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Chapter 642: No Inherent Lightning in the World

Above Thunder Emperor Valley, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. His eyes now brimmed with purple electric light.

In the past five days, Xiao Chen's understanding of lightning increased by another level.

There was no inherent lightning in the world. Unlike attributes such as wind, fire, or water, which persisted for a long time, lightning could not exist independently. Gathering wind and clouds was necessary to generate it.

Without the wind, or without the clouds, there would be no lightning.

It was just like the immortal divine lightning in this Thunder Emperor Valley. If there was no wind here and no lingering dark clouds, no matter how mighty the Thunder Emperor was, he would never have been able to make his will of thunder immortal.

Understanding this, Xiao Chen gained a vague idea of the will of thunder.

Although he had not cleared the threshold yet, he had gained a rough direction. Unlike before, he was no longer clueless.

Xiao Chen stood up and muttered to himself, "In the blink of an eye, half a year passed. It is time to gather at Dragon Sealing City."

He glanced at the half-step Martial Monarchs waiting for lightning to strike him. He could not help but find them funny.


Xiao Chen gently pushed off from where he was, and an image of the Azure Dragon appeared, moving up and down. He silently arrived behind these people and asked, "Seniors, what are you all waiting for?"

"What else can we be waiting for? We are waiting for that brat to be struck by lightning," one of the old men said dispiritedly in a casual fashion.

A few people turned around and saw Xiao Chen behind them. They paled and panicked, quickly retreating.

"Ha ha! Even though you are incompetent, your hearts are rather vicious. In that case, I will let you have a taste of being struck by lightning."

Xiao Chen pointed, and wind and clouds moved in the sky. The clouds crashed together, and a bolt of lightning descended from the sky. It struck the person who spoke earlier and knocked him into the water.

Only when the clouds move can there be lightning. However, clouds do not move automatically. Thus, wind is needed! Xiao Chen thought to himself as he casually exhibited the comprehensions he gained in Thunder Emperor Valley over the past few days.

Instantly, lightning rained down and struck all the half-step Martial Monarchs waiting for Xiao Chen. After being struck by lightning, they screamed miserably and fell into the water, thoroughly charred.

"It's time to go to Dragon Sealing City."

Seeing the group of old men struck by lightning, Xiao Chen did not continue to make things difficult for them. He stood on an Azure Dragon image and headed for the distant Dragon Sealing City.

"Blurp! Blurp!"

After Xiao Chen was far away, bubbles came up from the bottom of the river. Blackened heads popped out of the water, looking like victims of a disaster.

They exchanged looks. They still could not understand what happened. "That cannot be. Why did that brat not get struck by lightning? Instead, we were the ones struck."

The Martial God Palace's jade warship hovered high above Dragon Sealing City. It gave off a bright light and celestial music, floating on rosy clouds.

The thick dark clouds that had not scattered for five thousand years currently split in half. Golden light shone down from the center. When it shone on the ancient and simple buildings of Dragon Sealing City, the buildings appeared gilded; the city looked extremely beautiful.

Geniuses from the top twenty of the Sky Dome Realm's True Dragon Ranking stood on the bow of this warship. As they looked at the boundless blue skies, they looked magnificent. However, they seemed nervous and restless.

There were thousands of geniuses in the vast Sky Dome Realm. However, only twenty of them obtained the opportunity to go to the Kunlun Realm—an unprecedented glory for them.

However, they were extremely anxious in their hearts. Wan Feng had thoroughly defeated them, giving them a new recognition of their strength.

Perhaps, when these people go to the Kunlun Realm, they might not be able to recover the pride that they had for the past twenty-odd years, disappearing from the limelight.

However, the people here were also people filled with self-confidence. Their anticipation and desire overwhelmed their anxiety.

No one believed that they would lose. They were all sure that as long as they had an opportunity, they would be able to build themselves up again, regaining their previous glory, even if they went to the Kunlun Realm.

They were still young. There was no need for them to worry so much. As long as they dared to dream, there was no need to fear this world, no matter how cruel it was.

At this moment, Yue Chenxi and Old Feng were looking into the distance, clearly waiting for someone.

Gong Yangyu stood calmly behind the two of them. The main sect of his sect in the Sky Dome Realm was much weaker than the Supreme Sky Sect's main sect; it was only a Rank 8 sect.

After negotiating some terms, Gong Yangyu decided to go to the Supreme Sky Sect in the Kunlun Realm.

If Gong Yangyu went to his own main sect, he would undoubtedly receive better treatment. It would be easier to gain more attention from the upper echelon in a relatively weaker sect.

The Supreme Sky Sect had many geniuses joining it. The competition faced there would be much higher than at Gong Yangyu's main sect. His treatment would not be as good as well.

This was a choice of being the chicken head or a phoenix tail. In the end, Gong Yangyu chose the latter.

In fact, most of the people here made a similar choice. Their own main sects had not reached Rank 9 yet. They sought a better alternative.

At this moment, Yue Chenxi revealed a smile and said, "He is here!"

Gong Yangyu recovered his wits and quickly looked around. He saw a figure in the distance riding on an Azure Dragon image moving up and down. This person traveled a kilometer with every step taken.

This person headed rapidly for the jade warship. He appeared graceful, outstanding, extraordinary. Even though he hid his aura, he gave off an unfathomable and peerless air.

Naturally, this person was the first rank of the True Dragon Ranking, the champion of the younger generation of the Sky Dome Realm, the White Robed Bladesman who defeated Wan Feng, the King Grade True Dragon genius Xiao Chen.

"Xiao Chen is here!"

Yue Chenxi was not the only one. The gazes of the other people also turned to Xiao Chen, to the White Robed Bladesman who seemed capable of producing endless miracles.

Back then, at the Wan Clan's palace plaza, Wan Feng had humiliated many of the young heroes. They felt unconvinced, but they all lost miserably to Wan Feng without putting up any sort of resistance.

Only Xiao Chen managed to defeat Wan Feng with his leftover strength, after defeating thirty-six Martial Monarchs and the Eight Great Guardian Deities.

In doing so, Xiao Chen had gained back some pride for the youths of the Sky Dome Realm.

"My apologies, it seems that I am slightly late," Xiao Chen said somewhat ruefully to Old Feng.

Looking around him, Xiao Chen noticed most of the people expected were already present. He had not thought the others would arrive so early.

Old Feng smiled gently and said, "There is no rush. There are people even later than you."

Xiao Chen counted carefully and found that only nineteen out of the top twenty participants were here. Chu Chaoyun was the missing person.

Strange. Given Chu Chaoyun's talent, it would be too unfortunate if he did not go to the Kunlun Realm, Xiao Chen thought doubtfully to himself.

At the same time, Xiao Chen felt a little disappointed. He still had not determined the true victor between him and Chu Chaoyun. The battle at the Wind Cloud Arena was just a beginning.

In the future, when the two climbed to their peaks, there would be at least one more battle. If Chu Chaoyun did not go to the Kunlun Realm, then he might fall far behind Xiao Chen, never to catch up again.

"We are not waiting anymore. He is just a lower-realm genius, and yet he dares to put on such airs. If he is not interested, then so be it. The Martial God Palace does not lack people of that caliber." The unhappy voice of the Extreme Yin Old Man came from the ship's hold.

"Hu Chi!"

The instant the Extreme Yin Old Man finished speaking, the jade warship soared into the air at an extreme speed, heading for the boundless golden light.

The thick dark clouds sliced in half slowly mended. When the gap completely closed, Dragon Sealing City fell into shadow again.

Dragon Sealing City would remain so until the beginning of the next age of geniuses. Only then would the dark clouds above it part once more, sending down golden light.

A dense golden light enveloped the jade warship. The many cultivators, including Xiao Chen, were extremely curious, looking around at their surroundings.

However, the golden light was all they saw. They could not make out anything special. How exactly would this warship reach the Kunlun Realm?


At some point in time, the golden light surrounding them suddenly vanished. Boundless stars and the vast Milky Way appeared before everyone's eyes.

Normally, no one would dare to look in the blazing sun's direction. However, it was merely an insignificant ball of fire in their eyes; it looked breathtaking.

Occasionally, huge comets would fly by with their long tails trailing behind them. They whistled by the crowd's faces, giving rise to a feeling of danger.

A transparent membrane covered the jade warship, protecting it from the comets.

"Is this the starry cosmos?"

Xiao Chen discovered that the knowledge available from his previous life could not explain this starry cosmos.

If he were to tell someone from his previous life that a ship made of jade could float in and move through space, no one would believe it, no matter how delusional they were.

Turning his head back, Xiao Chen discovered that the Sky Dome Realm was unexpectedly just a small stone tablet. This stone tablet gave off a glow from its talisman scripts.

He was very sure that this stone tablet was larger than the jade warship. However, the countless stars encased the light that it gave off.

Such a fantastic sight could not be understood even after extensive contemplation.

"After we pass the whirlpool in front, we will arrive at the Kunlun Realm." Old Feng's voice rang out from behind Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked in front. At some point in time, a seven-colored whirlpool had appeared in the infinite starry universe. That whirlpool was gigantic, as large as a planet.

Old Feng said sternly, "Xiao Chen, Yue Chenxi, and Gong Yangyu, now that we are here, I should tell you more about the situation in the Kunlun Realm."

The few of them quickly paid attention, not daring to miss any details.

"Aside from humans, there are many other races of various sizes in the Kunlun Realm. The Kunlun Realm is ridiculously large; boundless without end is an apt description for it.

"The area we humans control is called the Tianwu Domain. Wars to obtain resources erupt frequently. The Martial God Palace represents all the human sects; it is the highest level of authority in the Tianwu Domain.

"For now, you don't have to think about the other races or the other large cities. Just the Tianwu Domain alone will be sufficient for you to explore. You might not even finish exploring it in your lifetime."

Gong Yangyu asked curiously, "In that case, how big exactly is the Tianwu Domain? Compared to the Tianwu Continent, which is bigger?"

When Old Feng heard this, he could not help but laugh out loud. He replied, "There is no comparison. The Tianwu Domain has a hundred and eight prefectures. Even the smallest is as large as a great nation in the Tianwu Continent. The slightly larger ones are even as large as two.

"Furthermore, this is just the populated areas. If we include the wilderness and the Ancient Remnants, it would be much larger."

When Xiao Chen and the others heard this, they were dumbfounded. Just the Tianwu Domain of the human race already had that large an area. In that case, how large exactly was the Kunlun Realm?

"I'll say one final thing. You are all indeed geniuses. Otherwise, the Supreme Sky Sect would not have recruited you.

"However, if you are hoping to do nothing and get the Supreme Sky Sect to nurture you, that will be impossible. This is the same for the other sects. In order to get more resources, you have to show your strength and prove yourself, to stand out from the rest of the disciples."

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