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The tingle creeps to my pussy, causing me to notice the throbbing in my clit. Each pulse beat of blood pumping to my punished flesh sends a jolt to arouse the little bud as well.

"You've been naughty, Candy. Picking up men in bars." His warm palm caresses my stinging butt, fingers curving around my firm globes to reach in toward my thong-covered crotch.

"Oh yes, that's right-."

Three hard slaps follow rapid fire, one after the other, leaving me gasping.

"Quiet. You need to control yourself and then you'll get pleasure."

Wiggling my ass, I silently beg for one of the soothing caresses to smooth the pain away. I never thought I'd be one to like spanking, but he's not hitting me too hard and the stinging slaps make me feel alive. More alive than I have in years.

"Very good. You like that, don't you?"

Afraid to speak and feel his hand again, I nod my head, hoping he's looking. The cocooning blackness of the blindfold releases me from worrying about my body a how I'll look, how he looks... and makes me feel everything. When he reaches under my panties and probes my slick folds, a whimper of want escapes me. Tension fills me-I'm not sure if the sound counts as speaking.

Apparently it doesn't; he continues to push a thick finger into my snatch. Steadily, he pumps in and out and I struggle to remain still. The elastic straining around my spread knees allows a few inches between my thighs and I rise up on my tiptoes, trying to tilt my ass back for better penetration.

One hand on my hip pushes my feet flat to the storage room floor. "No, Candy, you let me drive the bus or I'll leave you hanging."


Slap, slap, slap! "Shush, baby, or you'll never get there."

Annoyance courses through me as the sting in my ass settles down. Who in the hell does he think he is? If I want to come then I should be able to do whatever the hell I want to get myself there. A second finger plunges into my depths, stretching me and pumping fast. The hand on my hip reaches around and rubs me over the cotton crotch of my underwear.

All of my anger fades as a small circling starts on my hard clit.

"More," I say.

Wet fingers pull from my pussy. Smack! The hardest slap yet. Five more follow quickly and tears sting my eyes. The pressure on my nubbin doesn't stop the entire time Tom hits my ass, it seems to increase, pushing me higher and into a wild state of frenzy.

Soft moans and whimpers spill from my lips and I worry he's never going to put those fingers back in. A short rub of his hand soothes where he spanked and then he sinks two fingers into me.

"I'll be the one to tell you when you come. And you're going to cream all over my hands when you do." His soft voice sounds only a little above a whisper, sending a chill racing down my back. "I know what you need, Candy."

Desperate to hold myself as still as possible, I clench the shelf as another gasp escapes me. A third finger stabs into my pussy, driving me higher and closer to the brink.

"You want it, baby. I can feel your muscles inside gripping my fingers." The hand working my clit stops circling and pulls the fabric roughly to the side. "Just like you'd do if it was my cock working you deep." Light pats to my aroused flesh in the front pulls my focus from his plunging fingers.

"Uh.. uh..." Low guttural noises reach my ears. Foreign sounding and far away. Good God, I think that may be me. Pleasure starts to spiral up my spine to course through my body and I bite down to clamp the begging word please from spilling into the night.

"That's it, Candy. You're ready now."

Rubbing starts on my clit again and the sensations rocket away from my crotch in wave after wave of tingles. A scream bubbles forth and echoes back in the small room.

"Come for me, baby." Wetness pours from me, coating his hand. The pumping continues in my pussy and the orgasm drags on and on, wringing the very life from me.

Collapsing forward, I catch myself by locking elbows on the shelf for support. The material at my head is loosened and stars fill my vision. Tender hands adjust my underwear and pull my pants and shirt back into place.

Tommy wraps himself around me and wedges his face near my neck. "Consider that your first lesson."

** This ends all excerpts included in this ebook sampling.


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