Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta Chapter 28 Part2-29 Part1

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I will pretend that i haven't noticed and I raise my voice again. Then the blanket shakes in excitement as if mocking me. And the butt that is exposed shakes from side to side.

This is Shizuki's favorite hiding place, and all of her family knows about it. So it's the place that is most likely to be her hide spot. And Shizuki hid here.

No, I don't know if this is hiding anymore.

Anyway, Shizuki wanted to be found by me. And she wants me to get angry at her.

I get close to the blanket that is hiding her and sit down next to it, then I look up to the skylight.

It's an amazing view. This dark room, the starry sky. Being here is quite luxurious.

"You are my sex slave, your things are my things, so this place is now my secret base, and I accept no objections"

As I look up at the starry sky I raise my voice, and the blanket shakes. Together with the blanket her ass shakes.

"Why didn't you tell me about it beforehand? I won't say that, it's not something that you can consult after all"

As I said that the blanket stopped shaking as if all of her excitement died down.

"It's a nice view…"

I tap the bulky blanket.

"It isn't odd to commit you under the moonlight; I still have sexual desire piled up from the aphrodisiac from your mother. So I will have you take responsibility"

I grin as I say so, and then i grab the towel and throw it off to the side. Then I grab Shizuki's shoulder that is curled up like a cat, and lay her on her back.


I put my hand on Shizuki's uniform while she is trying to apologize to me as she is crying, and turn up her uniform exposing her white breasts. Then I suck on her nipple that is standing on top of her trembling breasts.

"Aah ♡"

Shizuki lets out a sweet scream.

I suck on her nipple and bite it with a bit of strength. Then I grab the other breast with my other hand and grasp her nipple with my fingers, then I put strength on my fingers.

"Hii ♡ Aah ♡ Hiaa ♡"

Shizuki lets out sweet screams as she bounces up.

Then I put my free right hand into her skirt and insert my hand into her underwear, then I put three fingers into her pussy without even asking. And then I start moving my fingers.

"Hiaaaaaa ♡ Hiuu ♡ Nguuuuuu ♡"

Sweet screams echo in the attic.

I have never committed Shizuki this wildly before. Even the first time that I raped her, I wasn't so violent. Well, it was mostly because she didn't even resist and I was just shaking my hips.

But now it's different. I'm going to give Shizuki pleasure together with pain. She won't forget. I will carve it into her heart. I chew on her nipple, and then I raise my face as I pull on her nipple. I chew on her nipple to such an extent. Almost as if I was trying to pull it off. At the same time I pull her nipple that I am crushing with my fingers as I fold my three fingers inside her pussy, and rub her clitoris with my thumb.

"Agiiiiiiiii ♡ Higiiiiiiii ♡"

Rather than pleasure, she must be feeling pain. However, her scream contains too much pleasure.

"Don't forget, you are my sex slave, just an onahole, just a slave that I use as I like, you exist only for my desires. I may take care of extra people, but it is all for you, because I care for you, as you are my thing"

I pull out my three fingers that were inside her pussy and I said so as I put my cock into her pussy. Then I squeeze her two breasts with my hands and began to shake my hips without mercy.

I move my waist as I penetrate her insides. My glan's tip hit her innermost part mercilessly.

"Agii ♡ Agaa ♡ Higuuu ♡"

Shizuki lets out sweet screams while shaking like a broken toy as her mouth opens in excitement.

I couldn't hear her voice. I can only hear her screams. But Shizuki certainly said.

(Thank you very much)


She wants to be fucked by a beast rather than a sweet lover. I know that that is what Shizuki hopes for.

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