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A little glimpse of the ‘big day’! How many times do you think Ji Bai will kiss Xu Xu passionately? Haha, it’s a frivolous question! While translating this novel, it’s been a challenge to find different ways of saying ‘he pulled her into his arms’, ‘he kissed her’ or ‘he stared into her eyes’ because he does it so frequently. #relationship goals? Looks like they have some new ones, now . . .

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Flowers will Bloom in Spring

It’s so wonderfully sweet to propose and receive a marriage certificate!

Ji Bai & Xu Xu Short Story Part 1.2

2. The Record of Receiving the Certificate

The next day, the two of them went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Afterwards, each of them held a little red booklet, and both were smiling, although silent.

When they got back into the car, Ji Bai said, "I'll give my parents a call."

Xu Xu: "Ok."

Ji Bai had earlier told his family that he would be receiving the certificate within the next few days. Today, he had finally had his wish fulfilled, and he could not keep his happiness from his voice.

"Ma, Xu Xu and I have received our marriage booklets. Yes, I've not been too busy recently, and my health is fine. Xu Xu is okay, too. How's dad? Let me talk to him, too."

After a while, he passed the phone to Xu Xu, saying, "My dad wants to talk to you."

Xu Xu smiled a little as she took the phone, and said, "Uncle."

Before Ji Senior could reply, Ji Bai had already pinched Xu Xu's nose, and commented, "You should correct your words."

Xu Xu flushed slightly. It was still a little difficult to call him 'Father' so quickly.

Ji Senior had also heard what Ji Bai had said, and he laughed as he told Xu Xu, "Slowly, slowly! How's your appetite, Xiao* Xu? Let Ji Bai handle everything, and take care of your health, ok?"

* 小许 – literally, 'little Xu' (her name), a term of endearment.

Xu Xu said softly, "All right . . . Dad. You take care of yourself, too."

Ji Senior replied, "All right! That's great!"

While Xu Xu was still talking to Father Ji, her handphone rang. Retrieving it from her bag, she saw that it was Xu Jun, so she tossed the phone to Ji Bai and indicated that he should talk to him first.

Ji Bai accepted the call, and, in a voice as clear and cheerful as a spring breeze, said, "Older Brother, this is Ji Bai. Xu Xu's on the phone."

On the other end of the line, Xu Jun froze for a split second. The two of them were roughly the same age, and Ji Bai had always addressed him by his name. What strange wind was blowing today? Why on earth would he call him 'older brother'?

Xu Jun's reaction was lightning quick as he asked, "Have you received the certificate?"

"Yes, just now."

At this point, Xu Xu had finished her call with Father Ji, so Ji Bai laughingly passed the phone to her.

After Xu Xu had given Xu Jun a full report on that day's Marriage Registration, Ji Bai hugged her shoulders and said, "Let's call our Dad."

Xu Xu was startled – didn't they just speak to his father?

Then, she quickly realised – he was referring to her father. Wow! He'd slipped into that mode of address so easily.

Putting the handphone to one side, she took hold of his face with both hands and turned his head gently from side to side. After a moment's examination, she nodded, saying, "Thicker than mine by quite a bit."

Ji Bai seized her restless hands and held them firmly in his own. With his face full of laughter, he said, "Madam, you praise me too much."

After that, he could not resist closing the car windows and kissing her for a while, before he finally released her.  

With a winsome smile, Xu Xu said, "Third Brother, let's go to the harbour restaurant to eat . . ."

Ji Bai interrupted her, "What did you call me?"

" . . . Husband."

"Ah," he softly grunted. In the sunlight, his black eyes glinted like stars, but his voice was low and warm, and tantalisingly alluring. "Say it again."

Xu Xu felt her insides melt. Looking at his handsome and compelling face, she found herself unable to stop gazing at him as she uttered, "Husband."

"Ah," he said, simply. He started to drive off, then glanced at her again. "Say it a few more times, don't stop."

Xu Xu could not help but laugh. "Husband, husband, husband . . . I'll say this forever and ever! Are you satisfied now?"

The car slowly moved into the higher elevations and joined the endless stream of traffic on the roads. Looking around, Lin City shone brilliantly in the sunlight. Splendidly* decorated, tall buildings were everywhere. The view was pure and fresh, giving off an aura of prosperity at the same time. Ji Bai held in his laughter as he concentrated on driving. Meanwhile, Xu Xu leaned on his shoulder, looking at the bright blue sky and the clean white clouds. Without realising it, she fell asleep.

*花团锦簇 (huā tuán jĭn cù) – literally, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks; rich multi-coloured decorations.

This spring morning is just right. We are brimming with joy – in love, inseparable and interdependent. We are not afraid of the storms* that may pass, as we will never turn our backs on our profound emotions that run deeper than the deepest oceans.

*腥风血雨 (xīng fēng xuè yǔ) – literally, foul wind and bloody rain; carnage

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