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The little girl clutched to her mother's arm in fear and the mother unconsciously also tighten her grip on small hands of the little girl.

Luo Qiu had seen the mother and daughter on the train heading to St. Petersburg.

They were the family that told that story... But now, the man of the house was missing.

It was even colder by the lake in the evening, and the wind was pretty strong; but the light in the house and the soft sofa inside seemed to bring slight warmth to the mother.

She was surprised to meet this young man at this place, but her husband's disappearance completely overshadowed the surprise.

"We were going over the mountain road to my husband's old home; he had a call of nature midway, and asked us to wait in the car… but half an hour passed, he didn't come back. So I had to get off the car to look for him, but…"

The girl's mother covered her face painfully, sobbing, "But I just found his phone on the ground."

"Did you call the police?" Len---the young man asked after hearing it.

The girl's mother shook her head and took out the phone, "It shows it's out of service…I don't know what to do, so I came for help with my kid."

The several young people looked at each other, Allie fished out her cellphone, but she was stunned and said, "I can't receive any signal either."

"Me either." Gloria also looked down at her cellphone.

"Me either."

"I can't..."

The four threw their look towards Luo Qiu, so he had to took out his cellphone, shaking his head, "I think mine is the same as yours."

"Is this place out of reach?" Len was stupefied, "But I could connect to the Internet before going in. What's wrong…"

"Now it's not the most important, the point is how to help this lady." Allie bit her finger suddenly, "Oh, by the way, Mr. Luo Qiu, do you have any other means of communication? I mean a landline."

"Sorry, I don't have it."

Luo Qiu suddenly stood up and said, "It looks like we have to wait for it to recover or when dawn comes, we can go find the policemen for help. Of course, if the missing gentleman could come here by himself without any accident, it'll be the best result."

"There are so many people here, can we just go out and look for him now?" the warmhearted Len suggested; but when seeing the look from his friend---Branham, he lowered down his voice, "Well, that's just my suggestion."

Any kind of help was urgent needed by the girl's mother. Now, she turned to see all others in a wistful look.

At this time, Gloria subconsciously looked at the shades outside the living room, and hand touched her arm with hesitation, "Isn't there any other place around for people to live?"

Suddenly, the look of the girl's mother dimmed... It was probably right, maybe some of them would be in a dangerous situation, especially in the case that someone was missing.

She knew that they couldn't do something if they were not capable.

"Madam Maggie, do you still remember where your husband went missing?" Suddenly, a voice rang out at the dining table.


"Yes, I do!"

Arex wiped his lips with a napkin on the dining table, then stood up and smiled. "If you don't mind, I can go back with you to look for him."

"I, I can also go to help." At this time, Len took a deep breath, saying as raising his hand slowly.

As if plucking up his courage.

And Allie eyes seem to turn brighter. Seeing Len promised, Branham frowned, but suddenly stood up and said, "Then, I'm going with you too. At least it'll be safer. But Gloria and Allie, you two stay here."

They made the decision.

After that, Mrs. Maggie, Arex, Branham and Len went back to where her husband disappeared.

Maggie chose to leave her daughter in the house, though she still worried about her... perhaps it was because she only met the young man twice, but her child needed a stable and safe place to stay for now.

Though it was a hard decision to Mrs. Maggie.

"Hopefully, god will bless us."

Arex was the last one who entered Mrs. Maggie's car.

Allie held the little girl's hands, who didn't jump into her arms until she couldn't see her mother.

Allie comforted her and took her into the house. Gloria now hovered around, seeming to worry about them.

Allie didn't know what to say.

She unconsciously looked at the young master of the house, and found that he was now reading an old book--- He took it down from the shelf in the living room.

He didn't seem to worry about them at all… 'What a calm person' Allie thought.

After some time passed, the maid came in with holding a tray, putting down the cups, and saying softly, "Take some tea. This is Roselle tea, it can calm your mood and help recover your energy."

You Ye passed cups to each one.

Allie said thank you.

Gloria never stopped hovering from the beginning, even when she received the cup. She paced about while holding the cup and drinking tea, as if considering about something, and forgot herself.

"Tell me, what's your name?"

Miss Maid finally came to the little girl.


"Lena is a good girl." The maid touched the little girl's hair. "Are you scared?"

Lena nodded, but suddenly asked, "Big sister, my dad will be safe right?"

"Sorry, I don't know." You Ye whispered, "But a lucky person will be blessed by god. Do you want him to be lucky or not?"

The little girl have a start. She tilted her head... the words from the big sister that were hard to be understood. Lena took a sip of tea, then looked around with curiosity.

"This sister is so weird."

Lena suddenly whispered to You Ye---she meant Gloria.

"Why?" You Ye asked curiously.

Lena suddenly said, "One, two, three, one, two, three. Did you see that? This big sister turned after three steps, and then repeats that. I found that."

"Really?" Miss maid smiled.

She stood up and patted Lena's head, before walking to Luo Qiu and sitting down.

She sat quietly, without any noise and extra actions.

Allie took a glance curiously... She felt as if she met a puppet.

Tick, tick, it was the sound from the clock hanging in the living room.

It seemed as if heartbeat, each swing could be passed to people's heart.

Gloria sat down; she looked at her cellphone, then turned to Allie. She tried to find a topic, but couldn't say out even one word.

Lena looked around the living room---It was the time for her to sleep; however, the accident disrupted her schedule.

Lena, who wore a floral dress, white stockings and red little leather shoes, gently jumped down from the couch.

She saw a large luggage bag at the corner of the living room.

Lena subconsciously walked toward it.

She was getting closer.

She wanted to touch the box.

When her hand was near it.


Suddenly, Lena heard the voice, which gave her a shock, causing her to turn around her body.

It turned out it was the sound when the big brother suddenly closed the book. He said gently, "A good girl should not touch another person's stuff without permission."

Lena stuck her tongue out and quickly put her hands at her back.

Luo Qiu smiled, picking up a candy from the snack boxes on the coffee table, "Do you like candy?"

Lena nodded, hurriedly stepping towards Boss Luo.

The box at her back, at that moment, seemed to move slightly.

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