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  • Reborn as my Love Rival’s Wife

    Alternative : 重生成为情敌妻
  • Author(s): Shu Hua (舒怀)
  • GENRES: Comedy - Gender Bender - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • View : 105,937
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  • rate : 4.5/ 5 - 14 votes

Reborn as my Love Rival’s Wife summary:

There was once a very hot debate on the internet before:
If you woke up one day in the morning and discovered that your body had changed into the opposite sex, what would be your first reaction?
An internet user gave out a very famous answer:
Younger brothers, first molest yourself a bit!
Su Jian remembered that when he had first read this comment, he slammed the table and exclaimed: Good brother, well said!
But now, when he really faced such a strange situation, he could only feel extremely ball ached and shake in fear, grief, and resentment: F*CKING BASTARD! F*ck it all! F*ck you!
Eh, let’s correct it a bit. The words used above were slightly wrong, because our pitiful student Su Jian already no longer had a dick.

Reborn as my Love Rival’s Wife Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 51 Jan-28-18
Chapter 50 Jan-21-18
Chapter 49 Jan-20-18
Chapter 47 Dec-27-17
Chapter 46 Dec-27-17
Chapter 45 Dec-18-17
Chapter 44 Dec-13-17
Chapter 43 Dec-13-17
Chapter 42 Dec-03-17
Chapter 41 Nov-23-17
Chapter 40 Nov-23-17
Chapter 39 Nov-20-17
Chapter 38 Nov-13-17
Chapter 37 Nov-07-17
Chapter 36 Nov-02-17
Chapter 35 Nov-01-17
Chapter 34 Oct-31-17
Chapter 33 Oct-30-17
Chapter 32 Oct-29-17
Chapter 31 Oct-28-17
Chapter 30 Oct-20-17
Chapter 29 Oct-20-17
Chapter 28 Oct-14-17
Chapter 27 Oct-09-17
Chapter 26 Oct-02-17
Chapter 25 Sep-30-17
Chapter 24 Sep-29-17
Chapter 23 Sep-29-17
Chapter 22 Sep-29-17
Chapter 21 Sep-29-17
Chapter 20 Jun-06-17
Chapter 19 Jun-06-17
Chapter 18 Jun-06-17
Chapter 17 Jun-06-17
Chapter 16 Jun-06-17
Chapter 15 Jun-06-17
Chapter 14 Jun-06-17
Chapter 13 Jun-06-17
Chapter 12 Jun-06-17
Chapter 11 Jun-06-17
Chapter 10 Jun-06-17
Chapter 9 Jun-06-17
Chapter 8 Mar-08-17
Chapter 7 Mar-06-17
Chapter 6 Mar-05-17
Chapter 5 Mar-03-17
Chapter 4 Mar-03-17
Chapter 3 Feb-24-17
Chapter 2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 1 Jan-25-17
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