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Chapter 159                 The Protection Talisman that You Gave

After a while, Xu Yajuan regained her consciousness. Immediately, she hugged Ye Shaoyang and cried which made him feel at a loss for what to do. Both of his arms were raised as he did not know where he should place them.

“Big Brother Shaoyang, thank you for saving me,” she sobbed. “And Big Brother Xiao Ma and this uncle too.”

“Wait for a second,” Xiao Ma interjected. “I thought you were possessed by the underworld midwife. How do you even know we saved you and my name once you woke up?”

Xu Yajuan tried to calm herself down and said, “The underworld midwife suppressed my soul to a corner of my body. Instead of destroying my soul, she imitated my personality, my voice and other traits through it. I had no control over my body, but, I could understand things that happened around me. I was panicked and helpless. Luckily, Big Brother Shaoyang managed to see through her tricks...”

Xiao Ma understood after her explanation and said, “No wonder that old hag could imitate you so well.”

Xu Yajuan nodded, “I can remember what you’ve done over these few days, and although it was not me who has spent time with you, I have taken you all as my friends.”

“Same here,” Xiao Ma smiled. “So, when were you possessed?”

“That night when you went to the toilet, the underworld midwife released the infant spirit and intended to divert your attention. She possessed me and blew out the mortal lamp on your shoulder. After Big Brother Shaoyang settled the infant spirit, she possessed me again during the confusion.”

Her words made Ye Shaoyang recall the infant spirits he had rescued. He took out the talisman papers and released the three of them.

Among the three infant spirits, only one had been caught that night. He still had a strong connection with his mother, so it escaped under the closed door once he landed on the ground.

The other two infant spirits were harmless since the Violent Qi had been removed completely. They played around the room like other normal small kids.

Xiao Ma and the others were stupefied by the scene.

“Little Ye, what’s going on now?” Xiao Ma asked.

“Their souls had been captured a long time ago, so their connection with their bodies are weak. They can’t find the right direction at the moment. Just let them be. They will leave soon.”

Ye Shaoyang checked the time. He was confused. It had been half an hour but a spirit commissioner had not arrived.

Xiao Ma said, “Little Ye, you lied to the underworld midwife that a spirit could not leave the range of the Five Spirits Moving Mountain Formation which meant it could not leave the hospital. I can’t understand why she would believe you.”

Ye Shaoyang gave him a faint smile, “Who told you that I lied to her?”

“Didn’t you?” Xiao Ma paused for a moment before he continued, “Then why could she leave the hospital?”

Speaking of this matter, Ye Shaoyang felt proud of himself. He laughed, “Simple. The seal does exist, and a spirit can’t break the seal; however, the boundary of the seal is not the main gate of the hospital. It’s on the opposite side of the street and she knew it. That is why she willingly cooperated with me when I told her the main gate was the boundary. She thought she could deceive us into thinking that Wu Dan was being possessed.”

Xiao Ma interrupted, “Damn, you even used military strategies in capturing a spirit! Awesome!”

Ye Shaoyang snorted, “As a Maoshan Daoist, we not only know about the Daoist crafts, but we need to learn their tricks too. You have got a lot more to learn, dude.”

A moment later, the infant spirits seemed to be attracted by something. Then, they left under the door. Ye Shaoyang was relieved as he knew they had found their bodies. He put his Qixing Dragon Sword beside him and meditated on his bed. Another half an hour passed and Ye Shaoyang was shocked that no one had come for him.

He recalculated the time passed and muttered, “It has been one hour and twenty minutes since the incident. Why isn’t there a spirit commissioner here?”

Xiao Ma said, “Maybe, they are late? Or they don’t even know the underworld midwife has died?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “The Netherworld Council would not know about the death of the underworld midwife. They can only detect the damage to the Spirit Badge. Once they have detected it, no matter where you are, they would send a spirit commissioner to investigate within an hour. There are no exceptions.”

Old Guo wondered too, “True.It is a serious issue. I don’t think they will ignore it.”

They waited for some time, but the spirit commissioner did not appear. Ye Shaoyang concluded that it would not come. Although he was confused with the outcome, he was too lazy to think of a reason. After all, he considered it as an escape from punishment and trouble.

Zheng Xiaofei called up Ye Shaoyang before the night fell. Over the phone, he sincerely thanked Ye Shaoyang for the help and had said a lot of complimentary words. He even proposed to give sixty thousand Yuan to Ye Shaoyang as a reward.

Ye Shaoyang accepted the reward after replying courteously, but he was bursting with joy inside his heart. Zheng Xiaofei apologized that he could not come back at the moment, so he planned to ask Fang Jin to treat Ye Shaoyang as a celebration on his behalf. However, Ye Shaoyang refused the plan in a polite manner as he was too lazy to entertain someone he did not know.

After hanging up, Ye Shaoyang asked Xiao Ma to send his bank account number to Zheng Xiaofei. Then, he started to divide the pay: ten thousand for Xiao Ma, twenty thousand for Senior Brother Old Guo, which included the ritual tools, transportation and service charges, and five thousand for Xu Yajuan.

Xu Yajuan was surprised and asked, “Why do I get some of it?”

“If you were not possessed by the underworld midwife, I would not have gotten the chance to capture her. Furthermore, consider it as compensation for your great sacrifice of being possessed by her for a few days.”

Xu Yajuan replied with a sweet smile, “Alright, it’s up to you, Big Brother Shaoyang.”

A moment later, Zheng Xiaofei sent a text to Ye Shaoyang saying that he had transferred the money to his bank account. Instantly, Ye Shaoyang called the three of them up for a meal of celebration. He withdrew thirty-five thousand Yuan and divided the money between them. He felt a great sense of satisfaction to see the one hundred and ninety-nine thousand Yuan in his account. Then, he used one thousand Yuan for the meal.

The four of them celebrated their victory with the warm meal.

After the dinner, Ye Shaoyang walked Xu Yajuan back to her hostel. They did not talk along the way until she broke the silence, “Are you leaving tomorrow, Big Brother Shaoyang?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “I still need to bring down another two formations.”

He had explained to her briefly about the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation during dinner.

“Alright, I will wait for your good news since I can’t help you out,” Xu Yajuan muttered.

Upon reaching the hospital hostel block, Xu Yajuan stopped, turned around, and looked at Ye Shaoyang. She looked beautiful in the moonlight.

She sighed quietly, “I did not get a chance to talk to you even though we were together these past few days, and now, you are leaving so soon.”

Ye Shaoyang touched her head and said, “We will meet each other in the future. I am waiting for you to become a matron and treat me to a meal.”

Xu Yajuan smiled sweetly at him. She took out the protection talisman that he gave her and asked, “Does it still work?”

“Yup.” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “But a drop of my blood is inside the protection talisman. If you feel awkward about it, I can give you a new one.”

Xu Yajuan quickly shook her head, “No, no, I feel better having this. It feels like you are beside me.” She blushed and smiled, “Don’t get me wrong. What I meant was that I feel safer having a protection talisman given to me by a great sorcerer like you.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “No worries. We are good friends.”

“Well, take care and goodbye then. I will give you a call.”

Ye Shaoyang turned around and left, but Xu Yajuan stood motionless and watched him leave until he was too far to be seen. She remained in place and held the protection talisman that he gave her stroking it gently.

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