Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 47

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- -

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Vs Lacis, Part 3

From Lacis' point of view.


"Is it done?"

In front of me was a black haire—– Nagi in a terrible state. Fall to the ground, she did not even twitch while on the ground.

I looked down at it with cold eyes.

"I was shocked by your last roar, but seems to have worn you out. So let this be your finishing."

I pierced Nagi's chest with my hand that was imbued with magic. Alright, this should definitely kill.

I killed Nagi so there is no more to do here. Let's go home.

But will Lucifer-sama forgive me?

No, Lucifer-sama was tricked by this woman,it should only be a temporary thing. They will understand when explained.

Alright. I will have to force my younger sister if I need to.

I forgot about her, as I was completely preoccupied by Nagi being blown away by my kick, also as I made her hang in between consciousness.

But my cute younger sister. I will give you a punishment when I return, but I will forgive you if you reflect enough on it. Then us sisters will be fully devoted to Lucifer-sama. Then she will completely forget about that pretty girl.

I only launched the girl a little distance away. I expect to see her looking for her.

However – – – – I don’t see her.

"Where the heck is that girl?. . . ."

When I tried to walk out to search for her- – – –


I felt a sharp pain from my back to the abdomen.

I looked out to see a beautiful swords protruding from my stomach.

Is she still alive?

I casually looked backwards to see – – – – Lucis grinding her teeth while a cold sweat was washing over her. She is in terrible pain.

In her hand is the magic sword (Queen Zest) that should have been by the fallen Nagi.

"Kuu, I removed it. . . ."

"Lucis, what the heck are you doing!! That sword will make you stay in bed for a week, just from the pain already! Quickly drop the sword!!"

I also forgot the severe pain i feel in my abdomen and cried out in pain.

"I will kill us both! You killed Nagi-sama. . . ."

"Stop this foolishness!!"

I slapped her many times over but she stubbornly refused to drop the sword.

Magic sword(Queen Zest) gives its wielder an acute pain just by touching it unless they have ruler's qualities. If an ordinary person hold it, they can easily die just from the shock of the pain.

Lucis who does not have a sturdy body like me or Lucifer's mighty mind, or mind and body will not last. In fact blood was coming out of her body.

I can not allow my cute little sister die in such a place. . .

I will make you let go of that sword, even if I need to cut of her hand.

I struck down at her hand with my hand imbued with magic – – — and the hand was lobbed off.

I quickly and removed the (Queen Zest) from my body. And rushed to heal lucis.

Kuu, My magic will be less effective, because of the incredible pain i'm having. It has been a while since I have felt this much pain.

If its not healed quickly enough. Lucis will – – –

"Move aside."

I heard a commanding voice from above my head. That even makes myself feel chills.

What awaited me when I raised my head, was the supposedly dead Nagi.

The light was gone from her pupils.

Looking at the figure of Nagi, I reflectively walked back.

Is this fear? . . .

Nagi gently hugged Lucis, completely ignoring me.

"Sorry, Lucis. Because of my carelessness. You are going through terrible pain."

"No. Compared to the pain that Nagi-sama received, this is nothing."

"Stay still (God's blessing.)"

Nagi used a super high class recovery magic. The wound on Lucis' body vanished, and it finally returned to the original form.

"Alright, with this."

"Thank you very much, Nagi-sama. Alright I will heal you now. . ."

"No, it is alright. Its probably too late now."


Lucis went pale from Nagi's words.

"What on earth are you saying?. . ."

"I've exhausted all my remaining power healing Lucis and I am trying my hardest just to stay conscious right now. Besides, Look at my wound. It’s too late. . . "

Nagi suddenly collapsed into Lucis' embrace in the middle of talking.

"Nagi-sama, Nagi-sama, Please hold on !! Racis, If you are fine better, than just please help me heal Nagi-sama!!"


I forgot that Lucis always yells at me.

I have no choice but to agree, with that overwhelming threatening attitude.

"(High heal)!! ( Greater heal)!! Shit. it’s no good."

I also casted may recover spells with Lucis, to try and help my enemy Nagi.

The wound healed to a certain extent, but Nagi would not open her eyes.

"Lacis, can't you not use superclass recover magic!!!"

"I can't use it!! You also can't use such a spell!"

I specialized in battle magic, I am bad at recovery magic.

Besides I know the truth already. Because it was me who made this situation.

It is already too late, even i I knew how to use superclass recovery magic.

Nagi – – – – can not be helped any more.

That fact that you were alive as long as you were.

Because it's already been awhile since i used my final blow on Nagi.

The percentage of her being saved is 0%. It's hopeless.

Still, Lucis continued to cast her recover magic, over and over again – – – – Until her magic reserves were exhausted.

"That's enough, Lucis. You are over exerting yourself."

Nagi gently placed her hands onto Lucis cheeks. Her eyes where faint, but they were wide gazing at Lucis'.

"No it's not enough! What maid just watches their master die in front of them!? I will definitely help Nagi, Even if this life is exhausted!"

" That would trouble me. I do not want Lucis to die."

"But i feel the same way for you! And besides Nagi is suppose to be a queen, I can not allow such a person to die!"

"Oh that again. I am just an ordinary girl."

I've never seem Lucis make such a facial expression. . .

Lucis has complete faith in Nagi, and Nagi also has a similar trust to Lucis till the end.

That is the ideal relationship for a master and maid. I could not hide my complete shock to this revelation.

Have I just committed a terrible mistake?

The conversation continued as I had a terrible revelation.

"Anyhow It cannot be helped anymore. So listen carefully. Do not chase after me even if I die. Lacis does not seem to be hostile any more so do not try and fight. You might just think I am sweet,But its because sisters should not try to kill each other. Also something else. Send my best regards to Ruina, Linde,and Iris. Especially Ruina,you must absolutely make sure she does not commit suicide. Tell them to forget about me. I can't hold on any longer but that is my last reques- – – ."

Nagi's eyes were completely closed by then.

"Nagi-sama, You're lying right? Please tell me it's a lie. You're faking it, It's a lie. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

I ran away from Lucis, abandoning her grieving cries.

TN here. This was kinda a sad 1, don’t really have much to say. There was like 2 I was confused with Mr.meh but i decided to not ask and use my head, because i didn’t want to break the pace of the story.

Next chapter in 2-3 days. We will see where Nagi is now.

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