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Chapter 134: Transition
At the ancestral temple of the Gold Crow Clan, on the Gold Black Mountain, the mystical fire for the offering ceremony rose again.
This time, Ji Hao was standing right in front of the entrance of the ancestral temple, with other Maguspriests and elders who had a high status in the clan, and was looking down towards those offerings, who stayed silent, quietly waiting to be killed.
A hundred-thousand elite warriors from the Black Water Serpent Clan had been sent here as an offering. Amongst them, three-hundred were Senior Magi, six-thousand were Junior Magi, and the rest were Novice Magi above the seventh level. They were dragged to the front of the ancestral temple without any resistance and beheaded by warriors of the Gold Crow Clan, one after another.
Ji Kui was grinning and standing in front of the temple. Behind him, a clear silhouette of a Gold Crow had been wrapped in raging golden fire. All of the spirit blood that spurted out from the bodies of those beheaded offerings, were swallowed by this Gold Crow’s silhouette.
This was the most magnificent blood offering ceremony that the Gold Crow Clan had ever performed in the past thousands of years, and was even greater than the ceremony Ji Hao had performed at the Fire Leopard Clan.
From the entrance of the cave-like temple, which was opened up in the cliff, hot air was continuously spurting out. Countless shrill caws of ancestors’ souls could be heard coming from deep inside the ancestral temple. Red fiery light were fleetingly flashing inside the temple - all the ancestors’ souls seemed incapable of being patient to taste the rich offerings, who had been part of their clan’s archenemy.
Three powerful old Maguspriests from the Black Water Serpent Clan were dragged out from the crowd of offerings. Ji Xia took the dagger over from Ji Kui, cruelly kicked their knees, breaking it, and forced them down, with their faces towards the Gold Crow Clan’s ancestral temple.
The three old Maguspriests didn’t even try to resist; however, when Ji Xia raised the stone dagger, which was especially used for offering ceremonies, and was about to slice their necks, all three of them began screaming with high-pitched voices.
“One day, brave warriors from our Black Water Serpent Clan will extract revenge for this insult that we are experiencing today, with your blood and souls!”
In the Southern Wasteland, as offerings who were sent to their enemy’s clan after having lost a fight, these three Maguspriests were well behaved by not trying to resist, but they could still leave this vicious curse before they were going to die. In Ji Hao’s eyes, this was a boring move that was being made by a bunch of stupid old men, who must be thinking that ‘although we have failed to defeat you, at least we can make you sick’.
Therefore, Ji Hao crossed his arms in front of his chest and lazily took two steps forward, coldly smiled towards the three old Maguspriest and said, “Brave warriors from your Black Water Serpent Clan? Are they just like those three-thousand useless things, who had easily been killed all by myself?”
After that Ji Hao raised his finger and pointed at the warriors from the Gold Crow Clan, who were standing in front of the ancestral temple, and were breathing quickly and with faces blushing in excitement, grinned and continued, “I alone, was able to kill three-thousand of your brave warriors, now we, the Gold Crow Clan, have these many warriors. Do you really believe that there is still hope for you?”
The three old Maguspriests raised their heads high, silently looking at the sky.
“After a hundred years, when you, the Black Water Serpent Clan’s people, step out of the Water Ape Clan’s territories once again and try to invade our, the Gold Crow Clan’s land, that will be the day you will completely disappear in this jungle!” shouted Ji Hao harshly at the three old Maguspriest, “I now promise to our ancestors’ souls, if you dare to show up in our land again, I will do whatever I can to wipe your entire clan out!”
In the Southern Wasteland, morals and mercy were totally useless; the key point of surviving was to eliminate all of your enemies. Ji Hao had a deep understanding of this.
The silhouette of the Gold Crow, which had been floating behind Ji Kui, abruptly cawed towards the sky; followed by its voice, countless resonating cawing sounds came from the ancestral temple, each rising after the other had faded. Waves of fire power seemed to be shaking the entire world. The one-hundred-thousand high-quality offerings had powered up the ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan greatly, who had been in deep slumber previously.
The silhouette of the Gold Crow headed down and opened its gigantic beak, spewing out a beam of golden fiery light into Ji Hao’s body.
Ji Kui laughed out aloud, then yelled to all the clansmen, “My brothers and sisters! Look at Ji Hao! He defeated three-thousand elite warriors, who were at the same age as him, all by himself! He has made an indescribable great contribution to our clan! Our ancestors are satisfied, and Ji Hao is now accepting our ancestors’ reward!”
Hundreds of thousands warriors of Gold Crow Clan raised their weapons high and began shouting at the sky. Everyone’s eyes were turned red because of the excitement. Stimulated by the special sense of power that was being released from the silhouette of the Gold Crow, many warriors of the Gold Crow Clan had fallen into a magically thrilling state, and their bodies even began to swell fleetingly.
That beam of golden-red light had wrapped Ji Hao’s body up. Ji Hao slowly rose high into the air from the ground up. Strands of great fire power started gushing into his body and along with that, over two hundred meridians, which contained the bloodline power of the Gold Crow, lit up one after another inside his body. These meridians were quickly becoming stronger and firmer, each one was expanding under influence of the strands of fire power, and were immediately being filled with bloodline power. Within these meridians, numerous Magus Acupoints were heating up and began swelling.
Within the short span of tens of breaths, all of these meridians had been filled with bloodline power, which was contained in the scorching hot beam of golden-red light, without leaving space for a single wisp of power inside Ji Hao’s body.
According to the Southern Wasteland standard, Ji Hao had now already reached the peak of the Junior Level. All he needed to do was gather all of his power and inject them into one Magus Acupoint, forcibly awakening the acupoint up, after which he could break into the Senior-Level, becoming a Senior Magus.
However, the silhouette of the Gold Crow continued to send great amounts of bloodline power into Ji Hao’s body, and showed no sign of stopping. Obviously, the souls of the Gold Crow Clan’s ancestors were very satisfied with the great contribution made by Ji Hao, and had also enjoyed those high-quality offerings, therefore, they were now willing to spend some effort and help Ji Hao directly break into the Senior-Level.
Steady flows of power were continuously being condensed inside Ji Hao’s meridians and were clashing against each other. Ji Hao sensed a great pain coming from those meridians, and felt as if all his meridians were about to explode.
“’s not yet the ideal moment...” Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and sighed silently.
Inside his body, the incomparably complicated net of meridians were formed by uncountable amount of meridians, within which, only over two hundred meridians had been blazing ragingly, and these two hundred meridians were roughly formed in the shape of a Gold Crow.
This was how the clansmen of the Gold Crow Clan had inherited the ancient Gold Crow’s powers.
In the ancient world, the ancestors of humankind had been weak and vulnerable, and were unable to survive from all kinds of natural dangers; therefore, they had begged those powerful creatures to share their powers with them. Those ancient humans merged their own bodies with the spirit blood of other powerful creatures, opening up meridian nets, which were similar to the meridian nets that were contained in the bodies of those powerful creatures; thus, they inherited the power system of those powerful creatures as well as the powers possessed by those creatures.
The number of meridians that were contained in the body of humankind were vast, identical to a small yet inclusive universe, which could hold all kinds of powers within. This was the reason that those ancient humans were able to inherit countless kinds of power systems of ancient powerful creatures, with their weak and vulnerable bodies and develop all kinds of cultivating methods, which had originally belonged to different kinds of creatures.
As time went by, the spirit blood of the ancient powerful creatures that was contained in human bodies, which had been passed down from the ancient humans, had become thinner and thinner; this had caused the reduction of the number of activated meridians inside the human bodies. This was the main reason for many large-scale clans, which used to be strong and thriving, to gradually decline and weaken.
At this moment, Ji Hao had over two hundred activated meridians that contained the Gold Crow’s bloodline power inside his body and this number was already a few times greater than that of any other ordinary clansmen. However, compared with the human ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan, who had merged with the spirit blood of real ancient Gold Crows, this number was still way too small. Each of those human ancestors had at least over a thousand activated meridians.
Without any doubt, the more activated meridians containing the Gold Crow’s bloodline power a Magus had, the greater the amount of power that would eventually be injected into one Magus Acupoint, the more firmer the foundation of this Magus would be, and the more powerful this Magus would be, when he or she broke into a higher level.
Ji Hao had said that this was not yet an ideal moment, because he hadn’t been willing to break into the Senior-Level with only over two hundred meridians.
According to those simple and straightforward cultivating methods of the Southern Wasteland clans, if he broke into the Senior Level like this, the only thing he could possibly achieve in the future would certainly be not as good as those human ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan. As both Qing Long in his previous life and Ji Hao in his current life, who was eager achieve the best in everything, he would never let this happen to himself.
In his boundless spirit space, the white mist silently began rolling. The silhouette of the mysterious man, who had disappeared for quite a while, emerged from the mist again.
“The gold crow’s bloodline...What’s all this nonsense?”
The mysterious man scornfully sniffed, while slightly drawing an arc in the air, with his right hand.
Ji Hao’s entire body trembled suddenly and violently, at the same moment, all of the meridians inside his body had been lit up with a dim light.

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