Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 40

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As soon as this was heard, all the people around were stunned.

Standing behind him, he looked at all these inner servants. The old eunuch Yu Gonggong fell down on his knees. "Your highness, you can't burn the memorial. This is the rule set by the forefathers. If the memorial is lost, it will be chaos."

Zhu Feng looked down at him.

If it was anyone else, he would not pay attention to it, but the old eunuch grew up watching him as a child. In fact, he was also a confidant that had been following the Emperor for many years. He would not tolerate other people. But this old man…

He was silent for a moment and said: "This Prince has his own plans."

"Your highness, this is not good! "

All the other inner servants also fell on their knees and followed the old eunuch Yu-Gonggong kowtowed to Zhu Feng begging for mercy .

"His highness, this is the rule of the ancestor."

"The ancestral law can not be changed. "

"Yes, your highness, you can't damage these memorials!"

Everyone kneeled down and crying, when Ye Zheng ran in. As soon as he saw the crowd like this, he was startled and hurriedly spoke: "Wang Ye, this is—-"

Zhu Feng looked at him coldly, and then said, "You come just in time, throw those oils into the memorials."

Ye Zheng also scared witless: "Your highness?"

The surrounding inner servants broke into a cry. The sound of begging sounded through the whole courtyard.

Everyone continued to discourage him. There were even a few slamming and banging sound against the stone steps making their foreheads bleed.

Zhu Feng coldly said: "You should know that no one can stop this Prince from doing anything."


"If You do not want to do it, do you want this Prince himself to do it?"

Just then, there was a cluttered noise in front.

Everyone was surprised. When they looked up, they saw Si Nan Yan was carrying a bucket of tung oil onto the memorial pile in the center of the courtyard.

All the people around were shocked. Immediately, someone stood up and pointed at her and scolded: "What the hell are you doing?!"

"How you dare you to destroy the memorials of the dynasty?"

Nan Yan hurried over along with Ye Zheng. A beads of sweat came out, and at this moment faintly gasp her breath, she said: "It is Wang Ye command!"

"How dare you!"

"I, I was only following Wang Ye's command." Nan Yan said, looking at Zhu Feng's eyes, and lowered her head, lightly stressed: "How bold are you to be a servant that dares to not listen to Wang Ye's command!."

When she said that, all the servant around her were stunned.

Even the Yu-gonggong who knelt at the Zhu Feng feet also looked at her. His white eyebrows twitched slightly.

He is an old man in the palace. He had experienced all kinds of things. The astounding act of Zhu Feng made him at a loss. Of course he had to follow the rules to protect these memorials, but -

Once the memorials presented at the officials. These memorials were already part of the "Demise" Emperor.

And his Royal Highness had entered the Jinling City, which had already controlled the whole imperial city. Everyone knew that he will soon become emperor. Then these memorials were not what he wanted to worry about.

Besides, he had just said - he has a plan.

When he thought of it, he finally sighed and stood up from the ground, then said to Zhu Feng. "This servant, will follow His Highness' order."

After that, he turned around and directed the small eunuchs around him: "You people, pour the tung oil."

Those small eunuchs are dumbfounded: "Yu-Gonggong!?"

"This is the emperor's order, do it, do it quickly."


They were still hesitant, but seeing that Yu-Gonggong had yielded. They could only do what they were ordered, and they soon poured the tung oil onto the memorial.

Soon, the tung oil soaked the memorials. The oil slowly flowed onto the ground and converged into a thread that slowly flowed into the corner.

End of Chapter

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