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A woman as beautiful as this, no wonder she would not leave her son's mind. If His Majesty saw her, the Imperial Palace would not have a place for her, the Empress, anymore.

Recalling the aim of this trip again, she realized she did not have the time to fight with Ye Ling about the estate. Her beautiful eyes intently watched Yun Luofeng, contemplation appearing in her eyes. "Miss, what should I call you?"

"Yun Luofeng," Yun Luofeng shot her a sidelong glance and took her time replying.

"Yun Luofeng," Empress Rong muttered these three words, light flashing through her eyes before saying in a straightforward manner. "This time, the main purpose of this Empress' visit is to see you. This Empress only wants to ask you: Do you want to become someone great?"

Yun Luofeng raised her brow, and her arms folded across her chest as she asked with a faint smile, "What do you mean?"

"I have an opportunity here to help you stand above the mass." Empress Rong chuckled coldly. "It will depend on whether you can grasp this chance. If you can grasp it, this Empress will let the matter of you hurting Luo'er become bygones."

"Oh?" Yun Luofeng lightly laughed and bewitchingly raised her eyebrows. "I'm uncertain what kind of chance you are speaking of. Let's hear it."

Seeing the young girl's expression, Empress Rong thought there was hope, so joy, along with disdain, surfaced in her heart. 

She actually thought a woman with such an unrivaled appearance would have a strong backbone. It turned out it was so-so and was not all too different from those women in the brothels. 

"As long as you're willing to listen to this Empress, this Empress can gift you to Manager Wu Zhong from Luofeng Pavilion! So long as you latch onto him, your future will be safe and peaceful from now on."

Empress Rong haughtily lifted her chin, her cool, elegant appearance filled with derision. Her eyes were intently watching Yun Luofeng, as though she had already determined that the girl would snatch this chance.

Qingyan, the little maidservant standing behind Yun Luofeng, was dumbfounded by her words. 

She didn't hear wrong, right?

Was there something wrong with this Empress' mind? Was she actually going to give the shadow master of Luofeng Pavilion to a mere manager of the pavilion like a present? And she was even claiming that she was bestowing Miss with a chance to become someone superior.

"Are you referring to the Luofeng Pavilion's manager?" Yun Luofeng lightly chuckled. "I thought it was some important character, but it turns out it's merely a servant."

Wasn't that right though? 

In the eyes of Luofeng Pavilion's true master, wasn't Manager Wu Zhong nothing but a servant?

In any case, Empress Rong would never have imagined that this young, beautiful girl would actually be Luofeng Pavilion's master! If she knew everything, she would definitely find a hole to permanently burrow herself in!

"Servant?" Empress Rong was briefly taken back before abruptly started laughing. "Miss Yun, don't you know of Luofeng Pavilion's fame? This Luofeng Pavilion became renowned all over Liujin Kingdom in this short half-year period. And Manager Wu Zhong of Luofeng Pavilion is also a high-level, advanced-rank martial artist. Even when our imperial clan's expert sees him, he has to show some consideration, so he's not just some servant! You better be more polite when you see him."

To Empress Rong, the reason that Yun Luofeng would talk this big was unquestionably due to her ignorance, and because she was oblivious to Luofeng Pavilion's famous reputation. Now that she had revealed Wu Zhong's strength, this young lady would surely throw herself into his arms with delight in her heart.

At that time, she could then use Yun Luofeng as a bridge to get acquainted with Manager Wu Zhong.

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