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Chapter Epilogue


Leaning her head against the window, Cecilia looked outside. Rain was pouring heavily and somehow seemed to be amplifying the strange feeling in her heart.

i mistyped floominess….sounds interesting

From the window, she could see Oliver doing his morning training despite the rain.

He does not slack off on his training regardless if it rains or snows. She recalled that he had said before that he wants to move his body at the start of the day.

i could never do that

“……amazing muscles.”


A trained male upper body in a tank top.

Cecilia put strength into her own arm——and felt a squishy feeling. She felt her arm with her other hand, but it felt exactly the same whether or not she was tensing it.


——no, muscles?

Squishing her own arm, Cecilia sighed.

No matter how she struggled, she probably could not get a body like Oliver’s.

pls don’t


——why am I looking at the hero?

Did she subconsciously start observing him because he is the person that will one day kill Cecilia?

he wont


but keep thinking that

Despite that, Oliver entered Cecilia’s vision for some reason.

She could feel the existence of the man that is the hero growing bigger within her day by day.


This is unmistakably because Oliver calls Cecilia cute, says he loves her, whisper sweet words and pets her everyday, but Cecilia has not noticed that.

Since she is indifferent towards herself, she doesn’t really feel any change.

eeehh….how does that work

When she was in the demon lord’s castle, since she had subordinate demonia like Goblin to take care of her, it wasn’t this bad.

The demonia worried about Cecilia who was indifferent and treated her preciously. If anything happened, they would report to her in detail and be considerate of her.

……but here, except for Goblin, those subordinates are absent.

Goblin who is dense when it comes to romance thinks that Cecilia and Oliver already love each other, so he has entered into bystander mode.

If the Siren that served as a maid in the demon lord’s castle saw this, she given Goblin a scolding that would been like thunder.

(T/N: ……this comparison of scolding to thunder/lightning in Japanese is hard to translate….well you can imagine it)



Since it was still early in the morning, a yawn leaked from Cecilia’s mouth.

Rubbing her eyes, the thought of sleeping a little more went through her mind. Or it might be nice to sit on the sofa and relax.

read  a book

Now then, what to do. As she was pondering that——she suddenly made eye contact with Oliver who was training.




Surprised that he noticed her, Cecilia blinked.

His dark red hair was soaked by rain and red drops rolled down his cheeks. Even though it was raining, his clear blue eyes caught Cecilia and did not let her go.

release her!

——why, does he look at me that much?

hentai dakara



Cecilia tried whispering the hero’s name in a voice softer than the sound of the rain.

She always calls him hero, so this is the first time she has said the name Oliver.

he has insane hearing!


take it back!

In the garden, Oliver opened

his eyes wide.

Cecilia is in her room on the second floor is and is very far away from Oliver. Because of that, he should not have noticed that Cecilia said his name——is what Cecilia is thinking.

but of course

he noticed

But, it is Oliver.

….too late

also big spaces here

Except for Cecilia, anyone would know he is a man that would not let such a good chance escape.

Leaning the wooden sword he had been using for training against a close tree, Oliver directed a large smile towards Cecilia. And then entered the mansion.


A chill went down Cecilia’s spine.

lock the door!


…too late

She can’t help having a bad premonition, Cecilia panicked. But, she doesn’t know what she should do.

She would like to think that Oliver finished training and went to take a shower as per usual, but right now she couldn’t bring herself to believe that.

same here

Bad premonitions tend to come true, she felt the presence of someone coming up the stairs.

Goblin went to the market to buy ingredients for breakfast and is absent. So, there is only one person that presence can belong to.

No, in the first place, Cecilia could tell who it was from the presence. She doesn’t want to admit it, but the presence just now is unmistakably——

The room’s door opened and Oliver, who had been training in the garden just a moment ago, appeared.

yep here he is


“……wh, what is it?”

“Try, saying my name one more time.”


definitely devil’s ears

——he heard?

yep he heard

There was such a large distance between them and she had barely moved her lips. This is no longer human, Cecilia thought that.

Looking down, she tried saying “what is the matter?”, but Oliver would not let her cover it up.

stop cornering her!

“Lies. You called my name right?”

“………………I didn’t.”

“So obstinate.”

you don’t get to say that

Smiling wryly, Oliver drew closer to Cecilia.

Water dripped from his hair which was wet from the rain and soaked the floor.

Putting both arms on either side of Cecilia who had her back to the window, he closed her in so she couldn’t escape.

Oliver’s posture which covered Cecilia also caused Cecilia to be soaked by the dripping water. The water dripping on her face was cold, making Cecilia shrink her body.


That action was also cute and Oliver used his wet hand to stroke her cheek, lifting her face.




yes i agree but….

As usual, Oliver called Cecilia cute.

Cecilia thought about just how many times a day he calls her cute. Hearing him call her cute an uncountable number of times, she felt like……he was brainwashing her.

——how many dozens of times must he called me cute to be satisfied?

sideways 8

She felt like she might get used to it, and that was scary.

Goblin had tried counting it once, but he gave up counting when the ‘cute’ count exceeded three hundred times, so the exact count is not clear.

… many times per day….300+?

“You, really are cute……”

“……insis, tent.”

“I can’t help it, because you’re cute.”


yep, 300+per day

She had no idea what he couldn’t help, but Oliver said that it wasn’t enough no matter how many times he says it.


His blue eyes stared at Cecilia.

definitely hypnotism


“Hey, Cecily. My beloved——can I, kiss you?”

“…………it’s, Cecilia.”


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