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Chapter Two

Qu Xi would always work overtime until very late into the night.

She did not love working overtime. What 22 year old girl didn't love making themselves look pretty, and go shopping? She only did this because Gu Yan would work overtime until very late in the night, and the escalator inside the tall building late at night was the only chance she had to interact with him, one-on-one.

After glancing at the time, and seeing it was exactly 9:00pm, Qu Xi made some hot tea, and brought it over for Gu Yan. This was an unshakable habit that she had developed after coming to the company.

At first, Gu Yan was very grateful for the gesture. A cup of hot tea made his stomach feel better. But after Qu Xi confessed her feelings for him, every night, the tea would gradually cool, and Gu Yan definitely didn't touch it, not even a little.

Disappointment was certain, but Qu Xi thought, even if he doesn't drink this tea, I'll still prepare it for him. If he does want to drink some one day, at least, when he reaches out he will realize I have always been here.

With a light knock on the door, Qu Xi entered with a cup of tea. Today, Gu Yan wasn't immersing himself in work at his writing desk as usual. Instead, he stood by the window, looking down at the city's night scenery while he took a phone call. Qu Xi softly walked over to him, and was about to put the tea cup down. Then, she heard Gu Yan say, "Yes, please arrange a restaurant. Tomorrow night, I will go."

Qu Xi's hand slightly shook. The tea spilled and burned her hand, making it red. Gu Yan swept his eyes over her indifferently, with a blank expression. Qu Xi endured the burning pain and put the tea cup down on the table steadily. After that, she silently went out, as noiselessly as when she had come in.

When she returned to her own seat, Qu Xi looked at her wrist that had turned red, her eyes fixed on that spot. She didn't know how long it had been, but suddenly she felt Gu Yan's office light go dark, and she snapped back to herself.

When she got on the elevator, she watched the numbers go down as they went down each floor. Qu Xi finally could not hold it in any longer, "Uncle Yan, are you going on a blind date?"

"Miss Qu, that has nothing to do with you."

Qu Xi pouted obstinately and said, "If it's a blind date, then go on the blind date. In any case, I'm definitely going to wreck things."

Only then did Gu Yan glance at her with distaste: "You? Based on what?"

Qu Xi went blank, but she suddenly remembered that he hadn't even given her a chance to talk about her feelings before he rejected her confession. Because he hadn't given her that type of a status, she didn't even have the right to be jealous. But liking someone obviously made these types of things something she was supposed to care about. She lowered her head and looked down at her toes. When the elevator stopped, she lifted her head and looked at Gu Yan's back. She smiled lightly:

"I just like you…"

"You can say you like me easily, but do you believe it yourself?" Gu Yan coldly left these words before striding away to leave.

The elevator door closed behind him, entrapping Qu Xi in the elevator alone. She tightly grasped her hand that had been burned, as if she would forget the pain. The metallic bright fiberglass reflected Qu Xi's face with her smile that had ceased to exist. Very softly, she whispered, "Actually…it isn't that easy."

How was it that simple? She spoke out about the six years' worth of feelings in her heart, and related those feelings in front of the person she liked, almost as if she was spreading out her arms, as she let go of all her defenses. Qu Xi was like a child who did not know whether she would be punished or given candy. She felt frightened yet hopeful, as she helplessly looked at Gu Yan, only to feel disappointment once more.

The next day, as expected Gu Yan went on the blind date. And sure enough, Qu Xi followed to wreck things.

The other party was a girl from a wealthy family. Under Qu Xi's endless pestering and her appearance of silently sobbing, she ultimately ruined the date and won.

Qu Xi mischievously walked to Gu Yan's side and sat down, while touching the tears on her face that had yet to dry as she happily said, "Uncle Yan, I am really sincere. I'm not messing around. I helped you appraise her! This girl does not suit you. She is too weak and quiet. Even if you guys were together for ten years, you probably wouldn't even speak ten sentences to each other."

She said this in a way that made it seem she was doing this for Gu Yan.

Gu Yan silently drank his coffee. In the end, he only coldly uttered, "I have a few over the next few days. Help me make them leave."

Gu Yan didn't like going on blind dates like this either. The only reason why he showed up was because of the pressure from his family. He wasn't someone who fell in love easily, but as soon as his true heart did move, even the lightest injury would become a serious injury. Regarding his ex-girlfriend, Gu Yan had really liked her before. Thus, after he knew of what she had done behind his back, he had been deeply hurt by her betrayal. But as someone who was inept at expressing his feelings, and as someone who hid many unyielding characteristics- as a so-called man of steel deep inside, even if you knocked out his teeth, or made him really uncomfortable, he wouldn't express his feelings in front of other people.

He always seemed aloof and free and easy. It was just that in this past period of time, he did not want to get anywhere near love or feelings. By chance, he found a willing tool for him to get rid of what irked him, so naturally, Gu Yan was happy enough to be able to relax.

Qu Xi cleverly accepted. She was happy because she thought she had received "special treatment". Over the next few days, she used hundreds of different methods to help Gu Yan get rid of the many girls who came to have a blind date with him.

Gu Yan never thanked her, but Qu Xi felt good nevertheless. She considered that these few days had brought her closer to Gu Yan than ever before.

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