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The old Taoist left along with his granddaughter saying he was going to search for the Qilin's abandoned lair. But to the toad, it seemed as if the old man was afraid Chu Feng would hook up with her.

The smug toad was proud of his frank nature, and as such, he directly spoke his mind. In the end, the old Taoist ran back from far away and gave the toad a good beating.

The toad was absolutely furious. It stared at the old Taoist sideways until the latter had completely disappeared before spewing out a series profanities. It swore to beat the old man to death once its strength increased a year or two later.

Chu Feng set out for Mount Putuo along with senior monk Qian Jia.

The toad didn't want to go at first but Chu Feng insisted on riding it for long-distance travel. As for the old grandmaster, he stayed back on Mount Wudang.

Along the way, senior monk Qian Jia was speechless. A toad mount? He didn't know what to say.

However, he was quite astonished after seeing the toad's footwork.

That was the because the toad could hop too well. It specifically rushed up mountains and would go over them in a single leap as if it was soaring through the clouds.

At first, Master Qian Jia followed from the side but the road was simply too difficult to travel because the toad liked to hop through steep cliffs and precipitous mountains instead of the main road.

"Master, please come up and sit with me on the toad," Chu Feng invited.

Master Qianjia felt bad, but in the end, he sat on the toad because it just wouldn't take normal roads. It was simply too tiring.

On the way, every evolved being who saw them would be dumbfounded. A toad was hopping joyfully towards Mount Putuo in the southeast with two men on its back.

"Did you see clearly? That's Chu Feng, the only domain researcher on earth. Where is he going and why is he riding a big toad?"

"Four life forms from the outer region have appeared and are said to be negotiating. When they descend, they will surely capture the domain researcher first and foremost. Chu Feng is destined to be out of luck!"

People began to discuss this matter as the news was leaked.

Master Qianjia's head was shining brilliantly and his body was glowing with a golden light akin to a holy senior monk. Many people easily guessed his identity.

The agent from Deity Biomedicals responsible for delivering the letter to Chu Feng contacted the people from Mount Lao as soon as he left Mount Wudang. He informed them that he had failed the invitation and that Chu Feng had left with the people from Bodhi Biogenetics.

On Mount Lao, the group of people was frowning as they discussed further strategies.

"Lin Naoi personally wrote a letter and so did that so-called national goddess. But Chu Feng actually chose to go to Mount Putuo?!"

This was unexpected to them because they believed Chu Feng would come to Mount Lao. Who would've thought Bodhi Biogenetics intercepted him successfully.

Even Lin Naoi was somewhat lost in thought after receiving this news. She was cultivating in isolation on Mount Lao and didn't take part in those meetings.

"It's said that Qian Jia presented him a complete secret volume related to domains. This moved Chu Feng to go along with him."

Very soon, they heard such reports. This news was purposefully leaked by the old grandmaster as per Chu Feng's wishes.

That was because Chu Feng was happy to cooperate with anyone who presented him with such a book.

"What kind of price does Deity Biomedicals have to pay? Could it be that Lin Naoi must appear personally? Or is he willing to cooperate as long as we gift him a book on domains?!"

On the road, Chu Feng felt something amiss. He discovered that he was being targeted.

The toad didn't take normal paths and was indeed hopping happily through rugged terrain. However, he wasn't faster than a flying beast.

That was because there were simply too many obstructions along the way. Although it was enjoying the journey, it didn't cover too far a distance with each hop. There was more height than there was distance.


A gigantic bird dived down towards him amidst whistling winds. It was almost like a phoenix with its long wings and colorful plumage, glowing with prismatic lights.

It chased after him directly without any concealment.

"Brother Chu, please wait!"

Someone shouted from midair. It was a man with purple clothing. His appearance was outstanding and his temperament, impressive. He wore a smile on his face as he stood on the back of the brilliant bird.

He seemed to possess a certain ancient style and his purple robe was also of an ancient design. But it was quite new and seemingly custom-made.

"Who are you?" Chu Feng glanced suspiciously.

"I'm called Li Xinghe." The young man in purple clothes introduced himself. He also sought Chu Feng's forgiveness for arriving so suddenly.

There were also other young men and woman on the bird. They seemed quite young but all of them possessed flourishing energy and contained vigorous blood energy within their bodies. All of them were top-grade kings.

This surprised Chu Feng a great deal. He could hardly believe it.

But he wasn't afraid of this group even if they came at him together as he could simply slap them all to death. He was just that confident.

What surprised him was that these people were all youngsters but all of them had severed their sixth shackle. This was beyond reason.

Chu Feng understood that the world was evolving rapidly and that such experts could only grow more and more abundant. This wasn't a big deal.

But it was too soon at the moment!

Chu Feng knew that the Baji School had produced a Gao Yuan whom he'd met back at Xuanwu lake in Jiangning City. He also knew that the Bagua School had produced a young expert with six severed shackles. All of them were newcomers.

He had also killed off a number of moderately strong youths from the Hollow Jade Temple on Mount Tai.

But those were all rare instances. They were individuals who'd severed their sixth shackle.

But four people had directly appeared before him and all of them were under 27 or 28 years old. The youngest wasn't even 20.

How heaven-defying!

There were men and women among them. Their appearances were extraordinary—the men were handsome and the women were gorgeous—their possessed great genes.

"I've long since heard of brother Chu's great name. It's an honor to finally meet you."

A certain pretty lady from atop the bird spoke. She was clad in old style clothing, her skirt fluttering in the wind. Her fair skin adding to her somewhat transcendent temperament.

She introduced herself as Yu Hanzhi.

With a swoosh, great gales were kicked up as the bird landed on the ground. Its true species couldn't be identified but it possessed resplendent and brightly colored feathers.

It stood with its head raised arrogantly. It was actually a bird king with six severed shackles.

Chu Feng was now completely flabbergasted. The four youngsters—Li Xinghe, Xu Hanzhi, Liu Wucheng, Xu Mei and this powerful bird king. This was a rather exaggerated lineup.

Where did these young people pop up from? Could it be that they'd obtained divine fruits after discovering a holy ground and undergone a complete transformation?

But even so, this was too excessive. Such young people were actually experts with six severed shackles.

Chu Feng sighed, feeling quite weird.

There shouldn't be too many young evolved beings who had rapidly overtaken the predecessors during the recent upheavals. Most were still old demons.

Master Qian Jia was moved. That was because his age was even greater than all theirs added together.

This made him quite dumbfounded. He chanted sutras, practiced martial arts—this was a truly solid foundation with deep accumulations. Only after all that did he obtain his current accomplishments.

But such a number of youngster appearing and all of them were so powerful. This was too shocking.

Relatively speaking, only the toad was calm. It glanced at the people sideways and smirked disdainfully.

It certainly had the qualifications to do so. Comparing the level of heaven defiance, no one here could compare to it. It was less than one year old but had already become a top-grade king.

"The young will surpass us in time." The old monk was moved. He was called a Buddha's disciple but from the looks of it, these youngsters were even more extraordinary.

Li Xinghe jumped down from the bird king's back with a smile, followed by the others.

Chu Feng was astonished. He didn't know their origins. Perhaps could be humans from the outer realm, but their auras belonged to that of earthlings.

Their strengths were exceptional. Some of them were wearing old-style clothing and looked rather odd.

Naturally, there were also people wearing comfortable modern clothing. For instance, Xu Mei. Her t-shirt revealed her little white neck above and barely covered her waist below. She was sexy and alluring.

Liu Wucheng was wearing rather casual sportswear.

Chu Feng revealed a suspicious expression as he enquired about their background.

The beautiful Yu Hanzhi smiled and said, "Speaking truthfully, we come from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave at the north pole."

Chu Feng was shaken and astonished. That was because he had obtained some information when he killed, Han Fei, the man with a red mark between his brows.

There were already descended beings on earth almost 22 years ago when the world underwent small-scaled changes.

These people were all hibernating. Among them, some had taken residence in the origin magnetic cave.

These youngsters before him came from that place? Chu Feng was moved and astonished. No wonder they had all severed six shackles!

"Are you all descended beings?" Chu Feng asked. He didn't quite believe it because they were too young. He felt that they should be similar to Han Fei.

As expected, they smiled and told Chu Feng that they were merely descendants of descended beings.

Chu Feng's emotions were stirred. He became more vigilant against the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave. There seemed to be a great number of descended beings there and not just Deity Biomedical's ace.

Li Xinghe spoke, "Master Qian Jia, we want to speak to brother Chu about something. Can you go first? We will send him to Mount Putuo afterwards."

He then took Master Qian Jia to the side and seemed to talk to him telepathically about something.

In the end, senior monk Qian Jia revealed a solemn expression. He became silent and almost hesitant about something.

He walked towards and gazed at Chu Feng.

"Master, do you have any difficulties?" Chu Feng asked.

"Amitabha Buddha," Qian Jia recited Buddha's name.

Xu Mei spoke at this time. She wasn't yet twenty and possessed fair skin and a charming demeanor. She said seriously, "Most importantly, we are here to request brother Chu Feng to help us with something. We've discussed this with master Qian Jia just now and wish for him to return to Mount Putuo first while we borrow brother Chu Feng for a few days. Of course, this time were were too presumptuous. We will definitely compensate brother Chu well."

"What's the matter?" Chu Feng asked.

"We want to invite you to the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave," Li Xinghe said solemnly, and then he added, "To be precise, the vicinity of the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave."

Chu Feng was shaken. There was a whole group of extraterrestrials in the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave. He was actually expected to go near that place?

But he agreed in the end.

That was because these people revealed that they had made astonishing discoveries there and wanted Chu Feng's help. At that time, they would compensate him with divine fruits.

Chu Feng naturally wanted to go and see the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave. At the same time, the astonishing discovery they were talking about might also help him evolve rapidly.

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