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The moment Yin Shuang succeeded in her sneak attack, her body was enveloped in pale moonlight as she stepped on thin air and shot towards Xue Shi once more.

Xue Shi was an extraordinary figure after all. Even after that heavy injury, he managed to reach, calling forth the already-diminished blood protection in front of him once again.

Yin Shuang's moonlight-covered fists slammed into the blood protection, each time they slammed, the shield distorted strongly, threatening to disintegrate at any moment.

As a Type 6 expert, coupled with the profound moonlight, Yin Shuang continued to punch out relentlessly, forcing the weak blood protection to a breaking point.

"Damn bitch, injuring me to this extent! If I don't leave now, I'm going to die here."

By this time, Xue Shi's eyes had turned back to their red color, as he stared at Yin Shuang hatefully He opened his mouth and spat out a foul, evil, ancient blood essence that shot towards her.

The moment he spat that blood essence, Yin Shuang felt danger, as her instincts told her that that blood essence would be able to corrode her body.

The blood essence was incredibly fast, as it enveloped Yin Shuang in an instant, and began to coil around her, resembling some blood cocoon.

"Yin Shuang!"

Yue Zhong stared in horror, as the Scarlet Reaper that had been sliced in two quickly rejoined, the alloy combining like flesh threads. In an instant, it had returned to its original appearance.
The Heart of Hope was a Treasure of Hope, after all, a White-Silver grade treasure, with countless miraculous properties. Once it was inserted in a mechanical body, it was able to help the armor come to life. Even if it was heavily damaged, as long as the Heart was not damaged, it could recover quickly.

"Yue Zhong, this time, I will kill your subordinate. Next time, it will be your loved ones, and I will catch you to raise as a pig! Only then will it ease my anger!!"
Xue Shi cackled evilly, his face pale as he turned into a beam of light and darted away.

Originally, he had been heavily injured by the large numerous energy bombs planted by Yue Zhong, followed by his sneak attack, the assault from the Laser Prism Cannons, and finally, Yin Shuang's punch. With the multiple injuries, he had long since lost his confidence in defeating Yue Zhong. He chose to flee for the moment.


All of a sudden, there was a silver glow as the blood cocoon broke apart. Yin Shuang charged out, her face slightly pale. Evidently, destroying the blood cocoon took a toll on her.

"Father, sorry, Yin Shuang did not kill him!" She shot over to Yue Zhong's side, as she lowered her head with some sorrow.

After suffering so many attacks, Yin Shuang's sneak attack had failed to kill Xue Shi in one go. That made her upset.

"There's no need to apologize! Let's go kill him now!!"

Yue Zhong piloted the Scarlet Reaper to reach out and keep Yin Shuang within its chassis, as the light wings behind it glowed and spat out jets of air. With its scary speed of Mach-6, it shot after the Saint Emperor Xue Shi.

The ferocity and terror of Xue Shi left a deep impression on Yue Zhong. Unless he mimicked the blowing up of the Xue Luo Forts, there seemed no other possibility of killing the Saint Emperor should he leave and come back again.

Otherwise, even if he used the powerful Storm Battleship, there was no guarantee of killing the Saint Emperor in one go.

At the same time, what was most terrifying was that the Saint Emperor had too many devious means. He could utilize clones, stealth and assassination techniques that set him apart from other experts Yue Zhong had met so far. Adding on to his human-like appearance, it was hard to defend against.

If he fought in an open-manner, then at least Yue Zhong could gather some experts to take him on.
However, if he chose to rely on the shadows, then as long as he reached within a 100m of Yue Zhong, he could easily take him out.

After all, Xue Shi was the Emperor of the Saint Clan, an existence hugely responsible for the victory over the human race. He even had 2 Treasures of Hope with him. The blood protection, as well as the complete armor of stealth. They were incredibly mysterious and powerful. Even with all of Yue Zhong's trump cards, he had only managed to injure Xue Shi. If he did not take the opportunity to deal with him now, then, China would fall.

Once the Scarlet Reaper charged forth with its maximum speed, it pulled the distance close like a shooting star.

The chase was on, as it went for a few kilometers, arriving in the airspace above a forest.

"Go to hell!!"

When Yue Zhong was about a 100m away from Xue Shi, hundreds of light shot out from the body of the Scarlet Reaper.

The beams slammed into the protective treasure, causing the already-dim blood protection to finally flicker and shatter, as a red color pearl dropped out of the sky.

Xue Shi quickly reached to grab it and swallowed it into his stomach. If he lost it, then he would no longer be able to create that blood-colored protection.

No longer having the blood protection, the light beams from the Scarlet Reaper slammed into Xue Shi, blocked by the final layer of armor.

The might of the beams caused the mysterious armor to be damaged heavily as well, sending Xue Shi hurtling towards the ground.

On the ground, a dozen Mutant Beasts lifted their heads to observe the fight. When they saw the falling Saint Emperor, their eyes gleamed with a savage light, as they pounced over.

"Haha! Right on time, I can replenish some energy."

Xue Shi slammed into the ground, however, he grinned savagely. He then reached out with his claws and a number of blood arrows pierced into the bodies of the approaching Mutant Beasts.

When the blood arrows entered their bodies, the Mutant Beasts were sucked dry of their blood, turning into mummified corpses. The arrows flew back towards Xue Shi, rejuvenating him slightly.

"This monster is too frightening. If he could use such a method to recover himself, then it would take him a day at most to return to his optimal condition."

In the sky, Yue Zhong watched as Xue Shi relied on the blood of the Mutant Beasts to recover, and his face fell. A strong killing intent began to emit from him.

Xue Shi was seemingly invincible and immortal. If no one controlled him, once he was free to roam among humans, no matter how he killed, he would not get exhausted, instead, only getting stronger.

In the past, the Saint Emperor had killed the most outstanding human leader, then utilized this blood-absorbing technique to kill countless humans as he replenished himself.

"I need to go all out to kill this monster!!" Yue Zhong's eyes gleamed with killing intent, finally pushing out the final trump card of the Scarlet Reaper, the Raytheon Cannon.

At that moment, the form of the Scarlet Reaper transformed, its main body turning into a huge cannon, as the light wings continued to take in energy, and the Type 6 nucleus glowed brightly.

A terrifying energy began to gather at the mouth of the energy.

"Shit!! Run!!"

The moment the Raytheon Cannon took form, Xue Shi felt an intense sense of crisis. He quickly transformed into 6 clones, as they turned to flee in different directions.

At that moment, a huge light beam of over 1sq km shot down from the skies, blasting into all 6 clones like a judgment from heaven.

Under that intense light pillar, all 6 clones of Xue Shi instantly turned to ash.

Xue Shi reappeared, screaming under the assault of the light pillar. In the end, his true body was also incinerated away by the light beam of the Raytheon Cannon.

After this Raytheon Cannon strike, there was a loud crack, as the Type 6 nucleus shattered slightly, revealing a huge hole. It had no way of absorbing the atmosphere energy. The nucleus was half-obliterated, with no way of supporting a second Raytheon Cannon strike.

With Xue Shi's death, a huge life force entered Yue Zhong, absorbed by the God-Devil Nucleus, turning into gold mist within his body.

Yue Zhong sighed out of relief.

"Congratulations Yue Zhong on killing Saint Emperor Xue Shi, the 3rd Stage shall begin immediately!"

At the moment when Yue Zhong fully absorbed Xue Shi's life force, a notification rang out in the minds of all those on Earth with the God and Devil Imprint.

All the experts on Earth turned pale.

Over in Europe, within a city, Edward held the Sword of Solemn Promise as he swung down, turning the countless zombies below into ashes. Suddenly, his face fell, "What?! Yue Zhong killed the Saint Emperor Xue Shi?! How is that possible?! That freak is a peak-Type 6 expert!"

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