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The old man's face had turned a bright scarlet. He stared at the empty elevated platform for a long time before finally exploding in rage!


An enraged roar like that of a lion in front of the Buddhist temple sounded out as he lifted his head.

A beautiful brocade box was rising through the air rapidly, and a silk thin line was dropping from the roof of the auction hall.

Of the ten brocade boxes on the stage, the third box was currently being bound by the silk line and was rising through the air.

Since the old man dared to put the ten boxes on the stage, it also meant that he had great faith in his own abilities. For a mere Longtu Dynasty, their strongest expert was merely a Peak Foundation Establishment cultivator. One could say that under the supervision of this old man, the auction was completely safe!

"Break!" The old man was properly enraged this time as he executed a secret technique. A golden flying dagger about the size of a palm flew out of his sleeves, slashing towards the silk line!

The old man was completely confident in his abilities. This flying dagger was forged from Golden Geng metal and nourished with his energy for close to a hundred years. It could even slice through a city wall with ease, not to mention this thin line!

Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, the golden flying dagger instantly shot out at three times the speed of sound!

It disappeared for a brief moment before reappearing right beside the thin line!


The thin line was struck by the flying dagger and a deafening ring sounded out. But unexpectedly, the silk line remained intact!

The Golden Geng Flying Dagger continued onward with great momentum, bringing the thin line with it to smash into the wall behind it!

The same way a steel wire would sink into the ground if one tried to cut through it on a soft ground, the thin line at most bent, but would not break.

"Eh? What's going on?"

The purple-robed old man's face changed drastically. The connection between him and this specially nourished treasured dagger of his had been forcibly cut off!

'This is a cultivation world! The speed of this golden flying dagger was really fast! What a powerful strength!' Bei Feng's expression also changed drastically as he observed the palm-sized flying dagger through his special vision.

"Sh*t! I need to reel the line back quickly!" Bei Feng murmured as he stood up and rotated the axis wheel with all his might using his most well trained right hand.

It was only a flying dagger for now, and the fishing line remained unbroken. But if a super mighty ultimate skill from the cultivation world appeared next, that would be terrible!

The mighty old cultivators from the large clans remained seated without a word. This situation was a matter of the auction hall, and was none of their business. They only needed to continue watching the show peacefully.

"What a strong flying dagger! That dagger must be a spirit weapon!" Sensing the awesome might from the flying dagger, someone could not help but to exclaim.

"Right, I wonder who was it with such great courage, to dare make a move at Heavenly Treasures Pavilion!"

The crowd had all backed off far way from the old man in fear of getting caught up in the fight. Seeing the might of the flying dagger, everyone was impressed and were discussing excitedly.

"Strange, the brocade box is still hanging in midair... could it be that the flying dagger had failed to cut through the line?" Someone pointed out.

That person's tone was filled with doubt, as if he didn't dare to believe that possibility!

That was a low-grade spirit weapon! Even a low-grade spirit weapon was not something that a normal weapon could be compared with!

The thin line quickly grew taut and the line once again shot out of the hole in the hall. The golden flying dagger hung on the line and no matter how the old man willed for it to return and no matter how he executed all sorts of hand seals, it did not respond at all!

While the old man was forming his hand seals, the brocade box had already disappeared into the black vortex!


"Please calm your anger, Senior! This junior did not know that Senior was coming. Please forgive the ignorance of this junior!"

The influential powers on the second and third floor were all staring with shock as they looked at the actions of the old man. By now, how could they still not know that a real heaven-shaking Lord had appeared?!

Everyone suddenly felt extremely nervous. This kind of powerful character could easily slaughter everyone in the venue with just a single finger!

The moment the old man's golden dagger disappeared into the black vortex, he spat out a large mouthful of blood as the spiritual imprint he left in the dagger was immediately wiped away!

As he finally turned his eyes onto the black vortex, the terror in the old man's heart intensified. Enduring the pain in his body and spirit, he immediately knelt onto the ground and begged for forgiveness.

'Heavens! This broken land does not even have a Jindan practitioner, so why did such a powerful lord appear?!' The old man complained bitterly in his heart. Anyone who could transcend space was undoubtedly a true hegemon! Those characters were at least in the Yuanying realm! How did such a character suddenly gain an interest in the auctioned items of their lowly Heavenly Treasures Pavilion?!

The black vortex remained remained spinning silently, without a single reply coming from it. A few seconds later, it completely closed and disappeared. The old man also finally crawled up from the ground. His heart was filled with gratitude and joy! Although his lifeblood weapon was severed, he at least managed to keep his life!

"Farewell, Senior!"

The old man did not care if the senior could hear him or not as he bowed respectfully.

"The auction will end here today!" The old man announced after he surveyed the crowd silently. Everyone was in a state of shock, so there was no way for the auction to continue in this atmosphere anymore. Furthermore, the matter of the appearance of a Yuanying expert in Longtu Dynasty must be reported back to the Heavenly Treasures Pavilion with haste!


Bei Feng did not know what it meant to have suddenly become a Yuanying expert. The language in the strange world was completely different from his own. To Bei Feng, it was like a person who had never come into contact with the English language trying to speak English. The whole speech the old man made was like gibberish in his ears, and he did not understand a single word of it.

At this moment, two items slowly appeared in the Ancient Well. Bei Feng's eyes lit up like a child's on a Christmas morning. It was time to open the presents again!

"Ding! Grade 4 treasure obtained, Flying Dagger! (This is a weapon forged with Geng Gold. It has the all-conquering attribute, and can be controlled with Mental Power and Magic Power. It can approach without casting a shadow and leave without leaving a trace. It can also easily behead anything within the user's mental and magic power's range of perception! The Flying Dagger is imbued with 18 different kinds of magic formations. Contains a sliver of spiritual intelligence; Can be bound with blood and kept in user's body!) Experience gained: 9,600! Advancement requirements met. Advance?"

"Ding! Grade 4 treasure obtained, Spatial Ring! (A world within a flower, Mt Meru and the mustard seed! [1] This is a miraculous accessory made from Spatial Crystals. Has a space of 30 cubic meters! Can be bound by blood. Note: This Spatial Ring cannot store living things!) Experience gained: 10,000! Advancement requirements met. Advance?"

Bei Feng's mouth dropped wide open as he read the System notification. A spatial ring! This... he was really far too lucky! But before he could even rejoice, another System notification sounded in his ears.

"Ding! White Jade Fishing Rod has been damaged. Repair?"

Bei Feng was a bit taken aback. The White Jade Fishing Rod looked completely fine, so how could it be damaged? But the System would never make an erroneous judgment. Since it said that the White Jade Fishing Rod was damaged, it must be true.

"Could it be because of this Flying Dagger?"

Bei Feng rubbed his temples thoughtfully. The White Jade Fishing Rod was obviously as flawless as ever, so it must be where the Flying Dagger was.

With just a look, his expression paled. The Flying Dagger had indeed failed to cut through the fishing line, but it had hacked halfway through it! The dagger was lodged in the line and restricted by the mysterious might of the fishing line!

"If this blade was any sharper, or if the person who executed the attack was a bit stronger, the line would have been broken!"

Bei Feng was extremely shocked at this realization. So the seemingly invincible fishing line could actually be broken!

Having determined the area of damage, Bei Feng drew his finger lightly over the blade of the Flying Dagger. A stream of blood immediately appeared which was directly absorbed by the blade.

Bei Feng lifted his finger and looked at the wound speechlessly. A strange power remained on the wound, preventing the wound from healing by itself! A prickling sensation of pain even emanated from the wound.

Bei Feng felt a faint connection with the Flying Dagger as he gripped the dagger and pulled it out. With a thought, it disappeared into his body.

"Repair the White Jade Fishing Rod!"

Bei Feng commanded mentally.

"The reparation fee will be 30,000 experience points this time. Accept?"

'F*ck... it needs so many experience points?!'

[1] TL/N: Seems to be a reference to a buddhist text. Mount Meru (Sanskrit: मेरु, Tibetan: ཪི་རྒྱལ་པོ་རི་རབ་, Sumeru, Sineru or Mahameru) is a sacred cosmological mountain with five peaks in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual universes.

The passage could be inferred to have the meaning of inserting the largest item into the smallest space, and represent an impossible task.

Nāgārjuna's Refutation of Logic stated that: "Because resemblance through slight similarities cannot be admitted, and because all could be compared with all, so even Mt Meru could be compared with a mustard seed".

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