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The Most Majestic You

Chapter 33 Part 1

It was already November, Qianxi submitted the last application to go abroad.  

She had also reached a deal with her family.  Finally, she’d achieve some result

from her constant insistence for over half a year.  The time her dad decided to

invest in her company, he also heavily pushed his opinion that she should gain

more life experience and discover the world. In the meantime, she also

compromised by applying only to PhD programs that concentrated on research

and promised not to work on clinical jobs after she came home after graduation.

Though her mom still complained, she was finally on the right track that she had

always dreamed about.

Except that she had to keep the fact that she and Xu Jimo were back together

absolutely secret from her family, everything else was going in the right direction.

At the end of November, her cousin Ye Qiao, who had delivered her baby daughter

smoothly, planned to have a banquet to celebrate the child’s first month.

Ye Qianxi gave her a big red envelope as promised.  Ye Qiao declined.  “When did

you start being so courteous?”

“She is my little niece!  If I don’t give her a big welcome gift, she’ll complain that her

aunt was too stingy after she grows up!”  Qianxi played around with the little girl who

looked just like a blob of mochi.  “She was smart when she reincarnated.  Her mom

and dad are both good looking.  Won’t she be a young boy killer after she grows up~”

“Stop talking nonsense.”  Ye Qiao lied on the bed.  She seemed to mention it by

accident, “I heard that Uncle Pei’s family will be here too.”

“......”  Qianxi suddenly withered.  She puffed out her cheeks and turned her head back

gloomily.  “It took me a lot of effort to calm my mom down!  Cousin, you just had a

newborn baby, don’t join their attempts to get me married.  Ha, I won’t be able to bear it.”

“It’s not my idea.”  She was sorting out her daughter’s collar, didn’t seem care too

much about these kind of issues.  “It looks like your mom really likes the Pei family’s son.”

Qianxi lied down next to her cousin, twisting her fingers.  “Of course I know that.  

She’s been talking about him for more than just a few days you know.”

“Don’t blame your mom.”  Ye Qiao looked at her with a smile.  “You’ll go abroad to

study for a PhD.  After 4 or 5 years of studying, you’ll be totally out of touch from all

social circles back home.  She really wants you to settle down with someone before

you go abroad.”

She made a perfunctory remark in reply.  “......I can look for one over there.”

“You’re so confident.”  Ye Qiao used one hand to support her head.  “Why don’t you find

one to show her right now?”

Qianxi covered her face which had turned red.  “I’m going to tell your fans.  You’ve

become more and more annoying after you became a mom!”  She pulled out her cell

phone, pretending to do it right now.  She opened Weibo, but the user account she

logged in was KG club’s account.

Her smile suddenly froze.

Ye Qiao noticed the change of expression and glanced at the screen.  “Isn’t this the

place you went to when you had a fight with your parents last time?”  As the

commercial spokeswoman of , Ye Qiao made an effort to remember,  

“Uhm…...I think I have met with all these people before.  Which one is the one you like?”

“Who said I liked anyone of them!”  Qianxi denied it instantly and quickly covered her phone.

“There is nothing wrong to admit it.”  Ye Qiao looked at her lazily.  “Is it that captain?  

Somebody called Xu…...something.”

“You won’t remember even if I told you.  Pregnancy makes moms dumb for three years.[1]  

You definitely have forgotten!”  Qianxi tried to convince her and ran away before she goofed up.

Married women were really terrible!  Terrible!

She turned on the cell phone and took a glimpse.  The most current post on the club’s

official Weibo was to wish Xu Jimo a happy birthday.  The winter season hadn’t started yet.  

KG was on vacation and they had just won the Frankfurt Tournament championship,

so they wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the captain’s birthday.

Originally she was going to be with him for his birthday, but her cousin’s daughter’s first

month banquet was today.  She was sent to her cousin’s home by her parents forcefully

early in the morning.  There were too many ears and eyes here, so she couldn’t sneak

out at all.

Ye Qiao’s home was full of joy in the evening.  Members of KG and several good friends

from the sponsor’s side reserved a banquet room celebrating at the other side of the city.

A cake, five layers high, was delivered by an anonymous person by the time the dinner

almost finished.

Cheng Yang was shocked and looked up at the huge cake in amazement,  “This is too

much.  Isn’t this usually the size for a wedding cake? If I send one to a girl, the girl will

definitely say yes.”

“Do you know how to talk?”

“Did I say something wrong?”  He looked around the cart of the cake for clues.  “It’s so

generous.  Which loyal fan did it?”

Then several comments followed.  “It can’t be?”,  “Isn’t it from the young lady boss?”,  

“Only the young lady boss can be this extravagant……”  They lowered their voices on

purpose, but the same idea popped up in everybody’s mind.

Xu Jimo walked to the hallway and dialed the number.

Qianxi seemed to be expecting his call.  She even skipped the greeting after she

answered the phone,  “Have you received it?”


Her voice was a little bit misty and dim.  “Do you see that my boyfriend power is at the max?  

This kind of behavior is supposed to be done by boys to please girls, but just because I like

you so much…...I’m willing to do anything for you.”

She spoke half crazed.  He could tell something was wrong from the moment she spoke.  

“Did you drink alcohol?”

Qianxi nodded.  “I drank a little bit during dinner, but I’ll probably still like you after I sober up.”

She gave a silly laugh, shakily counting her fingers.  She seemed to have exceeded the

quota of confessions today…, it was too bad that she couldn’t see his expression now.

Xu Jimo laughed in a low voice,  “Are you finished over there?”

“Almost.  I should be able to sneak out!  Wait for me.”

[1]: There’s a saying in Chinese, “一孕傻三年,” (pinyin: yi yun sha san nian) which means:

one pregnancy will make the mother stupid for three years.  (probably because they have to

deal with the baby).

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