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The small world of Green Dwarfs was discovered by a family at the Thousand-island Lake by accident. But at that time, there were quite a number of powerful Green Dwarfs. The Old Man of Heaven Prison brought Bai Xi and some others to the small world and killed those powerful ones and took all the Mystical Materials in the small world.

The Old Man of Heaven Prison left it alone after that. The Bai Family would send someone in to pillage every now and then and clear out the powerful Green Dwarfs. After which, they would just leave the small world alone. Many people from the Thousand-island Lake had been here before. They were mostly here to train as there were few Mystical Materials left. Nobody dared to capture some Green Dwarfs to sell. Once discovered, the Bai Family would punish those severely.

Ming Yu had been here several times to train so he had a clear understanding of the small world of Green Dwarfs.

There were many Green Dwarfs here but they were not organized. The Green Dwarfs would each do things their own ways and form groups. There were nearly 100 clans of Green Dwarfs scattered around in the small world. There was no country formed and no powerful Green Dwarf that had enough authority to order the clans.

Yu Huashen had heard about it. The Green Dwarfs were not intelligent. They didn't have the civilization of the human society. They were more like barbarians from time immemorial.

Therefore, Ming Yu and Yu Huashen were surprised to see so many Green Dwarfs organized.

Lu Li reacted quickly. He released his Fate Wheel at once and protected Zi Lian and Bai Xiashuang. Ye Cha and others released their Beads of Life and glanced down coldly.

"Well? Lu Li, how come your Fate Wheel is different?"

Bai Xiashuang saw a silver Fate Wheel under Lu Li's feet and she was curious about the dragon pattern on it. Zi Lian had noticed it as well and she was intrigued.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~"

The Green Dwarfs screamed in an odd way. All the Green Dwarfs nearby took a spur from their backs and then hurled them up.

The spurs clearly were some kind of treasure owned by the Green Dwarfs. The spurs moved quickly with harsh sounds. It was quite a spectacular scene and it was as suffocating as in a rain of arrows.

For Lu Li and the others, however, this was minor tricks. Lu Li didn't even move. Ming Yu's Bead of Life glowed and he released his Force. All the spurs were stopped.

"Yu Huashen, drive the Green Dwarfs away!"

Lu Li ordered. Yu Huashen made a move. The Bloodline mark on his neck lit up as numerous sparkles shot out. Ming Yu cooperated with him by lessening his Force. Soon, the sparkles spread across.

"Ah, woo~"

Many Green Dwarfs were hit by the sparkles and shouted in pain. They rolled around on the ground. Many of them had a hole burnt through in their chests. Some died on the spot because their heads were wounded.

An adult Green Dwarf could be as powerful as a Soul Pond Realm warrior. Some more powerful Green Dwarfs could be as strong as a Fate Wheel Realm warrior. The most powerful ones could compete with an Eternal Realm warrior. Therefore, the Old Man of Heaven Prison could sweep across the entire small world of Green Dwarfs.

There were many Green Dwarfs here but none of them was powerful. They could only compete with Soul Pond Realm warriors. Even Lu Li could beat them, let alone Ming Yu and Yu Huashen.

Yu Huashen's Sparkles Profound Meaning was the most effective when faced with an army. The endless sparkles flew out, injuring and slaughtering one group of Green Dwarfs after another. In the time for just a dozen breaths, it had become hell.

There were thousands of Green Dwarfs down below. After Yu Huashen put on a killing spree, at least more than 1000 were injured or killed. The other Green Dwarfs were getting fearful. Horror was written in their eyes.


The Green Dwarfs didn't leave, which surprised Ming Yu and Yu Huashen more. In the old times, when Ming Yu entered the small world, the Green Dwarfs would run away as quickly as possible after they sensed his qi and energy. How come they didn't flee this time and had chosen to fight desperately?

"What is it?"

Lu Li noticed Ming Yu was stunned. Ming Yu flew over and explained. Lu Li waved his hand and said, "Go on, kill them till they are afraid."

Those were alien races, not humans. For Lu Li, the Green Dwarfs were no different from Xuan Beasts. Since those Green Dwarfs were not afraid of death, Lu Li would show them no mercy.


After the time for more than a dozen breaths, Yu Huashen killed another one or two thousand. Suddenly, there came a muffled drumming sound from the distance. The Green Dwarfs that were coming at Lu Li and were hurling their spurs fled at once to all directions.

"Drumming sound?"

A glint of coldness rose in Lu Li's eyes. He suddenly turned to Ye Cha who rushed over to where the sound came from like a breeze.

"Those Green Dwarfs were controlled!"

Ming Yu frowned, but he could not figure out who could do this. Could it be that a powerful warrior had sneaked into this small world and controlled all the Green Dwarfs?

"Yu Huashen, go around and have a look."

Lu Li waved his hand. Yu Huashen rushed to a direction at the top of his speed. Lu Li and the others flew to a nearby mountain and waited quietly.

The time for one incense sticks to burn, and then two and three!

What stunned Lu Li was Ye Cha and Ming Yu hadn't been back for a long time. They were so fast. They should have come back regardless they found something or not.


After the time for another incense stick to burn, a breeze came. It was Ye Cha. He cupped his fists and said, "Young Master, we found a mysterious race. But…they are fast and good at hiding. They suddenly vanished to underground and I don't dare to go after them for too far!"


Lu Li and Ming Yu were shocked. The Cyan Phoenix Race had the fastest speed at the Central Plains. Ye Cha's speed could already compete with a Human Sovereign Realm warrior. Now there was a mysterious race that could escape the search of Ye Cha?

"What kind of race is that? There are only Green Dwarfs in the small world." Bai Xiashuang was worried. Was Bai Qiuxue being missing have anything to do with the mysterious race?

"They look like humans in bodily form but they are smaller. They have yellowish brown skins and yellow scales on their hands and feet. Their hands are like talons of a hawk. Their eyes are glowing in yellow and their ears are pointy…"

Ye Cha's description as unfamiliar to others.

While they were thinking, Yu Huashen came back from the distance. He said with a frown after he arrived, "Young Master, I found two odd persons but they sneaked into the ground before I could get close. I cannot catch up with them."

Not even Yu Huashen could get them!

If the realm of the mysterious race was not high, then their speed must be horrifying, no slower than the Cyan Phoenix Race.

Lu Li could not afford to be careless. He turned to Bai Xiashuang and asked, "Isn't Bai Leng here? Any others from the Bai Family, where are they?"

"I don't know~"

Bai Xiashuang shook her head and answered, "Uncle Leng came here but it is actually quite a big place. If you want to cover every piece of land, it will take you several days."

Lu Li thought about it and said, "Yu Huashen, go out and get more warriors in here. Ask all from Clan Leader Ye to come here. Have Zi Huanqiao and all the warriors of the Noble Lord Realm to come in and get me more than 100 Eternal Realm warriors and thousands of Fate Wheel Realm. I have to find Bai Qiuxue even if I have to tear the world apart."

The emergence of a mysterious race in the small world of Green Dwarfs alarmed Lu Li. At least, the current group's safety could be guaranteed after powerful warriors and armies were sent here. What if something happened to Zi Lian and Bai Xiashuang, should Lu Li take rash actions?

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