jaaaaa!!」

In the next moment, a loud voice from the women resounded inside the room.

What I heard was an apology toward me for some reason.

「Etto, What do you mean?」

Just like before, I didn’t understand what she said.

「A-actually, it was a mistake no ja! It seems the familiar of this mistress mistook you for the younger sister of this mistress……」(Tn: I’m not familiar with how she talk. but i perceive it like this. so i’m sorry about this)(Ed: the rather formal way of speakin~ no need to mind it too much)

「Eh, Hah…….」

that’s… what to say, it was a bad luck.

I will not reflexively blame others for my bad luck.

「W-well everyone makes mistakes, so it can’t be helped right……」

「I’m grateful if you say so……」

She also had a various problem, and it seems quite severe.

「Even so, why did they mistake us with her?」

There should be a reason for their mistake, they even brought us here, and I was wondering why it became like this.

「Actually, There's a smell of this mistress’s younger sister is on you…… 」

「the smell of the younger sister-san?」

Is it because the smell is similar, or did we really smell like her sister?

There was a lot of people in the party hall, and perhaps her sister was mixed in it.

「……Her name is Lily……」

When the information about her sister’s name coming from her mouth, I desperately hid the trembling of my face.

I don’t know why I did that and why I thought it’s better not to say anything about Lily.

「I-it will be good if you find her……」

Although it was difficult to pretend that I didn’t know the truth, but I think I was able to deceive her well.

「Yes, it is」

She nodded so many time when hearing my words.

After that, There were no problems in particular for the time being, and time was passing by.

By now, I wonder if nest worried about me…….

When I thought about that, I looked outside from the window, and Parfecto came into the room.

After that, she planned various conveniences for us and with three of us became friends.

Today we are supposed to play the game we thought of.

We compete in various things, and the losing person takes off her clothes one by one as punishment.

It certainly can’t be played by one girl, but Parfecto wanted to do it no matter what, that’s why we did it now.

After that, we really competed in various things.

I started calculating, in order to appeal to her.

As a result, unexpectedly everyone had a good fight and ended up in underwear together.

「……Wo-wonderful no ja……!!」(Ed: yuri detected) (Tl: with this, it was confirmed that princess is into yuri)

When Parfecto said that, I was surprised she had a nosebleed, but it was surprisingly fun.

However, I felt a little bit thirsty and I thought I should take a break for a while when I nonchalantly looked at the backー

ーNest was there with his mouth wide open.


I Gently Closed The Door

Translator: Kirisaki Shin
Editor: Frozen Ink

Back to Nest POV

When I open the door, there was Aura, Tre, and another woman in their underwear inside the room.


Furthermore, while I was dumbfounded from looking at that view, Aura suddenly turned her face and our eyes met.

I rushed out of the room and gently closed the door so it didn’t make a sound.

I wonder what the heck they were doing just now……

When I thought I heard their voices, I opened the door, and there were 3 people in their underwear inside the room.

One of them seemed to be shedding blood from her nose somehow.


Because of that reality, the nervousness and tension came at once, and I unintentionally sighed without able to say anything.

But, I was saved because Aura didn’t scream when I saw her in underwear.

Usually, Aura would scream before I was able to make an excuse, perhaps that Aura is someone that I presumed as Aura.

『Gacha』(Tn: sfx door open)


When I thought about various things, the door suddenly opened, and I reflexively put my guard.

「……Tte, so it’s just Aura」

Who came out of the room was Aura that I saw before.

「……Why are you here?」

Aura closed the door, but she asked me in a low voice.

「Etto, I came to pick up Aura and Tre by saying that I was an envoy from human country」

「……Ah, so it was like that. I never thought he would come here by himself」(Tn: nope)

Aura nodded with a satisfied face.

「Even so, why did you come here by yourself?」

The place that Aura said just now probably was the corridor.

「Aah, actually……」

I briefly told her the reason why I came here.

「Hmm, so it was like that」

「Yup, I decided to come and look for all of you before I have an audience with demon king-sama」

I wanted to confirm their safety with my own eyes while waiting for demon king-sama.

「Etto, and then…..」

There were another things that I need to tell to the Aura.

「Actually, it’s about Lily, but……」

「…..She is demon right?」

「Yes, so you already know about it」

Yes, as Aura said, another thing that I needed to say was about Lily.

Lily is a demon and looks like she is also a princess.

「……Did you say?」

Aura looked at me with a serious face.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t have any intention to tell demon king-sama」

It was just my selfishness, but I want to be with Lily.

「Right now, the person who is with me and Tre is Lily’s real sister, she is looking for her sister, Lily. They brought us here is because they mistook us with Lily because we have the same smell as her.」

「……Is it hard to remain silent about it?」

A little while ago, at the time when I peek inside the room, I remembered that those three looks like get along well with each other.

(Watermark: Only read this at )

「……I also want to be with Lily. I know what I’m doing is bad, but……」

Even though Aura felt guilty toward her, but it looks like she still wants to be together with Lily just like me.

「Then, I know it’s bad, but I leave it to you……」

I leave them and headed to my room before I being found by someone.


「Is there something wrong nestー?」

as soon as I went back to the room, I collapsed onto the bed and Lily who was wearing the coat ran towards me.

「N-no, nothing……」

As soon as I got into the bed, I forgot the feeling of the guilt that I felt just now.

And then Lily began to humming near my ear.

However, no matter how much I put my head into the futton, I can't forget Aura's painful face that I saw a while ago.

(Ed note: I'll be honest I was tempted to replace the last part with "I am a lolicon" )


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