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Chapter 53 Go with Me

"Yes it was. I'm sure Harry won't be able to find it." Lola put her phone away delightedly and turned around, only to be startled by the man beside the door.

My goodness, she just gave herself away! Lola patted her forehead, regretting being a fool.

"What are you trying to hide? Let me see." Harry closed the door and walked in.

"Nothing, honey. Let's go and have dinner!" Lola grinned, held Harry's arm and pulled him out of the study.

Harry didn't insist. Such a silly girl. Didn't she know that he could easily find anything hidden in his study? But anyway, he liked every bit of her!

Lola was in a good mood during dinner, as she was not regarded as a tramp anymore! La la la...

"You are really happy, aren't you?" Harry smiled gently at his wife, who was stiring spaghetti with her head shaking.

"Of course! They won't take me for a tramp, so I can focus on work now!" Yolanda was completely forgotten by Lola and Harry.

With an attentive smile, Yolanda picked up a piece of goose liver and put it in Harry's plate. "Harry, you've been working hard. Try to eat more." She didn't ask about or say anthing, pretending to be uninformed about the entertainment news today.

To avoid ruining her good mood, Lola simply glanced at the goose liver in that plate, and chose not to irritate Yolanda. "Honey, I remember that you don't really like goose liver, do you? I'll eat it for you."

Then Lola picked up the goose liver from Harry's plate and put it in her own, but she didn't eat it.

"Harry, you did like goose liver a lot when we were together." Yolanda knew Lola's intention immediately, so she rolled her eyes at this troublesome woman secretly.

Lola smiled, "I have the final say. Moreover, I'm a neat freak, so I'd better skip it as it was touched by you." She thought for a while and threw the goose liver in an empty plate.

The smile on Yolanda's was a bit unnatural. Harry seemed to have given Lola permission for everything. He didn't say a word but elegantly ate his spaghetti.

After finishing the meal, Lola wiped her mouth and an idea occured to her. She held Harry's arm and said, "Honey, can we take a walk? I want to buy some snacks in the supermarket. Can you go with me?" Lola would rather go out than stay at home with that shameless woman around.

Looking at his wife, who was acting like a wilful child now, Harry shook his head with resignation. "Let's go upstairs and get changed." He stood up.

And Lola started to skip upstairs at once.

While getting changed, Harry hugged Lola from behind, and laid his chin on her shoulder. "My sweetie, as you are so happy today, can you give me some special rewards?"

Lola checked her bag. Good! The phone was there! "Okay. What do you want?" Lola promised him without a second thought.

Harry gave her a mysterious smile and whispered a few words in her ear.

These few words lingered in her mind all the time while she was in the supermarket. He said he would take her to a place to relax.

Where were they going? Night club? Pub? Harry chuckled about her mind drifting.

"Why do you want condiments?" He watched his wife putting condiments into their trolley.

Lola finally came to senses and noticed the salt in her hand. Embarrassed, she put it back to the shelf quickly.

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