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"Step aside, please. For the rest of you, please leave. Thank you for your help."

The only nurse in the clinic--around 30 years old, wearing a nurse uniform--was persuading the crowd to leave the clinic.

The incident about the disease attacking that old man spread soon in this small village. More and more people got to know about the news.

Comparing with the hustle and bustle outside, Lui Chaosheng looked stern in the consultation room.

After receiving the phone call from Lui Yiyun long ago, he had done preparing the medical tools and was ready to take action.

Ren Ziling and Lizi observed at the side. They asked for some ethyl alcohol and were scrubbing their hands at the moment because their skins touched the patient.

"What kind of disease it is?" Ren Ziling asked seriously, "Is it…"

Lui Chaosheng pulled a long face, telling her seriously, "It’s quite similar to what I saw that year… as they were the same. But I’m not sure because I was too young that year, so might have remembered something wrong, just…"

Looking at the two brave people who sent the old man here, Lui Chaosheng said, "The facilities in this clinic are limited. In order to find out what it is exactly, I suggest you send him to the county hospital, or even some farther but larger hospital."

Ren Ziling recalled that she saw a lady’s motorbike parked at the gate of the clinic, saying forwardly, "Doctor Lui, I can help to send him to the county!"

Lui Chaosheng nodded, "Then… let’s hit the road now. Don’t waste any time!"

Right then, noise was heard from the outside of the room. A 40-year-old man in white shirt and suit pants entered hurriedly with 2 other men.

"Doctor, they say… they want to have a look." The nurse said perplexedly.

Lui Chaosheng shook his head, asking the nurse to calm other patients down. Then he turned to the leader, faking a smile, "Why did the secretary and the village head come here for?"

This man’s surname was Wu, Wu Qiushui, the secretary delegated by the county. The one next to him who was around his age was the village head. The one at the back was the assistant of the village secretary, also an outsider from the county. His surname was Du, graduated from a university and became a village officer.

Wu Qiushui said, "We heard that an old man was infected with a horrible disease his look was terrible. I’m afraid it’s an infectious disease, so I have to come and get a clear idea of this. On the other hand, I want to know about his family status and see if there’s anything I can help with. These two are… I never saw them before."

Wu Qiushui took a glimpse at Ren Ziling and Lizi, squinting their eyes.

Lui Chaosheng said, "These two ladies were the ones who sent him here. They came here for a holiday."

Wu Qiushui nodded, expressing his gratitude, "Thank you for your help."

"That’s all right. Human life comes first." Ren Ziling said calmly.

Lui Chaosheng said, "Secretary and village head, I don’t know the cause of the disease, plus the limited facilities, I can’t diagnose it. We just want to send the patient to the county hospital."

Wu Qiushui and the village head took a glance at the patient, revealing an aghast and startled look due to his appearance.

Wu Qiushui took a deep breath, "Yes, that’s necessary! However, we shouldn’t bother these two ladies. Doctor Lui, let Little Du drive and send you there!"

"Fine. Let’s go." Lui Chaosheng didn’t intend to beat around the bush, nodding.

"How’s it going? Did you find him?"

After a long while, Ren Ziling met Luo Qiu again in the clinic--- Boss Luo came back after strolling around with You Ye.

He shook his head, didn’t say anything.

You Ye said softly, "Ms. Ren, why are so many people gathered around here?"

"Don’t stand on ceremony! Call me Sister Ren, or if you’re shy, just call me mum!" Ren Ziling said some appalling words that shocked Luo Qiu again.

‘What the hell is the mother…’

"Sister Ren."

You Ye called her naturally and gracefully.

Subeditor Ren felt satisfied, feeling that this drew their distance closer. So she recounted all the incident from the beginning until the end with pleasure.

While listening to it, Luo Qiu’s attention moved to the silent Lui Yiyun who was sitting at one side. She lowered her head with a heavy heart. She seemed to be worried about her father Lui Hai who suddenly went missing without a trace.

Sensing some sight was gazing at her, Lui Yiyun raised her head.

She dried her tears and met Luo Qiu’s eyes.

Luo Qiu smiled faintly, shaking his head.

The girl was stunned, didn’t understand his meaning.

Ren Ziling noticed Lui Yiyun’s expression, saying, "Let’s go to look for him again. If we fail, then let’s go back to resort to discuss the next step."

This seemed to be the only way.

When they walked out of the clinic, a car right stopped there. They saw Lui Chaosheng and his assistant Little Du carrying out that old patient.

"Why did you take him back?" Lizi asked.

The young village officer frowned, "Ways are blocked, we cannot go out!"

"What?" Ren Ziling gaped.

Little Du nodded, "Landslide happened, it’s hard to clean the road in such a short while. Don’t know if it because of the rainstorm last night."

"Is there any other way to leave?" Luo Qiu suddenly asked.

Little Du looked at Luo Qiu, shaking his head, "No, and the only road was built to develop tourism some years ago. Others are all mountain road, neither vehicles nor motorbike could go through. I discussed with Doctor Lui if we can take the patient detour the obstacle and then order some cars to pick him up."

Little Du explained it quickly, turning to Lui Chaosheng, "Doctor, take care of the patient, I’ll call the shipowner."

The young village officer acted straightforwardly with a responsible look, leaving quickly.

"What a coincidence!" Ren Ziling frowned, "I’ve seen the construction of the mountain, which looks good. How could a landslide happen so unexpectedly… Lizi, was it a serious rainstorm last night?"

Lizi slouched her head, "Sorry, I was in a deep sleep, so I had no idea… but it should not, or Lui Hai would be blown over rather than staying on the cliff till this morning."

Ren Ziling touched Lizi with her elbow. Lizi stuck her tongue out to show apology, forgetting Lui Hai’s daughter was here.

"I’m OK, Sister Lizi." The girl shook her head,

Ren Ziling asked Luo Qiu, "Brat, what do you think of it?"

He said, "That Little Du should come back within a short period."

Ren Ziling gaped, "What are you talking about?"

Luo Qiu explained, "I mean he may not find a boat to go to sea, so he had to come back."

"Eh? Why he can’t? Wasn’t this place a fishing village before?" Lizi inquired with confusion, " Even though most of them don’t earn their living through fishing anymore, there must still be some."

Luo Qiu said, "I didn’t say they don’t have boats, just that they might not work anymore. If the road is blocked, the sea lane too."

Lizi was astounded.

Ren Ziling loured, "You mean if these are not coincidence right?"

"Did you suspect that after knowing that the road is blocked?" Luo Qiu replied.

After a while, Little Du rushed back, panting heavily, "Bad news! All the boats can’t work! Something pierced through the bottom of each boat, and they’re leaking now! The trace left there looks like they were bitten by something!"

Upon hearing the news, Lui Chaosheng stood up, his eyebrows knitted into a frown.

Lizi looked at Luo Qiu in amazement… he was right about the matter!

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