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Warning to the readers: This chapter has a brief sex scene. It doesn't go into detail, but if you are uncomfortable with it, I have summarized this chapter in the following paragraph.  If there are mature scenes in future chapters, I will continue to put a disclaimer and provide a summary for readers that want to skip it.

Summary: Bai Yan Liang wakes up in a dark room. There is an unknown man lying next to her. She wonders if this is a dream due to her broken heart. He kisses her, and it tastes like peppermint. She doesn't know who he is and asks him. He is surprised since she was the one that came to him. They have sex, and she loses her virginity. She thinks it has to be a dream but is confused how she can feel everything so clearly. She faints.

Story below:

? "En......I'm a bit cold......"

A delicate and soft voice mewed. Two small and soft hands somewhat lazily spiraled up. Suddenly the hands reached something. The owner of the hands' subconscious started to race around a bit.

At the moment, she felt like she was about to be engulfed by an ocean. She need to grab onto something to prevent herself from drowning.

"Cold? I'll immediately warm you up," said a man's deep voice with slight dark tone. It had a particularly "sexy" feeling.

Bai Yan Liang was like she was hit on the head. Her entire body suddenly was startled. Somewhat belatedly, she suddenly realized the current situation seemed wrong.

Whose voice was it just now?

She strained to open her eyes, but it was completely dark in front of her. Nothing could be seen. Yet in front of her nose there was blatant breathing. Hot breath blew on her face. She subconsciously closed her eyes.

Am I dreaming?

Could it be she was so broken-hearted that she had a "wanton" dream?

This thought just flashed through her mind when her lips were already forcefully sealed by another. She made a surprised sound then felt something suck on her lip. A tongue entered. Bai Yan Liang jumped. Even if her mind was currently sluggish, it could still sense. It was a person's tongue that just rushed in. She didn't even have a change to mentally prepare. Bai Yan Liang once more opened her eyes. Long eyelashes uneasily fluttered. In the hazy dark, there was only a pitiful beam of moonlight to help her see. She could see a row of long and stiff eyelashes right in front of her.

She could sense that person's lips and tongue had a slight peppermint taste and his "Ahhh!! Hurts, it hurts! Quickly get out!"

"Damn it! This is your first time?" The person sharply inhaled. After being kissed by him for several seconds, Bai Yan Liang felt like she couldn't breathe. She reached out and pushed, but he tightened his grip on her waist.

Regardless if this was a dream or not, she still thought it was too provocative. Even if she was more naive, she still understood what would happen next. It scared her!

That's why she wanted to push him away, but within her body was an even more intense feeling flooding away her resistant thoughts. Her body was thirsting for the man's touch, wanting it even more......

"......Don't. You......who are you?" She struggled to open her mouth. She vaguely muttered the words.

Within the dark, the corner of the man's mouth curved sexily. He reached out to the woman under him. He grabbed her legs and placed them on her shoulders. Then he straightened his body and knelt between her legs. One hand holding his desire, he found the position. In one stroke, he reached the end.

"You came to my bed, yet still ask who am I?"

The man's thick and long thing brought a scorching feeling, as if Bai Yan Liang was being split in half. Her hazy consciousness instantly cleared a lot. She just felt that thing enter her body deeply. She cried out in pain, tears falling like rain......

Is this a dream?

It has to be a dream!

But why does she feel every sensation so clearly? Pain continuously tears at her senses; Her hands continuously moved around. She wanted to grab onto something but couldn't grab onto anything. She only felt something in her body wantonly ramming in. Then her subconscious shuddered and withdrew.

 Because of her tight clasp, the man's inner beast at once awakened and came out. He tightly gripped Bai Yan Liang's legs that were propped on his shoulders. No longer aware if this was or wasn't her first time or if it would hurt her, he even more forcefully continued to enter and withdraw......

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