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Chapter 192.2 - Rude to her

“First, heal the Night Prince.” Lou Qingwu’s eyes slightly swept at them, making that imperial doctor’s body stiffen up.

He didn’t know if it was his wrong feeling but just then, Miss Lou’s gaze seemed to be slightly threatening.

It made him almost unable to breathe as he quickly closed his mouth and began to prepare for taking the arrow out.

Lou Qingwu turned around, her back facing the imperial doctors as she took out another porcelain bottle from her bosom.

From the porcelain bottle, she took out a slightly larger pill and bent down, feeding it to Feng Yege.

Her icy cold fingertips touched his pale, bloodless face as her chest felt a dull, aching pain.

Right until she felt Feng Yege swallow the medicinal pill did she finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Miss Lou, what did you just feed the Night Prince?” One of the imperial doctors saw and couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s for blood loss.” Lou Qingwu found an easy excuse to fob them off and the other imperial doctors didn’t question it further.

When the healing began, Lou Qingwu’s hands both gripped the arrow tightly.

She could feel her heart beating hard and fast.

She closed her eyes as she began to pull it out …

After a long time, Lou Qingwu still felt like she was in a dream.

She watched expressionlessly as the imperial doctors all helped to stop Feng Yege’s wound from bleeding.

When it finished, Lou Qingwu felt like she was alive again.

From a certain position in her heart, she suddenly realised what her heart actually thought.

When she purposely alienated Feng Yege from her, it wasn’t just because she didn’t want to pull Feng Yege into her mess, it was more than that.

She was scared that her heart would grow soft, because her feelings for Feng Yege, threatened her deepest and darkest feelings of revenge and hatred.

She suddenly dropped into a chair as her eyes fell on Feng Yege.

In the end, she angrily shut her eyes closed before opening them again.

When they opened again, they were calm as she stood up to leave.

“Ah, the Night Prince’s wound has stopped bleeding. Oh? His pulse is even more stable than before, so strange …”

Behind her, the imperial doctors continued to babble and discuss his wound.

Lou Qingwu felt relief as she pushed open the door.

She was instantly surrounded by Feng Shiyi and the others as she saw the deep worry in their eyes.

“As long as he survives the night, he’ll be fine.”

“Thank the heavens, thank the earth …” Feng Yi finally let out a breath, instantly becoming more alert.

Feng Shiyi looked at Lou Qingwu with a complicated expression.

He didn’t say anything until Lou Qingwu was about to leave, his brows furrowing, “You’re not going to wait until master wakes up?”

“There’s no need, there are a lot of imperial doctors here.”

“You!” Feng Shiyi was about to go crazy with anger.

But Lou Qingwu had already left and was far away.

Right until she entered her Leaning Wind Pavilion did Lou Qingwu weakly fall into a chair.

After half a day, she sat upright, spreading out her hands.

They were still stained with remnants of Feng Yege’s blood, it was as if she could still feel the warmth of when they were covered in his blood.

She remembered at that time, she was so scared that his blood would suddenly grow cold.

“Master?” Lan Bai followed her inside and watched Lou Qingwu’s actions completely.

She couldn’t help but speak, “Master, if you’re so worried, why didn’t you stay at the Night Prince’s residence?”

Lou Qingwu’s lips pursed together and didn’t speak.

After a long time, so long that Lan Bai wasn’t even expecting a response any more, did Lou Qingwu finally open her mouth.

“I’m a girl, after all. It wouldn’t be proper for me to stay the whole night at the Night Prince’s residence. It would damage his reputation.” Even though everyone was worried about Feng Yege’s life and they wouldn’t say anything, she couldn’t guarantee that no one would use this information to scheme against them.

She rubbed her forehead before continuing, “What’s the progress with Thousand Face’s investigation? Did he find out who did it?”

“Still haven’t found out. The person was very secretive, when he was captured, he’d already swallowed poison so we couldn’t get anyone alive. It’s reasonable to assume that with the Night Prince’s martial arts skills, he shouldn’t have been injured, but he was.”


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