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"I can tell you information on that woman, but in return, you have to bring one of your lackeys over, I have questions for him." Benjamin requested.

The knife-scarred man already sent all his men away, only he and Benjamin remained in the sewers. Benjamin could kill the knife-scarred man with magic and no one would notice.

But he would not do this.

After killing the knife-scarred man, it would be troublesome for him to find that assassin. Rather than using force, he might as well negotiate with the opposition. After all, the assassin was under the command of the knife-scarred man, so it would be easy for him to be summoned.

Benjamin could kill the knife-scarred man after he is done questioning the assassin who will be sent away. After killing the knife-scarred man, he would find another exit and escape. The lackeys would have no idea what happened.

There was no other option as there were too many of them, so it was impossible for Benjamin to kill them all. Doing so would also be too bloody and attract attention.

On his way here, Benjamin had already thought of a plan. The plan was rather perfect, the only hard part was that he had to figure out how to persuade the knife-scarred man.

He would not agree to Benjamin’s suggestion so easily.

"Trade? Who do you think you are, trying to talk terms with me? I already killed the paladin, what makes you think I won’t kill you?"

Saying this, the knife-scarred man drew out his gun and pointed it at Benjamin’s forehead. His finger was on the trigger, ready to blow Benjamin’s head up anytime.

If it was his first time being pointed at by a gun, he would probably mess up his whole plan. But sadly, it was not.

Facing this situation, he was a little nervous, but his thoughts were still clear. The knife-scarred man would not kill him. He was only doing this to scare him.

From the day he crossed over until now, how many times has he been threatened?

"If you kill me, you’ll never know where Michelle is," He stared directly into the opponent’s eyes and said this.

The knife-scarred man did not move. With the gun was still pointed at his forehead, Benjamin could feel the coldness of the steel barrel and the fire in the body of the gun. For two seconds, he thought the opponent would fire away.

This continued on for half a minute.

The knife-scarred man grunted and drew his gun back.

Even though it was already expected, Benjamin was still relieved. He wiped away the sweat and the mark made by the barrel.

What could he do? Even if he knew clearly what was going to happen, would you not panic if you had a gun pointed at your forehead?

Right when he thought the knife-scarred man would start speaking, he suddenly grabbed Benjamin’s hands, held him down and began searching his body.

Benjamin was a bit surprised, but not caught off guard.

The knife-scarred man was cunning. Seeing as Benjamin was so brave, of course he would be suspicious.

In a while, the gun that the paladin gave Benjamin was confiscated.

The knife-scarred man held the gun, let Benjamin go and chuckled.

"I say, for a noble kid to be so calm with a gun pointed to his head, of course there would be something suspicious." He inspected the gun and fit it into his belt," I underestimated you, if I didn’t pay more attention, I would probably be facing a problem now."

Benjamin stared at him furiously.

Damn, do not make me jam my gun into your anus, I am afraid of it being dirty.

The knife-scarred man obviously misunderstood his anger, and laughed even more joyfully.

"How about now? Master Benjamin, do you still want to talk terms with me?"

Benjamin said: "Of course, if you don’t call your lackey over, I would die, and I won’t tell you anything."

The knife-scarred man was surprised.

He looked at Benjamin again, and made some ‘tsk tsk’ sounds. He walked left to right then right to left, and after inspecting Benjamin, he started chuckling.

He said: "I have not seen a nobleman this brave, interesting. Alright, it’s only asking a few questions. If you tell me where the woman is, I would let you ask as many questions as you want! Who do you want to see, I’ll call him over."

His attitude changed really quickly. His previously wicked demeanor changed into something like a good person.

Benjamin did not care about this sudden change. Hearing what he wanted to hear, he was happy.

The hardest part was done.

Everything went according to plan, and the knife-scarred man agreed easier than he expected. After this, nothing much could go wrong anymore.

Or he agreed so easily, because he thought Benjamin was suspicious and wanted to test him.

But who cares, if he continued testing him, would he even know he was a mage?

Benjamin could kill his opponent instantly, he had nothing to fear.

"It is the tall and skinny one, the one with freckles, wearing the rag shirt, I saw him at the pub." He replied.

Hearing this, the knife-scarred man nodded, and said: "Alright, I accept, but you have to remember your promise." After finishing the sentence, he turned around, walked to the sewer entrance, and shouted.

"Bamboo shoot, where is he, call him over!"

After a while, a reply came: "Boss, which bamboo shoot?"


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