Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 48

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- -

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Rendezvous with a Goddess

"Uhh, . . . where am I?"

I woke up to see a pure white room.

Was that all a dream?. . .

But the pain I felt from Lacis was genuine. I clearly remember my body getting colder and colder.

I am confident to say, that I died.

I touched and checked around my body. To see if anything was off.

I looked down to see no wound, in fact my body was clean.

. . .  And naked, for some reason.

"Looks like you finally woke up, Nagi."

When I turned my face to the direction of the voice, There was a beautiful woman equal to my appearance.

"Did you say it yourself? Do you not deny it anymore?"

Beautiful woman with a shocked expression.

That voice seems familiar . . . . .

"AH! Perhaps are you Lirus-sama?"

"Ding Ding. Correct."

Lirus-sama said so in a monotone voice.

That voice harbors some doubts.

"Lirus-sama are you alright?"

"Lirus-sama is quite depressed, because of Nagi-sama's death."

Completely unaware of her pressences.Nadisan (angel form) interjected.

"That's right. In order for Nagi-chan to not die a painful death I gave her (Harem Queen), but she died anyways. So onee-san is sad . . .  It did not last."

Lirus-sama's voice suddenly changed. Very Lucifer like voice.

That type of tone irritates me. I looked at Lucis, with a scowl.

"Such a glare, It could not be helped. Because I thought Lucifer calmed down I got careless, I never expected to see her subordinate doing it on her own. Moreover that subordinate is the next strongest of Lucifer's servants, You really were not lucky."

So that means that Lacis did that on her own volition?

"Is that so, So what happened to me after I died? Is Lucis alright?

"Even though you died,it is a very somber calm there. Also it’s alright. Lucis is safe. Lacis ran away without doing anything else after that."

"That is wonderful. . .How long has it been since I died?"

"It’s been a week on that planet since you died. . . However I wonder if it’s okay to say this. . ."

Lirus-sama seems to be at a lost of words.

"Please tell me. Please tell me it isn't somebody committed suicide to chase after me."

"Hmm, okay. Akade academy is completely overworked. Including Lucis, your harem members and the student council are terrible right now. They are all zombie like right now. Fortunately nobody is dead, but. . ."

"If none of them plan on chasing me into death, then that fine. But, I am worried. I hope they forget about me quickly. . ."

"It's tough right now. They became really attached to you, your presence made a big impression on them. It would take at least 50 years for them to get back on their feet."

50 years. . .

I am happy they are thinking about me,But I want them to quickly forget about me so they can live a happy life.

"You've been awfully composed.Are you not lonely to not be able to meet your lovers?"

". . . . I am definitely lonely. My chest hurts so much, I just want to burst out and cry. But it won't make me feel revived. I just wish for their happiness hundred times more. . ."

Really though. I can not meet Ruina and them again. . .

I don't like it .

I want to see them! I already miss them. Just talking to them.Just seeing their faces. Its only been two months since I met them. Yet I want it so bad!!

I want to meet, i want to see , I want to see, I want to. . . I want to see them so bad.

Lirus-sama gently embraced me, while I broke down and started crying.

I kept crying in Lirus-sama's chest until I could cry no more.

"You alright?"

"Gusuu. . . . y yah, I am fine."(おぢづぎまじだ)(Tn: I have no idea.)

"You’re not fine at all. Look! My panties. Please blow your nose with them."

I blew my nose with Lirus-sama's panties- – –

"No, These is not tissues! What? Why are they panties!?"

I forgot I was crying.

"Do you not like my panties? If you want, I can undress and give you fresh ones."

"If that is the case . . . I won't hesitate."

"Fufu, That was a joke. Do you feel better?"

". . . But. . "

Though thanks to that I was able to call down.

Once I received a goddess' panties. . . Ah, Which reminds me. I am currently naked.

Alright, Let's put on the panties. Put on, Put on . . .

"Don't hesitate to put on the panties of another. If there is such a desire for wearing them.(Monotone voice.)"

"For women only though. I would rather die than wear mens."

". . .  I don't think you have to worry about that."

Nadisan seemed to be shocked but acted like she ignored that comment.

"To receive such a holy gift."

"You can do want you want with my painties, but wait a second. I have something to tell you."

What could it be?

Lirus-sama looked into my eyes with a serious expression and took a deep breath.

"Nagi listen.If i told you that you could come back to life. . . What would you do?"

Eh? I can come back to life?

"Is it true? Can I really come back to life?"

"Yes, but it won't be easy."

"If I can be come back to life. I will overcome any challenge."

Yes! If i can come back to life, I could meet Ruina and them.

I am so glad. I might cry again . . . .

"Yes,My bra. Please use my bra to wipe your tears."

"Thank you. . . . This again!"

Everytime I cry Lirus-sama would undress for me. . .

For the time being I'll attach. . . . ! This bra is atleast an F cup.

Does Lirus-sama wear these?

"Sorry,but my hand. . . This is too much so I will return this."(すみませんけどこれは私の手・・・じゃなくて胸に余るのでお返ししますね)(TN:this is alittle confusion)

"Nagi-chan is promising! As expected adventurers and chest are A ranked. . . sweet. Nagi-chan will surely"(ナギちゃん上手いっ!さすが冒険者も胸もAランク・・・・あぶなっ。ナギちゃんいきなりなにするの!)(TN:I kinda just gave up and said screw it.)

Lirus-sama unexpected comments,damit. I really don't want to hear Ruina say that. Because it will pierce my heart.

I see. . . I can not see in front of me because of my previous tears. . .

" I will explain it. Because it seems that Lirus-sama will not progress this topic.There is one way that Nagi-sama can come back to life. It is to reincarnate into the body of an angel."


"Yes. Now Nagi is only a soul, and you need a body to return.And right now, Nagi-sama's body has already decayed too much."

"I am suppose to have a substitute angel body?"

"Simply putting it, yes."

I see.

"If I come back to life, what will happen to my face and looks then?"

"If you received the incarceration.  Nagi's original looks will not be a problem, so do not worry about it."

That means my breast won't get any larger. . . That's unfortunate.

"Nagi is already plenty cute, so don't worry about it. Besides, small tits are a status symbol. It’s a rare value."

Why does Lirus-sama know that line?

"I love japanese animes and mangas. I especially love watching girl love in them."

Perhaps that’s the reason I was brought to this world. . . .

TN: here. Trying this font cause it more visible. Seems like Nagi is coming back anime style .

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