The Black Card Chapter 180 - A Forced Kiss

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Chapter 180 - A Forced Kiss 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Shi Lei clenched his teeth and decided to end the topic, not wanting to let her babble on. Hence, he nodded and said, “Yes! But don’t f*cking say such things to me before you actually change how you are!” 

Song Miaomiao laughed and leaned her head on Shi Lei’s shoulder, only to have him shy away. “Don’t avoid me,” she said clearly. “It’s not like I can do anything to force you, so why are you so scared? Even if we are only friends, leaning against each other is fine, isn’t it?” 

Shi Lei had no choice but to let Song Miaomiao lean on his shoulder. He thought it was rather strange. During this period of time in which he had the Black Card, he had come in contact with many fuerdais. Starting with the young Er’jie, then Wei Qing, Wei Xingyue, and Yu Banzhi. And, of course, Song Miaomiao. The scary thing was that, out of all the people he knew, only the men were normal to the point of being outrageous. They made people think that it was natural for them to be above the majority and that they should be the ones to inherit all their family’s  enormous wealth and property. And they wouldn’t take no for an answer—Oh, except for that idiot Wu Haoyuan. However, the women he knew were all far from normal. 

Er’jie referred to Shi Lei as Da Shu, even saying that she wanted to be his girlfriend. Wei Xingyue had kissed Shi Lei three times, the intensity of the kiss increasing each time. They had even been close to going further. Then there was this Song Miaomiao. She kept telling Shi Lei to sleep with her, making it seem like not doing so made her uncomfortable.

It felt as if the sky was going to collapse!

Why were these women from wealthy families so abnormal? 

He passed the time drinking glass after glass of wine and making random jokes with Song Miaomiao. Shi Lei discovered that she was really lonely. Extremely lonely. As if she had never had any friends since she was little.  

He recalled Wei Xingyue and Zhang Liangliang. Both of them were like Song Miaomiao. All three of them had such good backgrounds. What they didn’t have was a true friend with whom to talk. Zhang Liangliang was slightly better off, since according her, she had a best friend. Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao, on the other hand, were both on their own. 

Shi Lei put himself in their shoes and realized sadly that he, too, would feel lonely in their situation. 

At least men had their careers and a clear goal in mind. Plus, they were more hypocritical and could freely respond to different circumstances. It wasn’t that they weren’t lonely, but that they could simply hide it deep inside. 

But women were different. Women were sensitive beings. Their loneliness would be written on their face and demonstrated through their actions. 

Ever since childhood, every person they came in contact with, including their friends, were from the same circle. They lived all around the country. Even if they did live in the same city, it would be difficult for them to meet up. Hence, things such as holding hands while walking or gossiping in their rooms after school were impossible. Because of this, they never had any chances to make real friends. 

As they grew up, greater expectations from their families were placed upon their shoulders. Even without these obligations, who would dare to be friends with them?

Someone ordinary like Shi Lei would definitely be excluded from their circle. After they grew up and had to socialize with ordinary people, they were met with either flattery and hidden agendas or fear and obedience. Even if they really did have a friend with whom they could get along, who wouldn’t worry about that friendship turning out to be fake? 

It was just like what Yu Banzhi had said during the day: Don’t copy what those people do in society. The reason why I’m willing to talk to you is because I think we were destined to meet that day, and all the interactions we had after that are the main reason I keep talking to you.

Although it was subtle, Shi Lei could understand that Yu Banzhi hoped to keep their friendship as is. He didn’t want to be flattered because of his social status. If that happened, it would be the end of their friendship. Yu Banzhi had plenty of people like that around him, so why would he want another one? 

When something is gained, something else is naturally lost. In this area, God was fair. 

Of course, lots of people thought that they would rather give up all their friendships in order to be born into a good family. But since it was their personal preference, nothing was certain. 

Even for Shi Lei himself. He’d tried so hard to maintain his friendship with his three roommates, but they’d gradually drifted away from him. Before, they called him all the time and were extremely excited whenever it was Wednesday. Now, especially after the three of them had borrowed money from him, their calls and WeChat messages had basically disappeared. Shi Lei was the one who had to call them on Wednesdays, and they would only appear then. 

Because Shi Lei spent money so lavishly now, they felt the gap between them enlarging more and more. 

“Do you feel like you are really lonely?” Shi Lei suddenly asked Song Miaomiao, who was leaning on his shoulder. “And that’s why you act like that and do all these rebellious things?” Shi Lei now believed what Song Miaomiao said about how she had really never slept with anyone and only hugged and physically touched those women. 

Song Miaomiao seemed to be tipsy and answered vaguely. Shi Lei couldn’t make out what she’d said. 

Her body was weak and limp, so Shi Lei lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. 

Shi Lei pulled the blanket over her and was about to leave when she suddenly sat up, hugged him, and muttered, “Don’t go, don’t go…Don’t go…Don’t…” Then she fell straight back onto the bed. Shi Lei was uncomfortable being hugged. He forcefully pushed her away. 

But Song Miaomiao held onto his hand tightly, her grip not loosening at all. Shi Lei hesitated for a long time, but eventually gave up, pulled the couch over, and lay down on it. 

When he was half asleep, Shi Lei heard Song Miaomiao mumble, “Shi Lei, do you think we are friends now?” 

“Probably,” he replied without thinking.

“Then why won’t you sleep with me…?” 

Shi Lei suddenly snapped awake and looked at her. She was still sleeping, but probably not deeply asleep. He looked at her and sighed slightly, thinking that what she had said was probably her true feelings. 

When Shi Lei opened his eyes in the morning, he saw a face in front of him that was way too close. It even spoke. “Are you awake?” The voice sounded delighted. 

He turned around and rolled off the couch in horror. Song Miaomiao laughed loudly and her wig fell off, revealing her buzz cut. 

“Now I somewhat believe you when you say that there is nothing going on between you and Wei Xingyue! You had such a good opportunity last night. If it was some other man, they would’ve been crawling all over me when I was drunk. Look at how nice my body is!” With that, she proudly stuck out her chest and Shi Lei quickly looked away. 

“No matter what you say, you are still a man in my book!” Shi Lei had just crawled back up from his fall when a black shadow dived toward him and straddled his waist.  

Song Miaomiao looked down at him angrily. “If you dare say I’m a man again, do you believe Ye will rape you right now?” 

Shi Lei scrambled to push Song Miaomiao away, but accidentally pressed her chest. Mhm, very soft.  

Song Miaomiao wasn’t like other women. She didn’t shove him away, instead lowering herself and pushing him down. A kiss was aimed at his lips. 

“Ahhhhh, help me!” Shi Lei’s screamed as if he was being murdered, but was quickly muted. Kissing was a nice thing after all, especially since Song Miaomiao’s lips were very soft and comfortable to kiss. 

But when Song Miaomiao reached her hands out to take off his pants, Shi Lei rolled and dropped her to the side…

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