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Long Yu looked at Zhang Yan in contempt and said, "You don't need to know how many punches I can give. Another blow will beat you down!" With spiritual energy fluctuating on his palm, he fired another Great Strength Vajra Palm to Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan took no chances and jumped out for one meter away when he saw the punch from Long Yu rushing at him. He managed to duck away from the blow.

Long Yu didn't expect that Zhang Yan would avoid his strike and he showed contempt to the latter, "Surprisingly, you escaped. Try again?"

Zhang Yan understood he was unable to avoid it, so he had to take that. With two palms colliding with each other, they fight again.

The isolated young man in the crowd sneered in his mind and said to himself, "The big elder even passed on Great Strength Vajra Palm to Long Yu. It seems that Zhang Yan would lose."

Hardly had his voice faded away, the two persons fought for another five moves, with Long Yu giving five punches and Zhang Yan taking them all. Long Yu's spiritual energy ran out and Zhang Yan also exhausted all his spiritual energy to take the five strikes. They were like two spent arrows.

When they intended to fight again with no regard for their tired bodies, Hong Yuan walked out from the crowd and stood between them with his hand waving. He said, "You are both exhausted. It may cause you irreversible damage if you keep fighting recklessly. Why don't you stop temporarily and compete next time?"

Both Zhang Yan and Long Yu thought Hong Yuan's suggestion was reasonable. If they continued fighting, they would get physical destructions. Long Yu snorted, "Well, lucky for you. I let you go today. The entry exam of inner disciples will be holding half a month later, and I must ensure that nothing goes wrong. How about fighting in a ring one month after the exam? Bet you don't."

Zhang Yan stared at Long Yu fearlessly, "A challenge? Afraid of you? I'll get even with you." Ignoring Long Yu and other people, Zhang Yan returned to his yard and shut the door heavily.

Ma Yong walked to Long Yu and asked in a low voice, "Boss, he is so arrogant. While he is weak now, I can fix him with our brothers and let him learn how powerful the Green Gang is, what do you think?"

Long Yu looked at Ma Yong with his brows contracted, "Are you the little brother of Ma Long, Ma Yong?"

Ma Yong nodded hurriedly and answered, "I'm Ma Yong. I didn't expect that you know my brother."

Long Yu snorted, "Of course I know him. Your brother is a promising genius in inter court. Unexpectedly, you are so much weaker than him."

"I said I would compete with Zhang Yan fairly in a ring. Are you going to bully him with more people? Then what do they think about me? They must think I am afraid of him." With his voice sinking, Long Yu glanced at Ma Long coldly and left.

Hong Yuan arrived at a forest and bowed to a woman in green. "Senior sister, I have acted on your instructions to help Zhang Yan. Is there anything else I should do?"

The woman in green was Qinger who came to poke around. She found Long Yu and Zhang Yan ready to fight and she had learned about Long Yu's strength, so she ordered Hong Yuan to resolve the contradiction. Zhang Yan wasn't hurt. She nodded with a smile, "You did a very good job. I remember you and I'll protect you after you become an inner disciple."

Qinger waved her hand and said, "It is over. Leave."

"Senior sister has a woman of vision. This young man is so great." Qinger smiled at the direction of Zhang Yan's house and flashed past the forest.

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