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Chapter 5.1 All Memories

Xin Chen already noticed Lu Fei's existence at an earlier time.

Lu Fei was Xin Di and Xin Chen's senior schoolmates, also an influential figure for continuous period during elementary school to senior high school. His father was not the reason he was attracting attention, after all their school was local famous one, except achievement outstanding entrance examination, most other kids had strong relation or come from good family background. However, Lu Fei's family was completely low-key, and only few people knew about his father.

Lu Fei's achievement was really outstanding, from his early age he already started to learn about violin, and at the same time he won a quite lot of championship in Chinese chess. His well-favored tall appearance, moreover always educated and reserved, every his movement throughly was strict indicated that he came from good family. Inside the school environment, there was quite lot of arrogant and willful kid, and the student like Lu Fei, naturally was teachers' favorite and pride.

Only that young little boy, rarely would pay attention to someone younger by four years and grades by him, even if she was beautiful.

They both formally knew each other, was at Xin Chen's summer vacation when she was fourteen years old.

Xin Chen was on sixth grade of elementary school, her paternal grandparents in succession passed away, and the company that Xin Kai Yu worked was slumped down. He started to to take the plunge and opened a little business. All along he was a smart person, but he only wanted to have a good time, he hardly determined to do some work, sometimes he earned something and something he lost. The time he earned money he will be the first one to use new model of phone, and he would take his daughter and niece to go to the highest grade restaurant to dine in, went to the mall to buy clothes; During his suffering of losses, even for his living hospital he would be very worry, and only accepted his brother secret material assistance.

Xin Chen once again was set up under big uncle's control. She was placed to enter the best middle school in the city with her cousin. She started to long-termly hang her keys on the neck, frequently she would go home by herself. During the holiday, her big uncle would pick her up and let her to stay with Xin Di, so as to avoid her to be alone and not being looked after, and being able to dine in three times a day in the nearest restaurant.

These sisters always interact intimately, especially Xin Di. She received her mother strict control, after being dismissed from school she needed to be punctually be a t home. Except from her childhood friend Lu Fei, she didn't have any close friend to play. Her natural was generous and easy-mannered, and also liked Xin Chen. She willingly let all her things like her room, snack, and book to share with her little cousin.

During that year senior high school graduate, Lu Fei passed the examination of local famous school of international finance major. This time her father already promoted as the hold a governmental office important position. Xin Kai Ming no longer be served as his secretary, he was changed into another position as this city of certain area leading post officer. His official career could be regarded as smooth.

Xin Di who was almost raised to third grade of senior high school was like other majority of outstanding ability kids, went overboard seriously. Her mathematic performance was very not presentable, although she already decided at an earlier time to enter art entrance examination, yet if she wanted to enter the best school, her general knowledge courses' grade also couldn't be too bad. That vacation, her friend, Lu Fei, volunteered for come to her house to teach her.

There was a people one after another knocked. Lu Fei opened the door. He saw a beautiful woman with her pony tail was standing in the door way. On her back, was a huge backpack, her forehead was full of sweat. On her left hand was holding a ice cream that was in her mouth, and her other hand was carrying a sealed unopened ice cream. Looking at the one who opened the door, she was startled. There was some ice cream's mark on her lips, her pink tongue nimbled and stretched out, licked that bit of chocolate. Then she bypassed him to get inside, she passed the sealed ice cream to Xin Di, "Xin Di, hurry up and eat it, it almost melt, it's too hot outside."

Xin Di was having a headache of trying to finish the math problems, she threw the pen and took it and immediately ate it up. Xin Chen looked toward Lu Fei, "Sorry, I don't know you are here, if not I will buy one more."

Lu Fei had met Xin Chen at school, he also knew she is Xin Di's cousin, after all she was only a few grades below him, so in the past they never chatted. In the school a lot of lively beautiful women attempted to attract his attention, but toward her, he didn't have any impression, "Thank you, I don't eat this."

Xin Chen casted her lips away for a while, obviously she felt this answer was very dull. She turned her head and said to Xin Di, "Di Zi, latter I will go to bookstore to buy some books, you also come to accompany okay? Before there was someone following me."

Xin Di felt herself to simply in vain to be a seventeen years old girl, actually she never had experience and knowledge of stalking from the man, indeed she felt embarrassed: "Which classes of little man? You straightforwardly called him bastard, stalking what stalking."

This crude answer irritated Lu Fei to frown a bit, however Xin Chen shook her head: "It was not a male student, it was a female, she is quite beautiful. I'm afraid she was the one of my father's love debt."

This sentence was more disapproving for Lu Fei than Xin Di's crude remarks before, but Xin Chen absolutely not looked at him. She went to lie on one's side on the sofa, and took out his phone to dial Xin Kai Yu's phone. It started to be more shocking conversation for Lu Fei, "Papa, last time the newspaper that I cut for you, did you look at it? That was about some woman with her lover because her love and hatred, she took sulfuric acid to destroy her lover's daughter's face to get revenge."

Xin Kai Yu laughed loudly: "I've seen it, it gave me a deep impression. Woman's prejudice was really terrifying, Chen Zi, you shouldn't be like that stupid."

"You still lecture me, I've told you so many times, you must by all means don't provoke and irritate that kind of woman, I'm afraid I will be like that."

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm that stupid man?"

"You should be not, but today I came back from buy some clothes. From the time I was out of the house, there was a woman that followed me. When I went, she also went, I stopped, she also stopped. It's so strange. Do you recently break up with someone?"

Xin Kai Yu started to be alarmed, thought it over, but still couldn't really certain, "These two days, you don't go out by yourself. Just stay inside the big uncle's family. I will back after two days."

"I need to buy the exam book, don't tell me I need to stay at home like a prisoner?" Xin Chen pouted her lips and not complied, "Pa, hurry up and go home, okay?"

"Okay okay okay, I will to my greatest advance and effort to hurry it up. Okay? Chen Zi you really cannot run around the places, be more quick-witted and cleverer.

Xin Di was already used to hear their daughter and father's style of conversation and tone, but toward their topic of conversation she had a big interest to it. Toward her little uncle's abundant experience of private life and childish, she was really curious. Waiting until Xin Chen hung up the phone, she asked: "Is that really little uncle's old lover that stalking you, Chen Zi?"

"I've never met that woman, I don't know." Xin Chen shrugged her shoulder, and not really care, "Wait until my Pa's return, then we will know then."

"Let's go out together to see." Xin Di's life always in calm situation, this time she was very curious and excited, there was no control, "We got the parasol, then leave far bit, it will be no problem."

Lu Fei completely didn't support this act of looking for problem, but he was aware that he couldn't urge Xin Di's action by a sudden impulse, but also would not feel relieved to let them went outside to face from what he looked as imaginary so-called old lover or any other kind. It best for him to just followed behind these two girls.

The sun was burning fiercely outside, the garden was two trunks of silk trees was just in time of flowering season, the full tree were half-red and half-white. Xin Chen stopped her steps, raised her head to look at the silk tree, "It's really sweet smell, do you smell it, Di Zi?"

From what she said, Lu Fei paid attention to the air, it certainly had somewhat not easy to perceive sweet scene, but Xin Di's whole heart now was become a mysterious woman, she only urged her: "It's not your first time to look this flower. Hurry up, perhaps she already go away."

Exiting the courtyard, without Xin Chen's pointing it out, Lu Fei and Xin Di also could see on the directly in front of the street of under the shade of trees, was a woman stood there with her beautiful dress, without slightest covered she looked obviously glared at their side.

Xin Di analyzed her style of dressing, and drew conclusion: "White half-length and bow belt sandal, yellow dress gracefully placed under the tree. The dress should be in real silk material, it fit-cutted. It really contrasted with her slender figure and white skin. Although she wore a dark sunglasses, but also can easily make out her beautiful appearance. It looked like little uncle's taste is really impressive.

Yet Xin Chen just swept a glance toward her, and didn't throughly observed her. She pulled Xin Di's hand to signal her to move. All three of them together went to the bookstore, and all along that woman followed them closely behind.

At another turned of intersection, Lu Fei determined that Xin Chen was not wrong. This woman certainly openly and without fear stalked her. He unwillingly to boringly continue this, he signaled these two girls to stand with wide distance between them. Then they waited, that woman at fast past paced forward, and almost bumped him. He calmly looked at her: "Excuse me, what are you doing by stalking us?"

She was amazed, then looked at Xin Chen behind him. Xin Di busily told him: "Lu Fei, move back a step."

Lu Fei didn't move, the woman in front of him was weak and thin, only brought a little white bag, obviously she couldn't able to carry Xin Chen and do something bad. Her gaze went far from Lu Fei, and directly looked at Xin Chen.

"Xin Chen, I want to chat with you."

Xin Chen didn't felt astonished to hear her calling her name, she only smiled and shook her head, "I don't mingle with your adult's problem. If you want to chat then look for my father. He will back soon from her business trip. Next time no need to follow me."

Then woman frowned, "I don't want to meet with your father, Xin Chen." She took off her glasses, she fixed her eyes on Xin Chen, and lightly smiled, "I just wanted to see you."

When Xin Chen about to say something, Xin Di pulled her hand. From her early experience of learning art of drawing countless of people's sketch and nature's sketchy, toward details Xin Di is completely sensitive. From a glance, she could conclude the woman in front of her was probably in thirties, admittedly she was charming and lovely beauty woman. She and Xin Chen's appearance was slightly subtle and similar. Xin Chen entirely said her appearance is similar with her father, Xin Kai Yu. The two pitch-black eyebrow let her delicate face to have a bit heroic spirit. But with this woman's gentle and lovely appearance, they looked similar. They both are beautiful, same hairline and eyes, and more important, during they were smiling, they both are showing the same position of dimple. Xin Di was shocked by her discovery that her heart was beating even faster.

"Who are you?" Lu Fei asked coldly, "If you don't say it clearly, all of us will not chat with you, moreover we will report you to the police."

"I'm your mother, Xin Chen."

Afterwards there was a period of silence, Lu Fei and Xin Di were stunned. Yet, Xin Chen just observed her up and down, actually she was still calmed.

Xin Di was not really clear of Xin Chen's past history, her illegitimate status and not quite clear mother were two things that Xin Kai Ming couple unwilling to talk and made it a taboo topic of conversation. But despite Xin Di's lack of experience of meeting her little auntie, also knew that Xin Chen was not possible to born without mother.

She worried her little cousin will got excitement, she busily said: "Auntie, please talk and confirm first with my little uncle, then you can have chat. There will be no one like to be like this, run into stranger that saying she is her mother."

That woman didn't mind about her words, she only told Xin Chen, "Xin Chen, you are fourteen years old this year. Your birthday is on January 24th. The day you born there was a little snow, the temperature was really low. Your weight when you were born 3.1 kg, your blood type is AB. On your foot arch, there was a red mole. Your father is Xin Kai Yu, this year he should be 33 years…"

"Enough." Xin Chen's voice was cut her sharply, her hand was still on Xin Di's grip, Xin Di could felt her tight grip. Their both hand was completely stick and moist because of the sweat. Yet they kept on holding each other hand not wanting to release it even for a while: "What do you want? Do you want to stage a play of visit relatives on the road like in the movie?"

"I just can't be able to let you go, I just want to see you, Xin Chen. Please understand me."

"It's better for you for wait until my Papa's return then we will talk. You already let me go for fourteen years, it's okay to wait for a few days."

"But I don't have much time. I already here for three days, and I just found out about your address. I've been kept watch at you for the whole two days. At first I was really desperate, today I just looked at you go home. Tonight I will leave here and go back to Bei Jing, then I will go to Austria. Probably I will not back anymore." That woman spoke straightforwardly to Xin Chen, "Please sit together with me for a while, I will not hurt you."

"To say like this, you especially come here to say good bye?" Xin Chen laughed, her laughed was like crisp sound of silver bell. Under the sun that appeared to be matchless beautiful light, "Then no need, since you will go, just simply go. Don't leave any bit of tail, let everyone to concern about, it doesn't mean anything."

"You are blaming me, or you don't believe me? Xin Chen, I also have no choice and secret trouble…"

"I believe you, to admit me this big of girl to be your daughter will not be any benefit. I also don't blame you. But sorry, the word "Mama" for me didn't have any significance. Since for these fourteen years I've been living okay and well, then I think the future will also be better." Once again she gripped Xin Di's hand tightly, "Let's go, Di Zi."

Xin Chen didn't even turn her head to look back at her mother, she straightly entered the bookstore. Firstly, she went to flip over was Japanese manga book, a book then a book. She flipped it carelessly then put it down. Lu Fei signaled Xin Di for a while, Xin Di just simply said: "Chen Zi, don't you want to buy exam book?"

She raised her head blankly, her little face full of emptiness expression, her eyes that always full of quick-witted was changed, "Exam book? O, let me look at it first."

They both just looked at her border on dream voyage, slowly went through the space between the bookshelves, her finger slid over the spine of the book slid on by one, not even stopped once.

Xin Di couldn't look at it anymore, she went over to hold onto her hand, "Chen Zi, tell me the name of the book, I will help you to search it."

Xin Di found it out quickly, then asked her carefully: "Do you want to read another book? I will buy it for you."

She shook her head, "Let's go home."

Three of them went back to the same road as they went to the bookstore, that woman was still as before standing under the shades of tree, and again wore her sunglasses, and Xin Chen preserved a fixed attitude to not look at her and passed in front of her.

At home, Xin Chen prepared to enter her bedroom, suddenly she stopped and turned her head. She then said to them: "Don't talk to anyone about this matter, okay?"

That moment, her face didn't show any kind of childish emotion, her eyes was dark as deep water. Lu Fei and Xin Di nodded their head and said nothing. Lu Fei naturally didn't say anything, and Xin Di, didn't even tell her parents about this matter.

Until Lu Fei finished gave the lesson to the Xin Di, Xin Di also never came out of the room. They glanced at each other, they both had bit of distressed of helplessness. They both was raised in normal kind of family, being faced with this situation where mother was gone for fourteen years, then suddenly back, they completely didn't know how to comfort and ease the little girl inside the bedroom.

Lu Fei took his leave from Xin Di's home, his subconsciously looked toward the two big trunk of silk trees. He enjoyed a freehand style of Chinese painting, scenery, lotus, and cold plum flower. This kind of gorgeous flower were not really his interest, but smelled the air it was indistinctly sweet. Seeing these trees under the sunshine, he couldn't help but to admit, it was certainly beautiful.

He went outside of the courtyard, and only saw of that stranger woman still stood there. He hesitated for a while, then went over. For a short while, he didn't know how to great this woman, but decided to called her "auntie", yet she looked as a big sister. "Please don't stand here anymore, this will make Xin Chen to be really disturbed. Even if you go abroad, in the future also can look for way to contact her. Suddenly to acknowledge you guys relationship, you also say you will leave forever, how could you ask her to accept it?"

She nodded her head, "I knew my present coming was too absurd, and perhaps instead it didn't good to Xin Chen. But I couldn't control this intention. I need to go, but suddenly don't have any strength. The time I think about going to Bei Jing, and go to Austria. That far journey, I simply felt in despair. Are you Xin Chen's friend?"

She said Mandarin very delicate and soft, her words and tone unexpectedly quite similar with Xin Chen, let Lu Fei sighed mysterious strength, "I am her cousin Xin Di's friends, of course can regarded me as her friend."

"Help me a small matter okay?" She opened her white bags, and drew out a letter, "Inside was my address in Austria. If one day Xin Chen willing to communicate with me. Please give it to her. Tell her, even if I move to some place, I will also let people help to contact me."

Lu Fei hesitated again, she begged him, her pretty eye contained a sincerity and sorrow that let him felt touched. He accepted the letter, "Now Xin Chen probably don't want it, I will look for suitable opportunity to give it to her. But other thing I cannot guarantee."

"I will not violate her desire and troubled her. But if there is a day, she is like me wanted to understand this blood relation. Then I will be there, waiting for her."

After Lu Fei was well acquainted with Xin Chen, knew her identity, he once urged her, but her answer all along just a shook of head, rejected to discuss about that sudden appearance of woman, and she didn't want to accept that letter.

Consequently, that white letter until now was unopened, and still on Lu Fei's care. He brought that letter indirectly throughout his livelihood in San Fransisco, New York, Bei Jing, and every city, all along placed it properly it his folder.

That year summer vacation, Xin Chen was seemed to be completely unaffected to that peculiar situation, as before she did her homework, she listened of Hong Kong and Taiwan's famous songs in her walkman, watched TV, looked through Xin Di's fashion magazine from her mother, and sometimes acted as Xin Di's model, let her to practice her sketching skill, or studied drawing with her. She didn't change at all

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