Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 46

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- -

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Vs Lacis, Part 2

TN:There is graphic violence in this chapter, so be beware.


Clearly Lacis is very strong.

I has been less than an hour since the battle started.

Even though Lucis and I are fighting together against her, we have yet to even hit her.

Also the same expressionless face of Lacis, that same since the classroom, she has kept even since we started fighting her. While also fighting with just her bare hands.

"Haa . . . Haa. . . hey, Lucis . Isn't your older sister a little too strong?"

"Lacis is the most powerful of all of Lucifer's servants.Lucifer is obviously stronger though. So this much strength is expected."

Second strongest behind Lucifer. . . . .

This fight is more hopeless than I thought.

From my assessment, Ruina and Lucis are around the same strength. My plan was to get as close as possible to their strength during this 1 month of training.

In addition to having the magic sword (Queen zest) Along with the love from the swordsman Iris. I think my balance should be more balanced.

"Is that it? Is lucis weaker than before? No, She is burdened by that girl and can not fully demonstrate her strength. If you were alone, there would have been a bit more of a fight behind you."

Lakis said that while sighing. . . Am I holding Lucis back?

"Nagi-sama, Please do not mind what Lacis is saying."

"But. . . "

"Nagi-sama i recognized you as my master. So please have more confidence."

(That's right. Nagi-kaasama is also recognized by many lovers. So don't be discouraged by this girl's lie.)

My maid and daughter said such things, As a mother it impossible for me not to stop.

I raised the magical sword (Queen Zest) once again feeling more confident.

"You are not giving up, even with the difference of ability being apparent. That is a quite admirable."

"I have important friends, lovers, and my daughter. I can't die here. . . Also, why haven’t you attacked?"

From the start of the fight, Lacis has never attacked us. I thought it was just to judge our fighting.

"I was just waiting and seeing. As the same with Lucifer-sama, I hunger for battle. And just like her, If I was to kill anything, I would need to enjoy it. . ."

So guessing from her words and I think she is preparing now preparing to enter the fight.

Terrible amount of pressure was released from her.

"You were a let down though. If you are not even worth the pleasure in fighting. Why is Lucifer-sama . . . No, it doesn't matter. Well now, So i suppose I will move now?"(さて、そろそろ私も動くとしますか)(TN:Idk tbh, i kinda wanted to translate as, "will slowly be at risk of being influenced" but this sorta makes sense.)

Right when Lacis finished saying that she vanished.

And then, I think she appeared right next to me.


A blow hit the pit of my stomach.

"Uuu. . ."


I crumbled down to my knee. A cold sweat was falling from my forehead.

Ugu, the earth shattering pain. . . . . I feel nauseous.

I was desperately suppressing the severe pain and terrible need to vomit.

But- – –

"Seems like you can probably take some more. There seems to be more needed to end this."

Saying that, Lacis grabbed my hair casually, raising me. She then kicked me into away into the air, like a soccer ball.(TN:They specifically say soccer ball, so don't let it get to you football fans.)

She then flew to chase me,then knocking me towards the ground with her heel.

I crashed into the ground hard. Making a crater around my impact.

I tried to use the (Queen Crest) as a cane to help me get back up. But Lacis did not allow me to get up.

She dropped on me, and then continued to beat me, increasing the beating as well.

Many times my consciousness seemed to fly away because of the terrible pain, but I could not faint. She was using some spell to not allow me to faint.

She also seems to be using recovery magic. The damage I am receiving I should be dead. But i was not allowed to die.

Although only less than a minute has passed,It felt like an eternity to me.

My hell finally was put on hold.

"Fuu. My anger still seems to be raging,but I do not have the time for this. So i guess I'll have to leave the torture here. Well, time to finish this. . . "

Enduring the pain, I raised my face to see her- – – Her face was stained with hatred of me.

She glared at me, as if saying."Who said you could raise your face?" Then pressing my face back into the ground with her foot.

". . . . . that, . . . . .It?"


With all of my last strength shaked off Lacis' foot and got up.

And I started heading slowly towards Lacis, who was backing up a little.

"Did I do something to you!?! I haven't done anything to you! Why are you doing such a thing then!?! Do you think this is funny!?! I only wanted to live an ordinary peaceful life,and despite that you guys come and try to wreck that! I will not allow anybody to intrude on my peace. I don't care if you are Lucis' big sister. I absolutely do not allow you to do this!!"

I shouted as loud as I could.

The atmosphere trembled.

I remembered when I was still in Japan. At that time, I was always bullied at school, and was beaten just like now. I have repeatedly wanted to cry,but I endured it each and every time. But I am already at my limit. Why even when I am go to another world, do I see those eyes.

Tears fall from my eyes.

However I am past my limit.I collapse just like before.

My body won't listen to me anymore. My consciousness slowly starts to fade.

A shock struck my back. I saw Lacis penetrate my body with her hand.But i did not feel any pain,perhaps cause i was paralyzed.

Ahh, Will i die here? Ruina, Zest, Linde, Iris, the student council, and Lucis. Plus the others who have becoming my friends here.


Thank to you, I enjoyed my life for the first time.

Thank you very much. And goodbye. . .

TN here, Well this was quite a turn from the (yuri flirt manga). Even the author points it out.This was kinda graphic in all honesty. Also was kinda hard translating this chapter cause it is HOT. was 117 degree Fahrenheit ( or 47 degree Celsius.) yesterday.

Next chapter probably in 2-4 days. probably 2 but it hot so like kinda only do this during the night/evening when its only 90 degree. . . Next chapter is from Lacis’ pov.

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