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Chapter 94: Adolphe, the Champion 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

While Junhyuk was destroying the watchtower, Vera collected the items. She picked up the item dropped by Doctor Tula, but she couldn't take Regina's item.

"Hmm... Two of them died and dropped items, but I could only find one."

"Big sister, Artlan picked up an item dropped by Bater," Sarang, who was standing next to her, said calmly.

"Right. Then, we got two items?" Vera said and watched the tower be destroyed. "We should go see Bebe."

The tower fell, and Junhyuk walked back to them with the minions. In total, with the previously surviving minions and the minions brought by Vera and Nudra, there were over 120 minions left. While sieging the tower, they had only lost thirty minions, which was good. The enemy had lost over a hundred riflemen. It was a big victory to the allied side.

Vera got up.

"Let's go see Bebe," she said.


Junhyuk wanted to go. He hadn't activated a new power, so in the situation he was in, he wanted more items.

Vera walked next to him on the way to the dimensional merchant.

"Surely, they are difficult opponents."

"Did you talk to the other heroes?"

"Yes. Halo died, and Diane is still waiting."

Usually Diane kept her distance while fighting, so it wasn't easy to kill her. However, Halo fought at the frontline, so the chance of him dying was high. Artlan had almost lost his fight to Bater!

"It's completely different from before."

"These heroes are ranked higher, so there is nothing to be done," Vera said and shook her head. "Honestly, I didn't expect them to be this strong."

They were strong. Furthermore, the heroes had strong and unknown powers. They hadn't seen everything yet, but the spider web and Adolphe's power already had paralyzing effects, and Bater could take advantage of that by using his rush. Their power combinations were dangerous. In the team battle, they would be even more dangerous.

Vera tapped Junhyuk.

"You shouldn't worry."

Junhyuk felt heavy, but he also felt that they needed him more than ever before. Then, he looked at Sarang.

"Also, Sarang's power has evolved."

"Is that right?"

Vera turned to look, and Sarang nodded.

"I can paralyze two people at the same time."

Vera hugged her tightly and rubbed cheeks.

"That's our Sarang!"

Her power, the ability to paralyze two people, was powerful, but it was not a good idea to showcase her around the enemies. The goal was to keep her safe during this battle.

They conversed and reached the dimensional merchant. Inside, they found Bebe yawning, and he waved at them.

"We meet again. Have you advanced?"

Vera nodded and placed some items on the counter, and her eyes sparkled. Including the bracelet Doctor Tula dropped, there were three items.

"Do you have the Crimson Earring?"

"I do. Do you want to buy it?"


"These items won't cover it in full."

Vera extended her hand.

"I know."

Bebe looked at Vera's savings on his plate and smiled.

"You do have enough money!"

Vera paid, and Bebe pulled out a small box from underneath the counter.

"Since you've advanced, you really need this."

"I needed it before, but it was too expensive."

"Yes. It costs over two hundred thousand gold, but it's effective. A fire magician like you will get interesting buffs."

"I'm spending a lot for it."

Bebe opened the box and pulled out the earring. It had a small crystal hanging from the end, and inside of the crystal, there was a burning flame. It looked extraordinary, and Vera put it on.

"OK. I'm done preparing," she said, looking at Junhyuk. "If you need something, now is the time."


Junhyuk handed Bebe the Beast King White Tiger's Canine, and Bebe inspected it.

"The Beast King White Tiger's Canine goes for eighty thousand gold. I can give you forty thousand gold for it. Will you take it?" he asked.

Junhyuk already knew Bebe would give him only half of the ticket price, and he nodded.

"I'm selling it."

Bebe pushed the plate forward, and Junhyuk put his hand over it. The number displayed increased to 78,240G, his contributions in the killing of three heroes.

Junhyuk put a lot of thought on how to spend it.

"Do you have any items from the Golden Knight Elder set?"

"I don't."

He couldn't just wait for one of the set items to show up and he compared himself to Adolphe, the champion. Adolphe had superior strength, so Junhyuk placed his swords on the counter.

"Upgrade them."

"How do you want me to do it?"

"How much will it cost?"

"Your swords are magic swords, and magic upgrades cost as follows: eight thousand for the third, twelve thousand for the fourth, sixteen thousand for the fifth, twenty thousand for the sixth, and forty thousand for the seventh," Bebe answered, grinning.

Junhyuk rolled his eyes at the price, but he answered calmly:

"Then, upgrade the Blood Rune Sword, which is at level three, to level six and the Frozen Rune Sword, which is at level two, to level four."

Bebe pushed the plate.

"Sixty-eight thousand gold."

Junhyuk rolled his eyes again, but he still paid. Without upgrading his swords, he didn't feel confident enough to kill Adolphe. Adolphe had what it took to kill heroes, and Junhyuk wondered about getting items for defense. However, to kill, an upgraded weapon was the first step.

The number on Bebe's plate decreased, leaving only 10,240G. Junhyuk wanted to cry, but Bebe was smiling and proceeded to enhance both swords. He poured the powder over them and hammered both. At the end, he looked satisfied.

"I did well. Check it out."

Junhyuk inspected the swords.

Blood Rune Sword (Level 6)

Attack +125

Health Absorption +15%

When absorbing the owner's blood, attack speed increases by 10% and movement speed increases by 5%. Can stack three times.

Bebe's Basic Longsword had been synthesized with the Blood Sword. At level six the attack increased to 125. When the owner wounded an opponent, the sword would heal the owner by 15 percent of the attack.

When it absorbed the owner's blood, the attack speed increased by 10 percent, and the movement speed increased by 5 percent, but it would only stack three times. The fourth attempt could result in death.

Frozen Rune Sword (Level 4)

Attack +60

Striking the opponent decreases the opponent's attack and movement speeds by 8%. Stacks three times.

Bebe's Basic Longsword had been synthesized with the ice attribute. At level four, the attack increased to sixty. When it struck the opponent, it decreased the opponent's attack and movement speeds by 8 percent. It was possible to stack the effects three times, but it depended on the opponent's resistance.

Upgrading them had increased his ability to inflict damaged. His swords were twice as strong. He had paid a lot, but now he could fight.

Sarang stepped forward.

"Could I check to see how much money I have?"


Bebe pushed the plate forward, and Sarang placed her hand on it and frowned. She had eighteen thousand and five hundred gold. It was more than she had expected, but she never spent any money, so she felt frustrated. She thought that she had to deliver the deathblow on the heroes and earn more money.

Vera looked at the two of them.

"Are you done?"

Sarang didn't want to spend her money and nodded.

"Yes. Let's go."

Vera waved goodbye at Bebe and went out first. The group followed her lead, and Junhyuk noticed the direction in which they were moving.

"Are we not going to where Artlan is?"

"We need to regroup. Before the team battle, we have to kill them some more and take their items."

Their powers couldn't compare to the enemies', so to finish them, they needed more items.

"We are going to where Halo was. He was pushing the second tower and advancing, so we will kill the enemies there," she said.

"Halo was killed, so the enemy must be strong!"

"Communication has its limits. I heard he was a huge tank," Vera replied.

"A tank?"

Does that mean that he is stronger than Bater? Halo was killed by him, so he must have enough offensive and defensive power to deal with the allies.

"Will Halo come?"

"Artlan went to defend the tower, and Nudra is going there as well. With Halo's help, we will kill one by one."

"I am curious about his power," Junhyuk murmured. He was thinking that Minota had been a tank.

"Whatever his power, we'll coordinate with Halo and get him. We also have you."

Junhyuk nodded. He wanted to keep himself safe, but he still had to fight and use his powers. Halo and Vera could kill the tank, and Junhyuk and Sarang would help. It wouldn't be impossible.

Junhyuk was anxious with anticipation for the new enemy, and he knew Sarang couldn't become a target. He looked at her.

"Stay by my side when we meet the enemy hero."

"I will."

Junhyuk could create a force field or teleport, and she knew she would survive with him. He was running beside Vera when he saw the tower, destroyed.

When the tower got destroyed, the minions in it also died. Junhyuk sent his respect to the dead and sighed. Vera's eyes turned cold.

"Get ready. We'll meet him soon."

Junhyuk ran forward nervously. The second tower was close enough for the enemies to be visible. A person stood above the riflemen's heads.

He was thirteen feet tall, bald and with broad shoulders. The tank's size was similar to Minota's, and Junhyuk was curious about whether the tank looked like a monster.

The man in front of the tower turned his head slowly. His chin was made of steel, and Vera looked at him and smiled.

"Don't we need more than one hero?"

"Halo!" Vera shouted and extended her staff.

"I am over here."

Halo was on the opposite side. His side had a tower, but their side was different. Without a tower, the enemy hero could go their way, and they had to fight him in an open field.

Vera's attack was strong, but if she fought the tank alone, she wouldn't win. Junhyuk measured the distance between them and the enemy. He would teleport with Sarang and Vera if he felt they were in danger. The tank moved toward them without glancing at Halo.

He had broad shoulders, a steel chin, and a brown, upside-down, triangular patch of hair on his chest. He looked like a regular tank, and Junhyuk grabbed his swords and stood next to Vera. If it got dangerous, he would teleport.

The man ran, and when he got within forty feet, he became even faster. He wasn't just probing them. He had used his power to rush in, grab Vera by her waist and jump up.

Junhyuk didn't have the chance to react, and still in the air, the man placed her head between his knees and started spinning. Junhyuk thought the skill looked familiar.

"A spinning piledriver?"

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