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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Nine – The Prologue to the Feast

Zuo Mo was also slightly stunned but then became slightly smug. So ge was in such high demand!

However, he wasn't the greenhorn ge from the past that had just started out in the world. His smugness did not show one bit on his face, and his tone was filled with conflict and agitation as though he was making a greatly difficult choice. "I need to consider this."

Ceng Lian'er and Qinghua Xue looked at Zuo Mo's strange expression. They heard this sincere voice and gaped. Actor! Definitely an actor!

Kuai An's expression was puzzled. He didn't quite understand. There was nothing more that had to be said of the Council of Elders, and the Mo Shen Temple had leapt to become one of the factions in the mo territories with the greatest potential. While it was unable to compare to the Council of Elders at present, the potential it displayed definitely would allow it to become a titan in the mo territories.

Invitations from two top factions, and he seemed to be joking around?

Under Kuai An's stunned gaze, Zuo Mo hurried to keep setting up the jinzhi.

If he had been anxious before, than Zuo Mo was filled with confidence about the [King's Forbidden Firmament] now. The [King's Forbidden Firmament] had such power just in its beginning form. He greatly anticipated the completed [King's Forbidden Firmament.]

Golden Crow Camp had created something powerful!

Thinking about that group of low ranking forging xiuzhe who lived at the bottom and did not have any ambition to being able to create such powerful jinzhi now, Zuo Mo was filled with a sense of accomplishment.


At this time, Mo Cloud Sea, and Golden Crow Camp was extremely busy and moving at full speed.

The battalions had finished assembling, and the atmosphere of Mo Cloud Sea was grave and murderous.

An enormous jie map was in front of them.

Gongsun Cha had a smile of a neighbour's boy on his face.

In front of him, Shu Long, Ma Fan, A Zha Ge, Shi Dong, Wei Ran, Ye Ling, and others were gathered and sitting in a row. Any of these people if placed into another faction would be able to be a main commander, but here, they did not dare to even slack off. Each of them had the unique murderousness of a battle general on their face. Their orderly clothing and their stern expressions had became the unique traits for Mo Cloud Sea battle generals.

Bie Han only managed his Sin Battalion, and the entire battle general system of Mo Cloud Sea was managed by Gongsun Cha alone. Gongsun Cha liked a clean style and this influenced everyone under him. Even people like Lei Peng would carefully groom themselves when they went to see Gongsun Cha.

The astounding victories had caused Gongsun Cha and Bie Han's fame to grow. They had made their way into the top ranks of battle generals in the world. The commanders present either had been promoted by Gongsun Cha, or taken hostage by him after being defeated. They in turn would not doubt his orders.

It had been a long time since Mo Cloud Sea has made any big moves. Everyone's eyes burned with spirit. Other than Bie Han, all of the battle generals were present.

"Just now, we have received information that Kun Lun is participating in the fight over Xuan Kong's territories!" Gongsun Cha said with a smile.


The conference room shifted. Everyone had undisguised excitement on their faces. All of them understood what this meant.

"Daren! Let us also fight!" Lei Peng who always feared the world wasn't chaotic enough was the first to jump out.

The eyes of Shi Dong who was famed for his calmness flashed with a burning fighting spirit. He murmured to himself, "A good chance!"

The conference room was heated and noisy. Gongsun Cha did not stop them. He knew that these people had been anticipating this opportunity for a long time.

Two hours ago, Kun Lun finally could not resist and started their attack against Xuan Kong Temple! This was a strong signal, a signal that all of the Four Realms had been waiting

The feast to divide Xuan Kong Temple had started!

They had all been waiting for this signal. Everyone knew that Xuan Kong Temple was weak now. There had been more skirmishes in the past while around Xuan Kong Temple's borders than over the past one thousand years!

But Gongsun Cha did not act. He had worked hard to plan out how to gain the most benefit out of this great feast.

Looking at the excited group, his lips couldn't help but curve into a small smile. For some reason, he suddenly thought of Shixiong. How was Shixiong right now? He didn't know. If Shixiong was here right now, these problems would not even be problems!

Gongsun Cha dazed off. He always admired how Shixiong would be at ease dealing with any matter, and then show a smug expression off afterwards.

He gathered his thoughts and his gaze once again focused on these strong commanders. He took a deep breath. No matter what, he had to help Shixiong construct a good foundation!

A strong foundation that could help Shixiong complete what he wanted!

Burning fighting spirit was like a flame that was suddenly ignited and burned crazily. It spread through his calm eyes!

The commanders felt Lil' Miss's fighting spirit. The noisy conference room immediately quieted. All of their postures straightened, and looked hungrily at Gongsun Cha for the orders!

"The plan has already been given to you, I believe that you have already read it over many times so I won't go over it again."

Gongsun Cha's voice that was sharp and held a thread of craziness echoed in the conference room, and caused everyone's burning fighting spirit to become even more fanatical.

"This time, our target is fifty six jie! They have all been marked! Not one more, not one less! Any faction that obstructs you is an enemy! No matter what you do, defeat them, massacre them, take them hostage, I only have one demand, speed! With the fastest possible speed, conquer the fifty six jie!"

Gongsun Cha almost shouted at the end.

"Yes, Daren!" Everyone shouted in response.


Golden Crow Cloud Island had never been so busy before. It was filled with people, all of the core members of Golden Crow Camp gathered together. Other than this core group, there were also many outer organizations that made their expansion so enormous.

There were many outer organizations in Mo Cloud Sea. They were mostly led by one or two core members and their composition were the normal strength xiuzhe that specialized in daily skills. Some simple talisman, ling dan and ling food creation was done by these outer organizations. As Mo Cloud Sea's strength increased, the amount of items they needed also increased by an enormous amount. Golden Crow Camp alone was not enough, and so these outer organizations were born.

The young people with outstanding talent had to pass through these outer organization to increase their experience and master their respective field.

Because experts taught spells and techniques, and they could find work easily in a relatively fair competitive environment, the number of these outer organizations increased drastically.

Looking at the noisy crowd, the two masters' brows were tightly locked. Worry flashed across both pair of eyes. Compared to the well-trained and organized Golden Crow Camp, these outer organizations were almost unbearable to look at, with their chaotic management.

Thinking about Gongsun Cha Daren's astounding plan, the two masters felt the pressure increase greatly. Behind them, more than one thousand treasure ships were floating in the air, creating a spectacular scene! These treasure ships had been gathered by collecting all of the treasure ships that the businesses in Mo Cloud Sea used for transportation.

This time, they really made a great investment!

Suddenly, a paper crane flew in front of Master Sun Bao. Master Sun Bao took the paper crane and read. An excited blush came onto his face.

He handed the paper crane to Ji Wei. Ji Wei was also similarly excited.

The Golden Crow Camp members that had been waiting below looked with wide eyes at the two.

Master Sun Bao said gravely, "The battalions have already departed!"

Everyone's eyes lit up, and they shifted restlessly.

Master Sun Bao used all of his strength to shout, his voice passing through the seal formations to every corner of the cloud island.

"Everyone, take your teams, and board the treasure ships according to the order. We will follow behind the battalions. All of the jinzhi forts that we build have their locations designated already. Once the battalions conquer the region, we need to use the fastest possible speed to set up jinzhi forts!"

"All of you, listen up! The fastest! Fastest! One hundred and sixty nine jinzhi fort! Not one less!"

"Get ready to board! We depart immediately!"

The crowd started to move, it was a stampede of bodies.


Many people were floating outside the Grave Ghost Mound.

All of their gazes were focused that ruler-straight golden line of fire on the ground. No one dared to cross it. Those with power could smell the strong scent of danger, and those even stronger were more astounded by the purity of the shen power in the golden line.

The news that the Yao Council of Elders had broken the secret of shen power had been spread far and wide. The battle that had occurred just before had not escape investigation. Shen power, this ancient and unfamiliar power was like that ruler-straight golden line of fire, it became a new dividing line.

The difficulty of obtaining the secrets of shen power could be imagined.

But a marshal level had an earth mo weapon could threaten a shen power expert. This was the information taken from the battle just now.

Maybe it wasn't all earth mo weapons, but Grandmaster Xiao Yun Hai's earth mo weapons had proven this!

[Blue Horsefly] had been destroyed, the [Yin Clear Li Chakrams] had been exchanged, the value of the remaining two earth mo weapons suddenly increased. For those marshals, the [Angel Device Raiment] wasn't something they could aspire to own. The only thing that could give them a feeling of safety were the last two mo weapons.

In a flash, the last two earth mo weapons were traded for.

Yi An looked at the three Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses on his hands and was in a dilemma.

The development of events had surpassed his imagination. Xiao Yun Hai was actually Xiao Mo Ge! This unexpected result immediately caused him to end up on a train he could not get off.

He didn't have the courage to swallow the three Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass. He wasn't so stupid to provoke such a terrifying enemy for just three Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses.

But Xiao Mo Ge's situation was terrible, and surrounded by enemies!

No matter how powerful the jinzhi was, Xiao Mo Ge could not stay inside for his entire life. Once he left, he would face a situation where he was surrounded and attacked on all sides unless he threw his lot into a powerful faction.

The three strands of Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass immediately became a hot potato. If he gave them to Xiao Mo Ge, he would offend either the Mo Shen Temple or the Yao Council of Elders. If he didn't give them to Xiao Mo Ge, and if Xiao Mo Ge didn't die, then he could not afford the risk that the other would come back and settle his debts.

"Daren! Daren!" His subordinate charged in with a pale face.

Looking at his subordinate's expression, Yi An's heart turned cold.

"Kuai An Daren used Blue Horsefly to kill a yao elder. Kuai An Daren is heavily wounded, and Blue Horsefly was destroyed." The subordinate's voice was trembling.

Yi An felt his head ring.

Great trouble!

A long time later, Yi An's expression recovered from ashen white. He gritted his teeth. "Go! To the Grave Ghost Mound!"

Since they had already offended the Yao Council of Elders greatly, and didn't have any relationship with the Mo Shen Temple, the only hope they had left was Xiao Mo Ge.

Translator Ramblings: The important stuff is happening back home. Zuo Mo's like a diversion for the world.

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