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Chapter 1011 - The Courtyard Surrounded in the Snow

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng was not Shang Xingzhou. He did not have the lofty ambition or the will to completely exterminate the demons, but he had his own thoughts.

He hoped for the demons to be rendered extremely weak so that for the foreseeable future, they would not dare to have any designs against the Human race.

The Demon Lord's expression was very calm, with no detectable rage. "And then our races will begin trading, the two Imperial clans might even intermarry, and your race will suppress the Divine race's language and tongue, leaving only those paintings and sculptures? What a coincidence—this is my plan as well."

Chen Changsheng said nothing, only gazed at the gradually freezing tea in his cup.

There had never been anything new beneath the starry sky.

This conversation, this negotiation, had no chance of continuing.

The Demon Lord asked, "What I don't understand, since your stance is so firm, is why you came to meet me."

Chen Changsheng replied, "Because I wanted to know why you wanted to meet me."

The Demon Lord looked into his eyes. "Even if you're not willing to talk peace, we can still work together."

If they could not talk of peace but could still work together, their target was naturally a third party.

This was what had confused Chen Changsheng the most before coming.

In the current circumstances, the Demi-human race had already decided to ally with Xuelao City, and their target was naturally the Human race.

What did the Demon Lord mean here by working together? Did he think that Madam Mu could no longer control the situation? That the demi-humans would still end up continuing their alliance with the humans?

If that was true, what reason did Chen Changsheng have to work together with him?

"The situation has changed."

The Demon Lord raised his head to look up at the heavy snow falling from the sky. "On that night four days ago, the entire smell of White Emperor City changed."

Chen Changsheng knew what he was referring to. "I do not need to feel uneasy."

The Demon Lord shook his head. "I do not know what the White Emperor is thinking, and neither do you."

Chen Changsheng noticed that he spoke of the White Emperor, not Madam Mu.

The Demon Lord said, "I've always suspected that the White Emperor is pretending to be asleep."

After a moment of silence, Chen Changsheng said, "Or perhaps something really did happen."

The Demon Lord joked, "Do you have such a pessimistic view of everything?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "This is my optimistic view."

The two understood what each other meant.

The Demon Lord replied, "You are too naive. Anyone who underestimates a White Emperor will be punished, and this includes my mighty father."

Chen Changsheng asked, "If the White Emperor was not imprisoned while heavily injured, why is he hiding from the world?"

The Demon Lord explained, "It's obvious. He's sitting on the mountain while watching the tigers fight… Don't forget, he's always been the world's most tyrannical tiger, cruel and shrewd."

Chen Changsheng noted, "You seem to be afraid of him."

"Old people are all very scary, and they smell of rot."

A disgusted look appeared on the Demon Lord's face, as if he really had smelled something nasty.

Chen Changsheng asked, "What does this have to do with me?"

The Demon Lord looked into his eyes and said, "Both of us are carrying a heavy shell, crawling forward, step by step. It's very tiring."

Chen Changsheng said nothing.

The Demon Lord's gaze turned more profound. "Let's help each other remove these heavy shells. How about it?"

Chen Changsheng calmly looked back. "You want me to murder my teacher?"

"So what? I was even able to kill my father, and besides, that teacher of yours has always been a madman."

A strange look appeared on the Demon Lord's face as he said, "I just don't understand; why has he always found you so disagreeable to the eye?"

Chen Changsheng did not explain. This was a problem between him and Shang Xingzhou, and it was inappropriate to speak of it to outsiders.

"You alone are not enough to kill Shang Xingzhou."

The Demon Lord proposed, "I can help you, and once all those old codgers are dead, and we fight again, won't it be much more pleasant?"

Chen Changsheng said, "The demons stand to gain the most from a fight between me and my teacher."

The Demon Lord answered, "I understand what you mean, so before that, I will express my sincerity."

Upon hearing these words, Chen Changsheng was shocked speechless. He had not even thought in that direction.

In the snowy demon lands of the north, who else could have the same importance as Shang Xingzhou?

Chen Changsheng had never expected that the Demon Lord was prepared to come to blows with his most accomplished minister, his fellow conspirator, his own teacher!

Since he had not expected it, he naturally found it hard to believe, and these emotions manifested in his eyes.

The Demon Lord knew that it would truly be difficult to convince Chen Changsheng, but he could not give the reason.

"If you agree, I naturally won't attempt to snatch Xu Yourong or your female student. I can even give my younger sister to you."

The Demon Lord faintly smiled. "In any case, she's been by your side the entire time."

Chen Changsheng still found it impossible to understand. "Just what are you thinking?"

The Demon Lord said, "I've already said what I wanted to say. If you make a decision in the future, you might as well write me a letter."

Chen Changsheng asked, "A letter?"

The Demon Lord said, "Grand Scholar Tungus and that generation's Pope often exchanged letters. We can follow their example."

Chen Changsheng thought this proposition over, then said, "If we can both leave White Emperor City alive, I will write you a letter."

Yes, surviving was the prerequisite for everything.

Disregarding the numerous dangers hidden within White Emperor City, they were both the greatest threat to each other.

No matter how much their conversation had talked of peace, working together, help, and even friendship.

If there was a chance, they would choose without hesitation to kill the other.

Like in the moment this conversation came to an end.

Snow incessantly fell.

The only tree in the courtyard had already become white.

The only color came from the small clay stove.

Because the stove and pot were hot, and for some reason, the water in the pot never boiled dry.

Chen Changsheng and the Demon Lord no longer spoke. They quietly sat for a long time, gradually turning into two snowmen.


Countless snowmen were outside the courtyard.

The farthest were the leaders of various demi-human tribes and a few valiant and powerful experts.

On the road running by the stone wall stood several hundred Xiang clan suicide soldiers. Led by Xiang Qiu, they warily kept watch in front of them.

The Xiang clan leader stood at the very front, a massive snow-capped mountain.

But he was not the person closest to the courtyard.

Closest to the courtyard were five carriages. The Archbishop of the Western Wastes and his priests stood behind the carriages, all of them extremely respectful.

Besides the five carriages, there was also a group of people standing in the snow.

They were government laborers, a girl who bought cosmetics, fortune-tellers, elders who sold sesame seed candy, and a blind zither player.

The Xiang clan leader stared at the blind zither player, his expression incredibly grave.

As one of the strongest demi-human experts, only half a step from the Divine, why could he not see through this blind zither player?

And just what sort of people were inside those five carriages?

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