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Separated by a distance of three miles, Ji Hao and eighteen dragon warriors stood facing each other.

Feng Xing had disappeared already, no one aware where he went. After he trod on a gust of wind and dashed into the woods, no one had ever seen him again.

Yu Mu took out that huge pot of his while giving quite simple and honest grin to those dragon warriors. He then carried that black and huge pot on his back. This fatso was well prepared for taking a beating even before the fight started.

Man Man carried her pair of hammers, angrily rushing towards the old tree and leopard, even brushing against a few dragon warriors. Two dragon warriors intended to stop her, but their leader yelled them stop

"It's just a little girl, let her be. What can she do anyway?"

Man Man quickly rushed up to the old tree and leopard, dropped the pair of hammers and grabbed that giant net made from dragon tendons with both of her hands, then began ripping it pretty hard.

A dragon warrior turned around, seeing Man Man ripping the dragon tendon net, couldn't help but laugh aloud and said, "Little girl, these are dragon tendons, although that dragon wasn't too powerful before he was killed because of his crime, these tendons are not something that you humankind can…"

Before he finished his sentence, the whole group of dragon warriors popped their eyes out simultaneously, staring at Man Man as if she was a ghost.

Followed by a loud, ear-piercing creaking noise, an arm-thick piece of dragon tendon, that had a silver-like lustre, gradually broke under the effect of Man Man's horrible strength. After that, the other parts of the giant net broke one after another. A loud series of popping noise sounded like slaps on the faces, whipping hard on those dragon warriors' faces.

The dragon warrior leader paused for a second, then yelled out irritatedly, "You two, go keep an eye on that little girl! I thought she's just a tiny shrimp, yet she turned out to be a giant bullhead shark! But, little girl, don't bother to try, despite the fact that you're quite strong, nothing will change!"

Two dragon warriors each took a deep breath, then their ten-zhang tall bodies shrunk quickly into one-zhang and two-foot, then they walked towards Man Man with big steps.

Man Man had just ripped a few dragon tendons out, and the hole she made in that net wasn't big enough for the old tree and leopard to come out yet. Hearing footsteps of those two dragon warriors, Man Man turned her head around and yelled in anger, "You're all bad people! Why do you all want to catch them?!"

The dragon warrior leader gave a vicious grin, then responded with pride and also a bit of shamelessness, "We're not catching them at all! We were just passing by, hehe, just passing by. We saw them being captured by someone else. When we got here, they were already captives of some other people. We're just picking them up from the roadside!"

The dragon warrior leader then puffed his chest out, as if he was assured and bold with justice, and continued loudly, "According to the rule of our dragon-kind, whatever we picked up from the roadside belongs to us, including those treasures of yours. If those treasures are found and picked up by us, we will become the new owners of those treasures!"

Ji Hao sneered coldly. What a ridiculous rule! It had surely reached a certain degree of shamelessness! Whatever they picked up from the roadside should belong to them, right? But how to define 'picked up'? Besides, could you even 'pick up' living beings?

This was nothing but the logic of robbers. In a blunt way, whatever caught their eyes should belong to them. The dragon-kind was indeed the greediest race in this world, just like they were known to be. The bad reputation of the dragon-kind had been spreading in the Pu Ban City and the Midland for many years.

Those two dragon warriors walked to Man Man with big steps and careless looks, one of them laughing loudly, and said, "Little girl, your strength is surely great, but not a single race can compete against our dragon-kind in strength! Not even the god-kind! Behave yourself, just hand me that pair of hammers and I won't hurt you! I'm taking those hammers back as a gift to my little niece."

The other dragon warrior threw a sideway glance at him in displeasure, and said, "Oi, your niece can't even walk yet, what is she going to do with such a good treasure? My nephew is just in need of good weapons. A few of my uncles have checked tens of secret caves at the bottom of the sea, and no newborn natural holy weapon was found… but my nephew is just in need of good weapons."

These two dragon warriors glanced at each other, then said together, "Who ha…, no, who picked them up the first can have them!"

Both of them let out a loud laugh. Without even pulling their weapons out, they rushed towards Man Man with big steps, each bringing up a puffing stream of dust. They didn't even look at Man Man, instead, they directly reached both of their hands towards that pair of hammers, which were thrown on the ground earlier by Man Man.

"Bash!" Man Man immediately dropped the giant net and grabbed that pair of hammers, directly throwing them out along with loud swooshing noises.

Those two poor dragon warriors hadn't been seeing Man Man seriously at all, and neither had the right estimation about that pair of flower bud shaped hammers crafted by Yu Yu. Followed by a shrill swooshing noise, a raging flame rose into the air and at the same time, a hammer struck on each of their angled foreheads.

Two thunderous booms were caused, and the foreheads of those two dragon warriors were badly dented. Large amounts of dragon scales were sent up and blood splashed all over the ground. They howled out hoarsely in pain, held their heads in their arms while they were flying backwards in the air. Next, they landed on the ground, knocking two giant holes out of the ground.

"Bash one more time!" Man Man roared out again. That pair of hammers, which were remolded by Yu Yu, and had been improved with some extremely precious and powerful natural materials, suddenly expanded to zhang-long, roaring down from the sky with a great sense of gravity, fiercely diving towards those two dragon warriors like falling meteors.

The dragon warrior leader was the first one who sensed that profound, mysterious power releasing by Man Man's hammers; that sense of power was prehistoric and natural, and was genuinely terrifying. He screamed out in fright, "Defend with all your power! Be careful! Those hammers are weird…eh, genuine treasures! My little brother can truly use some solid weapons like this!"

The dragon warrior leader instantly left Ji Hao, who was confronting him at the time. He then burst out a great roar and expanded his body to around a-hundred-zhang tall, muscles of his arms suddenly bulged up while layers of dragon scale grew out from under the skin. At the same time, the armor worn by him released enormous streams of splendid light, flowing like the water, and wrapped in hazy silhouettes of dragon scales. All these made the dragon warrior leader looked especially powerful and commanding, even like a god descended from the heaven, extremely potent and amazing.

By swinging both of his fists forward, this dragon warrior leader attempted to catch that pair of hammers thrown over by Man Man.

On one hand, he was trying to save the two warriors under his command, and on the other, he also wanted to directly have this pair of hammers. That immeasurably great and mysterious sense of power releasing by those hammers was nothing that ordinarily treasures could have; even their holy weapons were not able to releases such a special and occult sense of power!

Looking at the dragon warrior leader, who was swiftly rushing towards her, Man Man took out an exquisitely crafted, red-colored wooden cane.

After poking that wooden cane hard into the ground, Man Man heavily bashed on the dragon-head statue on the head of the cane with both of her hands. Right after that, a resonant dragon roar rose directly into the air and, this wooden cane, which was as tall as Man Man herself, suddenly released a bright, eye-piercing fiery light. That finely crafted dragon-head statue, which was so realistic that it looked just like a living being, opened its mouth. Streams of dragon-shaped fiery light swooshed out of its mouth, roaring across the air like a group of screaming locusts, then fiercely struck on that dragon warrior leader's bodies.

"A natural-crafted…" The dragon warrior leader widely popped out his eyes, staring at that wooden cane in shock and growled out.

In incalculable foot-long, flame-red and dragon-shaped fiery light zipped across the air and struck on his body, bumping more and more shining light spots out of that splendid light released from his armor, while drops of sticky lava splashed on his body, and began scorching him rampantly.

"Magic treasure?!" The dragon warrior leader yelled out once again and almost in the same moment, that pair of enormous hammers roared down from the air, bashing on his head. He wasn't prepared for that at all.

Along with a ground-breaking bang, blood gushed out of his forehead while he howled in pain and fell to the ground. An immense hole was opened up by his gigantic body, in between the two dragon warriors, who were sent towards Man Man earlier.

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