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It’s been a whole year and I apologize for it. What have I been doing? Being lazy. I present to you, chapter 22. Oh, and Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to leave the author’s blurbs out since they’re usually short and not relative to the story.

Baby’s Play

Just as I had realized my true feelings for Foruna, I heard a conspicuous knock at the door.

Foruna's acquaintance, the one named Ban, immediately came to mind. Iyada na, I realized that his presence would destroy this time I have with Foruna. I am afraid that Foruna will leave me. I know, I know. What I'm feeling right now is not just some simple kind of love, rather, it feels like the accumulation of a sort of sugary, sweet and cute sort of love that's been locked away for a long time. However, given my mental age as a 30-something year old woman, I can't just go ~kyun<3><3 over="" this.="" if="" it's="" my="" beloved="" person,="" i="" would="" like="" to="" stay="" together="" and="" always="" be="" bound="" to="" one="" another.="" ufufufu,="" hahaha,="" what="" am="" i="" saying?="" this="" love="" is="" not="">

[Oi, me. Are you okay?]

[Aa, I think so. Thank you.]

I felt relieved as soon as I found that the sounds of the footsteps belonging to the owner of that low voice who was talking to Foruna was slowly dissipating. Immediately I come to realize that I'm distracted. It was so unexpected that it surprised me. Now that I think about it, I don't even understand why my body shook so much. Although I was shy, it should not have been to the point where it hindered my ability regarding interpersonal relationships. How strange…

[Al, Ban has somewhere he needs to go, so in the meantime why don't we eat our meal in the room? You must be hungry, right?]

And so…


[Then, come here.]

Towards Foruna, who held both his arms out, prompting me to hug him, I do not hesitate as he held me up. I like him, I like him. Realizing these feelings, I became overwhelmed. I didn't know if it was just me, but just from touching Foruna, just from looking into his eyes, my heart was throbbing out of control.

But, there wasn't a good way to tell Foruna about my feelings. The reason for that being is that I, Altis, am a male. The love between two males is a contradiction. However, even if I were to meet him as Saitou Yoshiko, it was still something I wouldn't be able to say. Since that's the case, I am content with the current situation with just watching Foruna. This is the most I can do for the Foruna that I've fallen in love with.

I wonder what Foruna would think about these feelings I have for him? Would it creep him out? Perhaps the arms that has held me all this time will no longer support me. I hold onto Foruna tightly. My ears, close to his chest, can hear his heartbeat. Smelling Foruna's scent, I close my eyes. It's a strange smell similar to that of medicinal herbs.

[What's wrong? Do you feel bad somewhere?]

As I shook my head, Foruna, with one hand, patted my head with a *pon pon*. The way he acted was somewhat different.

[That's good.]

Encouraged by Foruna, I sat down at the table. Before I realized it, we had arrived in the dining room where we usually ate our meals.

[Pan porridge, there's some already made. Want to eat?]


How nostalgic, Pan Porridge. What are you doing right now, Mother? My beautiful, blonde, fluffy-haired, careless Mother. Whenever I was not doing very well because of my magic powers, you made Pan Porridge for me. It always had such a gentle taste. I would like to eat it again if I could.

[Al? Here you go. My specialty, Pan Porridge.]

Seeing Foruna smile was rather suffocating. Still, trying not to show too much emotion, I accepted the Pan Porridge and not knowing how hot it was, brought a spoonful of it to my mouth.

[-ot! (hot)]

[Wa! Daijobu?!]

It was both cold and hot. It wasn't very good for the mouth. As I was wiping away the physiologic tears that had developed, I noticed that the Pan Porridge, that had originally been placed in front of me, was moving. Looking at Foruna, it seemed like he was blowing on the Pan Porridge. I thought that Foruna was going to eat it. I was wrong.

[Here, ahh.]

[Hey, it should be okay because I've cooled it down properly, right?]


[Here, it's not too hot, is it?]


Eh, what kind of play is this?

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