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Chapter 109: W.A.N.C.S. Lab 1

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

A white light covered the world. After the light dimmed, Junhyuk opened his eyes. He was on his bed, conscious, and quickly picked up his cell phone. He wanted to find out about Sarang. Then, a message appeared in his phone.

[It's me. I've returned successfully. He-he]

Junhyuk was extremely relieved. Sarang was now an expert, and he was even more relieved by that.

[That's nice. Get some rest.]

[Big brother, go to sleep.]

Junhyuk was sure Sarang was safe and lifted his hand. The last item he picked up was wrapped around his wrist. It was a leather belt, and he inspected its attributes.

Barbarian Belt

Defense +20

Attack Speed +10%

Fixed Damage +20

The barbarian warriors wore this belt. When they wore it, it increased their attack speed and defense. It took a significant amount of troops to fight these barbarians. The belt increases defense by twenty and attack speed by 10 percent. It also adds twenty to fixed damage.

It was an impressive belt. Bater's Steel King Jax's Chain really increased health, and this belt helped with his attack. It increased attack speed and added fixed damage. Fixed damage was damage that ignored the opponent's defense, and its attribute was always useful when fighting someone with high defense.

It was also a totally new item type compared to the items he already had. He put the belt around his waist and thought he wouldn't wear it outside. Instead, Junhyuk would engrave it with a complex engraving when he went back to the dimensional merchant. He rolled it up and put it in his backpack.

Junhyuk stood in front of the mirror in his restroom. He had died again, and because of it, his eyes looked sunken.

"I have to get stronger," he murmured.

He was lucky to get back alive this time and he wanted to remain alive. For that, he had to take full advantage of the powers he already had and develop new ones. He wanted to train, but he had almost lost his mind in that battle and was extremely tired at that point.

"I'll sleep tonight and train tomorrow."

Junhyuk lay in bed and fell into a deep sleep.

On Monday morning, he was listening to the radio on his way to work.

"On Friday, at nine o'clock, patients with abnormal narcolepsy woke up and killed twelve people. One of the patient's next of kin was also injured. W.A.N.C.S. laboratory is running tests to make a diagnosis. Will they find more about abnormal narcolepsy?"

Junhyuk shook his head as he heard the news. There should have already been survivors, but nobody in the world knew about them. That probably meant that the Rockefellers or others were involved.

That this event was broadcasted was curious. Maybe it was because it had happened at a hospital, and the reporters got to it first.

Junhyuk kept driving and murmured, "Is something different?"

He thought of when he encountered the person with the Blood Sword. He acted as though he had lost his soul to the sword. However, even if this was a similar situation to the Blood Sword, they couldn't get rid of it so easily.

"Will they do the right thing?"

The survivors wouldn't be many. When they sieged the castle, some minions could have survived, but they would all be berserked because of the small marble. It would be hard for them to remain normal. If they could communicate, they would tell about the Dimensional Battlefield.

It would be better if there were multiple survivors who told their stories at the same time. They would grab the world's attention, and people wouldn't be able to get rid of them easily. They would be strong, and the others wouldn't risk endangering themselves.

Junhyuk tapped on the steering wheel and whispered, "They might start teaching shield and sword lessons."

People couldn't learn to wield a shield and a sword in one day, and even if people practiced, their survival rate wouldn't be any higher. Heroes and archers pulverized minions.

Junhyuk arrived at work, parked his car and took the elevator. He had a car now, so he didn't have to mingle with other commuters.

Inside the elevator, Junhyuk checked the news on his smartphone. Until that day, there had been no news concerning abnormal narcolepsy patients. Now, people were very interested in these new survivors.

The survivors had killed twelve at the hospital, and one of them was transferred to the W.A.N.C.S. lab. He read the news and looked at the pictures of the laboratory. He was suspicious of W.A.N.C.S., and they might use the laboratory to hide things.

The elevator got to the first floor, and the door opened. Some people walked in, and Junhyuk bowed at them.


Junhyuk was still a new employee at the company, and he liked that. He was only working as a model for ST Capsule because he couldn't refuse to.

Doyeol and Sukhoon Kim had entered the elevator, and he greeted. Their secretaries were standing behind the two, and he bowed slightly at them.

"The demonstration was a success. They are applauding you."

"I was just there."

Junhyuk wasn't using the metal prosthetics, and he thought he had done nothing except show up. However, Doyeol thought otherwise.

Doyeol grabbed Junhyuk's shoulder and looked at his smartphone.

"What is the news about?"

Junhyuk showed him the screen and answered, "There were abnormal narcolepsy survivors, and the internet is all about them."

"I saw it on TV. They attacked the people around them, right? One of the injured is a family member."

Sukhoon nodded.

"They aren't sure, but the survivors seem berserked and don't understand their current situation."

Junhyuk guessed those two knew more about the situation than what the news reported, and Sukhoon looked at Junhyuk and chuckled.

"We work with abnormal narcolepsy, so I checked it out."

They sold capsules to abnormal narcolepsy patients. He should rightfully check things out. ST Capsule had already spent a lot of money, and it would probably spend more on the subject.

"I hope you find out more."

"The lab will let us know. We'll just wait."

They conversed, and Junhyuk got off on his floor. He sat on his chair and looked at Eunseo's office. The collaboration had been a success, and everyone was too relaxed. Nobody worked over the weekend.

He cleaned his desk, turned on his computer, and people started trickling in. Junhyuk greeted them one by one.

The elevator door opened, and Eunseo moved out. She greeted everyone, and said to him, "Mr. Junhyuk Lee and Ms. Somin Jeon, come to my office."

Junhyuk and Somin looked at each other. She didn't know anything, and both headed toward Eunseo's office. She was sitting on her sofa when they walked in.

They sat down, and Eunseo said, "You did well during the exhibition."

Junhyuk bowed slightly, and Eunseo looked at Somin.

"Ms. Jeon, you've worked hard."

Somin bowed, and Eunseo continued, "The collaboration is a success, but did you hear about what happened over the weekend?"


It was about the survivor, and Junhyuk was also interested in the story.

"W.A.N.C.S. will let us know when they find something, but if we are to get more information faster, we need people at the laboratory."

"You mean we should work there?"

Eunseo nodded.

"We already gave them a hefty sum of money, so we applied to send people over."

Junhyuk was surprised. He had nothing to do in the Strategy Planning Department. He worked mostly as a model, but Somin was different.

Eunseo turned to Somin and said, "While over there, you won't work too much. And when the results on the survivor are delivered, you'll return here. Don't worry."

Eunseo had already decided, and there was no reason to refuse, so she fixed her glasses and continued, "Today, I will go with you to talk to the lab supervisor. The appointment is at eleven o'clock, so be ready in thirty minutes."


"Go get ready."

Both of them walked out of her office, and Junhyuk scratched his head.

"What should we take?"

"We'll take our tablets with us and nothing else."

Somin went back to her seat, and Junhyuk cleared his desk. He only grabbed his tablet and put it in his backpack. This time, maybe he would meet the survivors. He wanted to find out more about them.

After thirty minutes passed, Eunseo came out of her office. Junhyuk and Somin were already waiting for her.

When they got on the elevator, Eunseo asked, "Junhyuk, did you drive?"


"Then, take Somin with you. Do you know where to go?"

"Yes," he said, and the elevator stopped.

There were people following Eunseo, and they helped her get to her car.

"Don't be late," she said.

"Yes," he answered and walked to his car with Somin.

When they arrived, she smiled at it.

"You got a new car."

"That's right. I got some money from the model work, so I bought it."

He opened the door for her, and she got in. Junhyuk got in as well, and he typed the lab's address into the GPS.

"I'll drive safely."

"Please do."

Junhyuk and Somin talked while on the way to the laboratory. They talked about the collaboration project, and when she told him how much money the company had earned, Junhyuk almost stopped the car.

"They made that much?!"

"Yes. The metal model is about $30,000. They sold about a hundred thousand units. Using simple math, they earned about $3 billion total. The project and the manpower came from Robotics, so we got just about 10 percent of the earnings, but that's still $300 million."

Junhyuk thought about that astronomical sum and said, "That' a scary amount."

"Right." Somin yawned and murmured, "This is only the beginning. We sold a hundred thousand models already. I have no idea how many more we will sell. We'll be rolling in money."

Junhyuk also wanted money, but he shook his head. He already had plenty of it, and he didn't waste money. It wasn't in his character. His real work was in the Dimensional Battlefield.

They arrived at the laboratory, and he parked. Eunseo was already there. She took the lead and said, "Let's go in."

Junhyuk looked at the huge building in front of him and frowned. The size of the building made him curious about their research.

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