Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 228

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Before long after that, the dinner was prepared, so I was shown to the dining room.

The dining room I was guided to today, is a room used only for eating with relatives and close friends.
The other rooms are apparently used depending on the social status or the number of people… heee…

Everything here is almost as extravagant as our house back in the fief.
It’s not glittering, but it’s sparkling. Dazzling.

It’s simple at a glance, but everything here is high quality. I feel calmer back in the fief… I want to return.

I have a few memories before I regained my past life’s memories remaining, so while thinking「Nobles should be like that」, the past life’s office lady in me wants to shout「Impossibruuuu~ Celebs sare amazzzzzing~!」… the gap is too wide, what a pain…

「I have kept you waiting, everyone. Please, begin」

When Otousama who was late took a seat, the servers started setting the table with flowing movements.
Ohh, what beautiful gestures… they make such refined movements that their working figures look graceful… I have to follow their example.
Let’s eat elegantly… elegantly… elegant… ly?

「… Umm, this is…」

What was before me, was Orc fried with ginger, miso soup, and rice.
It’s Japanese food. What a familiar spectacle.

「For the occasion of Cristesama’s visit, we ordered the recipes and ingredients from the fief, and Head Chef’s skills have also increased. Please, tell him your impressions afterward by all means」

Ah… yeah. Because it’s an unfamiliar place for me, the things I usually eat… they must have been considerate of that, but…

To think that my first meal in the Capital would be Japanese food… I’m not satisfied… return my excitement to me at once-! Ugh…

Ah, the flavor faithfully followed the recipe, so it was delicious. I’m glad it wasn’t arranged in the「Capital style」or something… yeah, I feel relieved by the stable deliciousness…

After the dinner, the head chef has come over and waited for my words with sparkling eyes.

「Errr, you followed the recipe well」
「Thank you very much! Would you please instruct me on some recipes during your stay!?」
「Y, yes. If I have the time…?」
「Truthfully!? I was earnestly waiting for the time Cristesama’s came…! Ahh, at last..!」

Eh, what is this? What’s going on?
Why are you looking at me with reverence while overcome with emotions!?
Even though I was supposed to be looking forward to the Capital’s meals, how come I’m being begged for instructions…?

… Incomprehensible!

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