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Half a month passed by, Mu Yunjin is sitting inside her courtyard bored stiff, counting time with her fingers. Only ten days remained before she reaches her marriageable age and marry Chu Li. Being reminded of Chu Li, Mu Yunjin subconsciously touched her right-hand to look at the Phoenix Tail Whip twisted on her hand. She wrinkled her eyebrows, her eyes smeared with slight disappointment and frustration.

"Zi Xiang."

Mu Yunjin called loudly. Zi Xiang is watering the garden plants at the side immediately put down her water bucket, wiped her hands and walked towards Mu Yunjin.

"Miss, What is it?"

"We have stayed inside the Ascending Flower Pavilion for half a month now and I am feeling bored. Let us go out for a stroll."

Mu Yunjin looked at the time and it was just Wu Shi (11 am to 1 pm) and the weather is just right. So she called for Zi Xiang. When Zi Xiang heard it she immediately nodded. So the two master and servant put on simple clothes, then they walked out from the Ascending Flower Pavilion doors towards the Main doors of the Fu. Upon arriving in the Front Yard, Mu Yunjin is surprised to see red decorations all over the Fu including the post that has the symbol of good luck (especially for marriage), everything is completely festive in color. Zi Xiang saw this scene and hid a smile.

"Apparently the Sixth Prince gave so much betrothal gifts all at once, that Master now gives his total attention towards Miss. Look, the wedding is in ten days but the Fu is already decorated so well showing how master is giving importance to this matter."

The corner of Mu Yunjin's mouth twitched a little, she did not voice any issue or opinion and just walked away and out of the main door of the Fu. It is close to midsummer now so the weather outside is a little damp and hot. Mu Yunjin have not strolled for long when the sky suddenly clapped a loud sound of thunder, followed by the falling of big droplets of rain. Mu Yunjin gloomily cursed her bad luck, as she immediately ran towards the door of Ming Xiang Tea House to take cover. Once she was standing firm, she took out a handkerchief and wiped the droplets of rain from her face.

"Miss, it is raining hard, I guess it would take a while before it stops. This servant should go and purchase a parasol."

Zi Xiang looked at the downpour outside before looking towards Mu Yunjin.

"You don't need to, we'll just take a sit here for a while."

Mu Yunjin then went in the direction of the second floor to walk towards a private room. Just as she set foot in the second floor, the waiter immediately welcomed her respectfully.

"This lowly one greets the Third Miss."

Mu Yunjin nodded and casually walked towards the opened door of an uninhabited private room. The waiter saw this and suddenly touched his head and pointed a finger to the right.

"Third Miss, the Sixth Prince is in the first private room."

"What do you mean?"

Mu Yunjin did not react.

"Eh? Could it be that the Third Miss and the Sixth Prince did not make an appointment together?"

The waiter is flabbergasted, he immediately bowed his head and smiled, embarrassed.

"It seems that I misunderstood. Today, the Sixth Prince stayed here the whole day. I thought he was waiting for the Third Miss but it seems that it is only a coincidence."

After listening to the waiter's words, Mu Yunjin slightly raised an eyebrow. Subconsciously looking at the direction pointed. Chu Li is also here?

"Miss, How about we go over to greet?"

Zi Xiang who is standing beside her, asked. Mu Yunjin glanced at Zi Xiang then at the waiter.

"Help me get a pot of green tea, and a few pastries."

"Yes, Third Miss."

When the waiter walked away from the private room, Zi Xing looked at Mu Yunjin curiously.

"Miss, why don't we go and meet the Sixth Prince?"

"You foolish girl, He did not make an appointment to meet with me and you want to do what?"

Mu Yunjin's eyes shined bright and her lips curled up, as she opened her mouth in ridicule.

"Maybe he is with a beauty in his arms. I don't dare to go and disturb his happy occasion."

"Miss, you are not serious."

Zi Xiang turned her head a little to look at Mu Yunjin.
Mu Yunjin gave a small smile.

"You little girl dare to tease me, apparently your courage have become bigger."


After a while, the waiter came in with a pot of tea and some pastries. Zi Xiang immediately picked up the teapot. She helped Mu Yunjin pour a cup of tea and placed it in front of Mu Yunjin.

"Miss, please drink some tea!"

Mu Yunjin picked up the cup, and peered at the tea inside, afterwards, from the pouch on her waist she took a silver needle and dipped in the tea. After some time the silver needle did not have any peculiar change. Mu Yunjin drained the cup of tea and poured another cup before lightly blowing to sip the tea.

Zi Xiang is puzzled by the Mu Yunjin's actions.

"Miss, could it be that you are worried that the tea is poisoned?"

"To defend against human's heart should not lessen. The more the important date draws nearer, the more likely something is to go wrong."

Mu Yunjin smiled, the depths of her eyes in deep thought. She is convinced that Mu Lingzhu and Su Biqing, these mother-daughter, is still not resigned to this matter. For these remaining days, she should take precautions well.

Sitting quietly for some time, the rain still showed no sign of stopping. The heavy rain accompanied by peals of thunder, the color of the sky turned even more darker.

'Knock, knock, knock'

The door of the private room is knocked lightly.


Mu Yunjin coldly inquired.

"Third Miss, its me."

Ding Xian's voice sounded outside. Hearing Ding Xian's voice, Mu Yunjin raised her narrowed eyes and did not let Ding Xian enter directly, instead she asked.

"What is it?"

"The Sixth Prince heard that the Thir Miss is also here in the teahouse. He wants to invite the Third Miss to his private room to congregate."

Ding Xian replied. Mu Yunjin leaned on her chair and raised her eyebrow.

"I am too tired to move, if there is something he needs, let him come and look for me."


Zi Xiang immediately pulled Mu Yunjin's sleeves to help her pay attention to her words. Outside, Ding Xian is silent for a moment before talking in a low voice.

"The Third Prince, Eight Prince and the others are in the next room together with the Fifth Princess and Ninth Princess."

Hearing that all big people are gathered, Mu Yunjin is even more unwilling to go. Zi Xiang saw Mu Yunjin's lazy manner and worriedly spoke.

"Miss, today you absolutely cannot brush away the Sixth Prince's face in front of so many princes and princesses. If the Sixth Prince suffered a loss, it will not only be the Sixth Prince's matter. Do not forget you will soon get married ah."

"I totally lost to you."

Mu Yunjin sighed a little. She drank her tea before getting up to walk to the door. When the door opened, Ding Xian looked embarrassed and smiled as he motioned an invitation.

"Third Miss, this way."


The moment Mu Yunjin walked inside the first private room the lively atmosphere suddenly quieted down. One after another looked towards Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin took a look before finally settling her eyes in the middle of the room at Chu Li. It has been half a month since she last saw him, today he looked the same as before, calm and cold without any signs of emotions. Then she looked towards the side, directly facing her and giving a ridiculing look is Chu Qing. Mu Yunjin can't refrain from remembering the first time she went to Shui Yun Temple, when she suffered mockery and got laughed at by Chu Qing.

"Sixth Sister-in-law, Sixth Sister-in-law, quickly cone and take a seat."

Chu Qingyuan saw Mu Yunjin and she smilingly called out to Mu Yunjin and gestured at an empty seat. When Mu Yunjin is about to go to the direction of Chu Qingyuan, a clear and cold voice sounded.

"Mu Yunjin, come here."

Chu Li's voice is cold and deep, it can't help but let Mu Yunjin feel a layer of goosebumps, she raised her eyes to look at Chu Li. Then, facing Chu Li she walked over and sat on the empty seat beside him. Once she was seated she looked at Chu Li.

"How did you know I'm here?"

"I heard you and the waiter."

Chu Li faintly replied with a nevermind expression. Mu Yunjin is startled, she slightly narrowed her squinting eyes. She only just entered to look for a private room when she encountered the waiter to speak a few words, and the private room she was in earlier a distance away from this private room.

He heard them?

Mu Yunjin once again felt to have guts to run into a crafty demon, soon after she knead her temples somewhat feeling a headache.

"Fifth sister, is this your first time meeting with Sixth Sister-in-law? How is it? Isn't she the same as the rumor? An absolute beauty?"

Chu Qingyuan smiled at Mu Yunjin who has just seated and then turned her attention to the woman at her side. When Mu Yunjin heard the words, she took a mental note of the woman sitting at Chu Qingyuan's side. The woman appeared dignified and composed, she immediately thought that this must be the Fifth Princess.

"Indeed, very beautiful but Qingyuan, you called Sixth Sister-in-law prematurely. If outsiders heard that it is easy to make you look like a fool."

The Princess drank some tea before taking a glance towards Mu Yunjin. Coincidentally, Mu Yunjin also glanced her way, their eyes met, and she saw some hostility inside the Fifth Princess' eyes.

"Fifth Sister, it is not premature, there are only 10 days before the wedding. Therefore Qingyuan calling her Sixth Sister-in-law now is good enough."

Chu Qingyuan smiled. When the Fifth Princess heard Chu Qingyuan, she looked down, her eyes somewhat not able to tolerate.

"Qingqiang, we siblings are one family, you should leave aside your rule of steel in handling work."

Chu Qingdan smiled towards the person opposite of him, Chu Qingqiang.

Chu Qingqiang gave a low laugh.

"Second Brother, I always have a reason to do things in accordance with the rules."

"This is Sixth Brother's wedding, however, if someone takes advantage of one's difficulties. I just feel indignant on behalf of Muyue..."

Chu Qingqiang spoke half of it, but the room as of this moment, the atmosphere turned lower. The discussion did not continue.

Mu Yunjin nevertheless understood Chu Qingqiang's meaning, isn't she saying that she robbed Qin Muyue's man?

"Fifth Princess is saying that I am taking advantage of the situation?"

Mu Yunjin's voice faintly sounded and her line of sight fell towards Chu Qingqiang.

Chu Qingqiang smiled sarcastically, as she sighed.

"This Princess did not say it this way, if the third Miss Mu does not have a guilty conscience, do not take a general comment as a personal attack."

"Good, I am not taking a general comment as a personal attack but I wish to correct the Fifth Princess' words."

Mu Yunjin slightly raised the tip of her brow, she looked towards Chu Li, to see him leaning on his chair. He had an indolent look but his eyes looked bright with interest as if going to watch a play.

"This Princess words, what do you need to correct?"

Chu Qingqiang choked voice sounded.

"To take advantage of one's difficulties, fine, if the Sixth Prince recognizes Miss Qin, then you can call it as what you call taking advantage of one's difficulties. But if not, then that is just one's own wishful thinking, nothing more."

When Mu Yunjin's words fell, an attack is thrown towards Chu Li.

"Your Highness, you explain this matter, in the end, is it Yunjin taking advantage of one's difficulties or is it Miss Qin's own wishful thinking?"


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