Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 973 – Xuelao City's Sincerity

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Chapter 973 – Xuelao City's Sincerity

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The calm and lofty voice belonged to Madam Mu.

As the Empress of the Demi-human race and the only remaining Saint, she held unimaginable prestige within White Emperor City. But even she would find it an extremely challenging task to turn a demon into a guest. Such an action was highly likely to lead to a furious wave of protest.

The demi-human personages within the hall had far more power than the ordinary populace in front of the Imperial City, so they naturally had even more thoughts on their minds.

Only the giant figure seated at the highest seat remained quiet and unmoving, their eyes closed in silence. It was deaf to the accusations against the young man, deaf to Madam Mu's invitation, and so the stone hall was much quieter than one would expect.

Silence often symbolized oppression. The mood in the stone hall was fraught with tension. The tribal leaders of the Council of Elders and the generals and ministers of the court gave each other meaningful glances, silently stared at the ground, or narrowed their eyes as they waited for the young man in the bamboo hat to arrive.

The Beast Hall was located at the highest point of the Imperial City. In front of the hall was a large stone platform, and on the edge of the platform, a pear tree had been planted. Beyond the pear tree was a long railing made of stone. If one stood at this railing, one would be able to look down upon all the streets of White Emperor City and the turbid waves of the Red River, and even see the Celestial Trees several hundred li away.

This was the famous observation platform of the Imperial City.

The people who had the right to stand here were not here to view the scenery, but to regard the countryside, the world.

The young man in the bamboo hat walked onto the observation platform. He stood beneath the pear tree and gazed at that building made of massive stones, the Beast Hall. He did not seem intent on entering.

Whispered sounds were coming from the stone hall, mixed in with the sounds of breathing and the unexpressed thoughts of the mind.

After some time, a real voice finally came out of the stone hall. The speaker was the Grand Duke of the Demi-human Court. This important personage of the Deer tribe had always been very subdued, but for some reason, he had chosen to speak first today.

"Sire has traveled from the distant Xuelao City. For what purpose?"

The young man replied, "Of course, it is to participate in the Heavenly Selection ceremony."

The Carp tribe leader spoke, his voice gloomy and cold, like a mountain spring in the depths of winter. "You wish to marry Princess Luoluo?"

The young man indifferently answered, "Correct. I have always adored the nobility of Her Highness, so I came specially to participate in the Heavenly Selection ceremony. Is this inappropriate? According to my knowledge, neither the rules of the Heavenly Selection nor the demi-human laws forbid this."

The Carp tribe leader's voice was even colder as he asked, "You think that a demon also has this right?"

The young man calmly answered, "The Wildfire of the Celestial Tree is impartial. Yesterday, I passed the trial of the ancestral spirit, so I have the right."

The hall was quiet for a while. The demi-human personages did not know how to respond to these words. Many people had personally witnessed the activity on the mountain yesterday, and the chief priest had confirmed afterward that the young man really had passed the trial of the ancestral spirit. The traditions of the Demi-human race dictated that no matter where the young man in the bamboo hat came from, he should now be regarded as one of demi-human blood, but…

The Carp tribe leader's voice remained cold, though somewhat less than before. "Even if you have passed the Wildfire baptism and the trial of the ancestral spirit, even gained victory in the Heavenly Selection ceremony, you are still a demon, so how can you marry the princess of my race?"

The Deer tribe Grand Duke voiced his agreement. "Yes, such a thing has never happened. It is too absurd."

"Incorrect," the young man calmly said. "This sort of matter has happened many times throughout history."

At these words, the stone hall suddenly became rather noisy. In the long river of history, there were truly many princesses of the Demi-human race who had been married off to the distant Xuelao City, especially two thousand years ago. However, this was no rosy period of history, but an era of humiliation for the Demi-human race. Several tribal leaders and generals began to curse at the person outside the hall, and two with violent temperaments took out their blades and axes, wanting to hack the young man to death.

Amidst this noise, a voice suddenly spoke.

It was an incredibly deep voice, humming as it echoed through the spacious stone hall.

The cursing and discussion vanished while the two generals holding blade and axe also stopped.

Because this voice came from the Chief Elder, the second most powerful individual of the Demi-human race, the Xiang clan leader.

"Just what are your intentions?"

The cessation of conversation and cursing and the halting of the two generals had been out of respect for the Xiang clan leader.

But the silence of individuals like the Shi clan leader and the Bear tribe leader had a deeper meaning.

Last night, with the hints of the Daoist Church of the Western Wastes and the help of certain factions, they had finally discovered, or guessed, something.

The truth still remained shrouded in the mists of the mountains, still not completely revealed, but the Xiang clan leader probably already knew the young man's identity. This being the case, why was he asking him about his true intentions? What did this mean?

If they continued along this line of thinking, the questions of the Grand Duke and the Carp tribe leader were also problematic.

Their words had seemed like accusations meant to make things difficult for this young man from Xuelao City, but in reality, they were giving the young demon an opportunity to explain. Moreover, through these conversations, they had succeeded in somewhat dispelling the shock and anger brought by this matter.

The Shi clan leader and the Bear tribe leader glanced at each other, seeing the shock and apprehension in each other's eyes.

The Xiang clan leader's voice traveled from the stone hall to the observation platform.

His voice was like an ancient bell, suffused with a limitless power. Even though he had not fully displayed his strength, his voice still stirred a gale.

It was clearly midwinter, but the pear tree on the observation platform was blossoming with flowers.

The gale caused the white flowers to rustle down onto the bamboo hat and onto the young man's shoulders.

The young man's lips curved up into a faint smile as he extracted a thin book from his sleeve.

With a light flick of his finger, the thin book took flight, slowly flying into the hall like it was being dragged by an invisible string.

After some time, a cry of surprise came out of the stone hall.

This was followed by a succession of cries interspersed with a few statements of disbelief.

"What is this?"

"Is this a map of the snowy plains in the land of demons?"

"Just what are the demons up to? What is the meaning of this red line? Do they want to cede this part of their territory?"

"This is definitely a scheme, Black Robe's scheme!"

As time passed, the shouts and arguments subsided, leaving the hall silent.

One could barely make out the breathing of those demi-human personages, a somewhat rapid breathing.

The absolute silence pervading the hall resulted in a strangely oppressive mood.

Perhaps it was out of anxiety, or shock, or maybe even excitement.

After some time, a shaky voice asked, "You… can represent Xuelao City?"

The young man brushed a small white flower off his shoulder and replied, "Of course."

Another voice asked, "Xuelao City… how will you prove your sincerity?"

The young man calmly answered, "This lord has personally come. Is this not a sign of sincerity?"

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