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Chapter 7: Implication

Ignoring the screaming and begging of the four ruffians, Li Anping broke all of their right hands with brute force, and knocked them out.

“You’re letting go of them with just that?” Black said discontentedly looking at the four fainted men: “In letting them go, it’ll only cause harm to more people. Didn’t you want to clamp down on crimes? Ending killing through killing, it is the best method.”

“You are using the crimes that they have not committed as evidence to judge them.” Li Anping walked out of the alley, finding a route with the least people. On the way he saw a dozen police cars with their sirens flashing as they rushed towards the factory’s direction.

“The severity of their crime does not warrant death, thus I will not kill them.” Li Anping said to Black: “But since they already flashed out their knives, if the victim was an ordinary person, they would have already gotten severely injured, thus I crippled them in one arm.”

“You are executing their punishment in place of the police?” Black laughed: “A murderer is doing the police’s job for them, hahaha, what an irony.”

Li Anping looked around the area, and upon confirming that there was no police cars in sight, started to run at full speed. With his current physique, maintaining a regular athlete’s hundred metre dash speed, even for 10 minutes, was no problem to him.

Along the way, he answered Black’s previous question: “Can’t I? The law is the closest thing to rules and regulation. If everyone abide by the law, there would not be so much misery in the world. However, although the law is good, not all the magistrates are impartial, thus I have to use my power to enforce the law.”

“Enforce the law? Haha, which policeman would cripple the right arm of a robber?” Black laughed hysterically: “What you do is not enforcing the law, it is but your own sense of Justice.”

“Is there a difference?” While speaking, Li Anping had already travelled through several streets, his body starting to warm up. However, he felt no traces of fatigue, in fact his mind got sharper, and his speed increased consistently, feeling a sense of comfort in his body.

His body’s potential, after absorbing 30 over souls, had increased significantly.

“Hehe, “Justice” as you call it, is just you venting your childish emotions…” Black did not answer Li Anping’s words, but instead changed the topic: “How is it? This extent of body strengthening in just one day, it feels really good right?”

Li Anping suddenly accelerated, and jumped upwards, as if he had broke free from the gravitational pull. His body shot up vertically and flew towards the street lamp 10 metres away, after that he grabbed the pole with both hands and his entire body hung on the lamp itself.

Releasing his hands, he jumped down from a height of over 4 metres from the street lamp, his legs bent a little and vibrated, negating the force of the impact, and stood up like nothing had happened.

“It does indeed feel pretty good.” Li Anping looked down at his hands, and gripped tightly.

“Of course, in one day, your strength grew to 2.0, your speed to 1.9 and your constitution even reached 3.0. If you released all the energy stored in your body, the three attributes can even rise explosively in a short time. You have achieved what others cannot obtain in a lifetime, of course it feels good.” Black said softly.

“Strength 2.0, Speed 1.9? Where did you get these numbers, it sounds just like a game.” Li Anping retorted upon hearing these numbers.

“What game, this is the method of measurement we use in our world to evaluate a lifeform’s physical fighting capability. Here on Earth, a standard human’s strength, speed and constitution are 1.0 respectively. I have the ability to absorb souls and flesh, thus being a master of body refinement. Within your body, all I have to do is scan it a little and I can easily obtain the statistics of your current situation.”

“Oh? Then are you able to turn other people’s stats into numbers as well?” Li Anping hearing Black’s words, asked curiously with shining eyes.

“Well… I could, but you would need to have body contact, or even observe his body structure and movments for me to give an accurate assessment.”

“Black, where exactly did you come from? You keep saying ‘you humans, you humans’, weren’t you human before? Are you an alien? Devil?” Li Anping asked curiously.

“You have no rights to learn of these yet. Black said in disdain: “But if you do not want to eat random people, then to have the power to exact your revenge, you need to train yourself relentlessly. If your strength and speed both surpass 10, or even 20, let’s not say revenge, you can even destroy the entire Zhongdu with no issue.”

Hearing Black’s words, Li Anping stopped in his tracks and said solemnly: “Then, can you tell how, what training should I do to get stronger? Strong enough for me to exact my revenge……”

Zhongdu City, Eastern District.

Far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the environment here is pleasant with beautiful scenery. There are small bridges and streams everywhere, thick canopies envelop the entire place.

But at this place luxurious cars, villas are commonly seen, hinting that this location was not for the ordinary man. This is Zhongdu’s Wealthy Sector, with the best environment and layout in the entire city, as well as the lowest crime rates.

The houses here were sold at a hundred thousand per metre square, it could be deduced that the people living here are extremely affluent.

And at this sector’s North most area, a large Manor could be seen. Every five steps was a building and every ten steps was a pavilion. Even the ancient palaces in the movies could not compare to this.

This large Manor is called the Bihai Fangzhou[1]. The wealthy sector within the wealthy sector. People who could live here, were no longer just wealthy in terms of money.

Inside a Bentley car, Wei Shi Shi looked at Bihai Fangzhou through the car window and sighed internally. Ever since entering the Manor, she had already gone three waves of security checks.

In the past she had already heard rumors on how good the environment in Bihai Fangzhou was, and how affluent were all the people living here. There was even rumors that a fugitive lived in Bihai Fangzhou, and when the police came to arrest him, they were blocked outside by the security guards and denied entry. Only after they called the Security Chief of Bihai Fangzhou were they allowed to enter.

At that time she still thought it was absurd, but only now that she had entered the world of the rich, could she understand that these were really out of the commoner’s imaginations. This seemingly impenetrable fortress to the ordinary person, was just a small gantry that the powerful and affluent could step through with ease.

“This is the life I deserve, this is my future. I must climb up step by step towards this life…….” Thinking of this, Wei Shi Shi tightly gripped her stomach with her hands.

Just as Wei Shi Shi was thinking, the car had already reached a small Garden House, a peaceful looking housekeeper leading the way for her.

In the studyroom, Shang An Guo pressed a remote controller and the screen on the table showed Wei Shi Shi getting off the car, wearing a black laced miniskirt paired with heels, looking sexy and elegant.

Xu Li Chuan at the side smiled and said: “Zheng Bang has good taste. This woman is pretty and her body is slender. I heard that she is a top student in Tian Cheng University, and is so mature. Brother Shang you are quite fortunate to have a good daughter-in-law.”

Shang An Guo smiled faintly: “This rascal got lucky.”

Xu Li Chuan said laughingly: “On Huo Qing’s end, I’ve already given them your instructions. Then I will take my leave now, and not disturb you.”

In a moment’s time, Wei Shi Shi had already reached the studyroom, and said gracefully: “Hello Uncle.”

Shang An Guo nodded, feeling satisfied as he looked at Wei Shi Shi. Be it her body or her looks, she was top notch, considered a great beauty. What’s more precious was that she was taking a master’s degree in economics, and has scholarship yearly.

The only flaw was that her parents were both ordinary citizens with no background. However, with his son’s qualities, it was already very rare to get a daughter-in-law of such standards.

Regarding Wei Shi Shi’s other information, Shang An Guo had already investigated thoroughly. Even after the attempted rape, Wei Shi Shi had actively appealed to them, and in all aspects she performed outstandingly, being polite and lovable, making him very pleased.

“Zhang Bang is no longer young, maybe with a wife it might change his nature, force him to settle down and be more motivated at work.”

Shang An Guo’s mind flashed through multiple thoughts, but his reaction speed did not slow down in the slightest as he continued his conversation with Wei Shi Shi like a neighbourly uncle. He knows that Wei Shi Shi with her outstanding portfolio, had still liked his son, mostly due to his power and affluence. But at this point in life, Shang An Guo had already been enlightened with the emotion called love.

He believes that Wei Shi Shi is very smart. With his power, as long as he still stays influential, Wei Shi Shi will definitely be good to his son.

Shang An Guo said happily: “By the way, where is Zheng Bang, why isn’t he here yet? Weren’t you coming together for dinner?”

Wei Shi Shi’s face become slightly grim as she said slowly: “Zheng Bang… he went out to play last night… and still hasn’t returned…”

“This rascal, he’s getting out of hand.” Shang An Guo picked up his phone to call Shang Zheng Bang but even after dialing a few times, no one picked up, angering him to slam the table a few times.

Wei Shi Shi urged: “Uncle, don’t get angry. Zheng Bang could be held up by important matters. Furthermore you assigned him bodyguards, he should be fine…”

“What can that rascal be busy with, all he knows is to eat and have fun.” Shang An Guo scolded and sighed at Wei Shi Shi: “Shi Shi, its been hard on you.”

“Being together with the one I love, how can it be hard.” Saying so, Wei Shi Shi stopped, her face blushing: “Uncle, I went to the gynaecologist yesterday for a check up, this is the lab results. They said I’m pregnant.”

Shang An Guo’s brows moved as he received the report silently and read carefully.

Wei Shi Shi shyly said: “I had felt easily disgusted recently, constantly wanting to vomit, so I went for a check up. But I did not expect… that I would be pregnant.”

Shang An Guo scanned the report and laughed heartily: “Good, good, good! Calm your mind and take good care of your womb. Don’t go to Amester with Zheng Bang, stay in Zhongdu to take care of the foetus. Right, weren’t you graduating soon?”

The Federation of Amester was located at the other side of the ocean, the entire country’s inhabitants were mostly the white race. Similarly to Great Xia, it was one of the strongest country in the world for the last hundred years. In the entire planet, the only countries that could rival them in power, as far as humanity had explored, were Great Xia, Ice Fort, Franclet , Tyrael and the Eastern Sun.[2]

Wei Shi Shi answered: “Yes, my thesis was already submitted last month, I’m just trying to find a job now.”

“Don’t worry about the job seeking, I will arrange it for you shortly. Just focus on delivering the baby for now.” Saying so, Shang An Guo took out a cheque book from his drawer and wrote a cheque of half a million dollars.

“If you need anything in the future, just give me a call. Now that you’re pregnant, don’t run about carelessly.”

Wei Shi Shi nodded obediently, holding on to the cheque that Shang An Guo had given her. Seeing the sum on it, her heart beat faster but she still appeared calm on the outside, not losing her composure. She said curtly: “Thank you Uncle.”

Shang An Guo showed hints of admiration in his gaze.

[1]: If you google, this is an actual area in Beijing so I’ll leave the name untranslated.

[2]: The author made up some fictitious names of countries.

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